Am I A God? Chapter 988

Just as Shen Ge thought so, a familiar scream came from the side.

Sun Jian was surprised with a shovel shovel: “Why am I here?”

The other younger brothers of Shen Ge also walked out wearing various gloves and aprons, and they didn’t know what was going on.

Shen Ge’s face changed: “It’s not right! This store is not right!”

He decided to leave with the younger brothers, but the moment he stepped out of the coffee shop, he was already black again and seemed to have lost consciousness.

When Shen Ge reacted again, he was kneeling on the ground and wiping the floor with a rag. What makes him feel strange is that he feels very skilled.

“This is…” He looked up at the time, now it is five o’clock in the afternoon.

“has a problem.”

Shen Ge lifted his leg and walked toward the door. He found Sun Jian who wanted to go out like him.

But when the two men stepped out of the door of the coffee shop, they were black and bright, and when they came back again, they found that the time was still five in the afternoon, and the two were washing dishes together in the kitchen.

Sun Jian said with his head: “What happened? Why don’t we remember anything? How do we wash the dishes?”

“Don’t panic, keep calm.” Shen Ge took out his mobile phone and said, “I will call and try…”

However, the result of the call was still a black mind, and the head with a blank memory appeared in the coffee shop the next day.

The next few people will try to escape, call, attack Zhao Yao, attack the cat, etc. after each waking up… But every time they wake up again, they will forget the previous memory and continue to repeat the past.

What makes Sun Jian feel astonished is that they understand that during the time when they lost their memories, they are doing housework, and they found that they are very skilled in housework and can even wash their dishes with their eyes closed. It seems that I have been sitting for a long time and for a long time.

This strange feeling is like having a second soul in their body, manipulating them to do housework.

But until the last waking, they only remembered what happened before the coffee shop.

Time became confusing and memory became blurred. This situation made Shen Ge and others uncomfortably want to go crazy.

Looking at the other people who jumped up and wanted to escape, Zhao Yao yawned and pointed out, and saw the dragon knives flying out, directly licking a few people, screams in a few people Stopped in the middle.

Shen Ge said with a painful face: “This is the first few days of our work? How long will we have to do?”

“This is the first day.” Zhao Yao said with a smile: “Reassure, I am the most talkative person, as long as I work for seven days, I will let you go.”

“The first day? But…but why do I think we have been doing it for a long time.”

“Do you look at the mobile phone yourself, there is time on it, will I lie to you?”

Zhao Yao directs them to continue to work, sleep after they have finished their work, and pull them into their dreams to test the world of seals.

After waking up, it is pulled to the gate of eternal life and then slaughtered a wave to store the number of resurrections of the gate of eternal life.

“This is called a dish and three.” Zhao Yao called Caesar over, ready to erase their memories of 24 hours in the past, and said to the girl next to him: “Ningning, turn their mobile phone time back to the previous day, 21 number.”

After all, it involves a lot of his secrets. When these leeks are used, they still need to eliminate the memory.

For a few people in Shenli, this day is surrendered by Zhao Yao every day, and the first day of staying for work is like being caught in an infinite housework hell.

Zhao Yao pinched Sun Jian’s head and observed: “This employee seems to be sick… not as good as us…”

“Forget it, let you go to the next day, have fun.” Zhao Yao looked to Nanning in the side and said: “I will call them 22 every day, they will work the next day. Well, tomorrow. Don’t eliminate the memory first.”

Ning Ning listened to the side, his heart was dark and hairy, some excited and a little scared.

“The boss seems to be more powerful than I thought… but it is much more ferocious than I thought… I am still not working here? Wait, I should not have been working here for a long time, Have been working for many years?”

Ningning’s face suddenly showed a smile that was more ugly than crying: “Did I work for ten years before I got a month’s salary?”

The next day, Zhao Yao patted Shen Li and Sun Jian’s shoulders and encouraged: “Congratulations, today is the second day of work, and you can leave in six more days.”

Sun Jian and Shen Li’s faces all showed a surprise expression: “It’s been a day.”

“I feel so tired. It’s also a tiring thing to do housework.”

“Everyone cheers, we can go for another six days.”

Shen Li gratefully looked at Zhao Yao: “You really have a lot of adults, as long as we work for seven days, we are willing to let us go.”

“Hey…” Zhao Yao patted him on the shoulder and said, “Being a man, you can’t care too much for gains and losses, and don’t worry about it.”

“Hey?” Shen Li looked at his hand and said strangely: “Why is my thumb missing?”

boom! Looking at the people who were stunned again, Zhao Yao waved and said, “Give me Lucifer and regenerate them and continue working.”

On the other hand, after all these days of hard work, that is, after many years of design, development and testing in the seal world, Zhao Yao has finally completed more than half of the work, and intends to let Apple officially launch the seal world developed by Zhao Yao. 2 is gone.

Because the seal world has been maintained for more than half a year, the original players have long been waiting to be fed, and Zhao Yao’s body is inexhaustible, from expectation, anxiety, anger to the final despair, many people are still looking forward to the seal world.

So when the seal world 2 announced the opening date, the game circle was once again sensational, and Zhao Yao’s expression pack was swept again.

Under the impetus of Zhao Yao, the world’s major media are promoting the seal world 2.

At the same time, in order to promote and let more people participate in the seal world 2 game, Zhao Yao personally took a video to introduce the game.

In the video, Zhao Yao said with a smile: “Hello everyone, seal the world 2, the new version you have not played has been opened, as long as you experience three minutes, you will fall in love with this game like me.”

In the video, Zhao Yao also announced that the seal world 2 will have no upper limit. The top ten people in each month can get 100 million to 10 million US dollars, and the next month can not be repeated rewards. Each person gets a top ten level reward in their lifetime, and the ranking of the reward is postponed.

At the same time, the group competition league of 2 will be held every year. The first place will reward one billion dollars.

Then there is the introduction of other new games, new maps, new copies, and new models of 2 in the world.

In the video, the dense barrage broke out with the start of the award amount announced by Zhao Yao.

“This fucking is not only about my liver, but also my life.”

“Hurry up and take the bad money and hand over the game.”

“Save the child!”

Zhao Yao looked at all kinds of news about the seal world 2, his mouth slightly tilted, with the intervention of the government power he brought, plus the speciality of the dream game, the role of replacing sleep, and the high bonus. Zhao Yao has been able to imagine how hot the seal world will be.

Zhao Yao couldn’t help but smile at the various settings he had set up inside.

The purpose of his game development is to improve the evolution of the super cat, so more players need to spend more time in the game, and pay more attention to him.

Now Zhao Yao seems to have seen a scene of a wave of liver harvested by him.

A bang! Zhao Yao turned her head and looked at the bedroom door that was knocked open. She frowned and said, “Why, Zhao Xue.”

Zhao Xue looked at Zhao Yao with his eyes and said: “Is the reward you said true?”

“of course it’s true.”

“How do you want to give so much money to reward players?”

“Of course I am not out.” Zhao Yao said: “In the United States, France, and the United States, each year, 100 billion dollars to give the game company, for them a slap in the face.”

“This is the protection fee.” Zhao Xue shook his head, not tangled with these, but looked at Zhao Yao, looking forward and said: “The game is developed by you, you must have a strategy?”

“There is no Raiders.”

“How is it possible? This is your design, you developed it!”

“The game I made, the real top game, where is there any strategy.”

The next moment, Mocha slammed into the door and jumped into Zhao Yao’s arms and said flatterly: “Zhao Yao! Can you tell me about the 2 information in the world?”

Zhao Yao didn’t talk, and the door was knocked open again. Ricecake jumped directly onto Zhao Yao’s head and shouted: “Zhao Yao Zhao Yao! Can I play the seal world in advance?”


A few days later, Europe, on the streets of Paris, France.

A Jinjila cat who was sleeping in the sun in Sunshine suddenly shook his body. When he opened his eyes again, his eyes showed a spiritual glow.

“Giggle, they have lost contact for too long, and they don’t know what to do.” Jinjila shook his head and looked at the bustling streets of Paris. He accidentally said: “This planet is not too primitive.”

He jumped down the window sill and walked on the street, browsing the customs on earth.

Suddenly the ears erected and turned to look at a young man lying in a chair, looking at the game console on the other’s head, and said with a strange face: “This is… the smell of consciousness? Indigenous impossible Will this kind of thing be giggling what they do?”

His eyes were slightly stunned. After half an hour, he had already appeared in a house with a game console, lying directly on the bed, starting the game console and entering the world of seals.

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