Am I A God? Chapter 990

In the seal world, Zhao Yao floated in the sky above the novice village, and the screen appeared on the side of the screen, all of which were the black fat man manipulated by Jinjila.

On the side of Diana said: “It is him, since entering the world of seals, he has triggered an alarm of the defense system. He has a super-high level of consciousness, and I immediately came over to observe him. I was afraid of attacking the snake, I did not attack him. Did not drive him away.”

Zhao Yao nodded. “You are doing right.”

Zhao Yao The screen displayed in front of the moment, as well as the defense system around the entire world of seals, is his dream in the world of seals, and it took several years to design and build it.

Now Zhao Yao monitors the condition of the alien cat for a while and slowly says: “This guy… doesn’t seem to be nervous, not alert.”

He frowned and immediately figured out the reason: “He didn’t realize my existence, or he probably thought that this thing was giggling. After all, in their cognition, there is no earth. People or cats who can fight against them.”

Although still guessing, but looking at the other side of a relaxed face, with a look of face to visit, Zhao Yao basically has 80% sure to guess his own guess.

“In this caseโ€ฆโ€ฆ”

Zhao Yao’s eyes are stunned, or after choosing to land, take a close look at the other’s level.

After seeing Zhao Yao hiding behind a wall in the novice village, he carefully watched the alien cat in the distance. When he saw the words lv20 on the other’s head, he sighed softly.

“As I think, he is indeed stronger than the giggling, so it seems to be more relaxed in the world of seals.” Zhao Yao’s mouth tilted slightly: “But it’s better than Diana.”

“With the strength of Diana lv22, plus in the world of seals, it should be completely suppressable, but…”

Although the strength on his side is already stronger than the alien cats in front of him, Zhao Yao understands that killing each other and arresting each other will only make you feel like a snake.

After all, from the information from Tom, the alien cats in the Milky Way have a loose sand, but even a recent short-haired sect, or a little farther away, has no hair and a long hair. The power of the earth.

Zhao Yao recalled the information that Tom had complained about.


Tom commented on the footsteps: “Short Maozong is good at using consciousness. We have inherited the super-ability of twisting consciousness from generation to generation. The best of them are called short-haired sons. They can make cats like to take a bath and make people like to eat. In an instant, you can distort the consciousness of hundreds of thousands of creatures and make them slaves.”

“But they are not the strongest.” Tom said proudly: “I am the strongest of the short-haired ancestors. Naturally, I have to count the white-handed ancestors who have lived 50 years. It is the god cat of the heavenly dragon, and the galaxy. Thousands of cat slaves, one thought can manipulate the consciousness of millions of tens of millions of creatures.”

“There is a farther hairless sect, good at the ability of physical variation. A little longer, the long hairs, specializing in the development of all kinds of singular superability…”


“Now I am not a short-haired opponent, I can’t be a stunned snake. I should continue to delay the time and let my super cat grow up.”

Zhao Yao thought about it, called Tom, pointing to the alien cat who was curious to look at the novice village cat ear mother: “Can you recognize who it is?”

Tom: “?”

โ€œWaste.โ€ Zhao Yao sighed and said, โ€œThat is an alien cat, and it is likely to be with you. You are going to talk to him now.โ€

Seeing Tomโ€™s eyes excited, Zhao Yao said coldly: โ€œI will monitor you for 24 hours. If you say something that should not be said, you should understand that in this seal world, I want the egg on your left. If you have an egg, you can’t cut the egg on your right.”

Tom suddenly nodded with fear: “Guaranteed to complete the mission!”

With Zhao Yao in the development of the seal world in dreams for so many years, I already understand that Zhao Yao’s heart is hot, not to mention the strength of the other side is already unfathomable in his observations, the seal world is the other side’s territory, so the timid Tom I really didn’t want to resist.

Zhao Yao said: “I have opened up the right to social software for you. We will use WeChat to contact us. I will say one sentence, you say one.”

So when the alien cat was still hanging out in the novice village, he suddenly saw a golden-haired cat appear in front of him and said to him: “You are not on this planet? It is short hair.” What? I am the short hair of the Mao.”

“Hey, are you?” The alien cat with Jinjila said helplessly: “I am Lele, remember me? When I was a child, I gave you ass and taught you to pull the urine.”

“Uncle Lele! It’s you!” Tom looked at each other with excitement, but turned to think about the situation and calmed down.

Just listen to Leleโ€™s countdown: โ€œGiggle? Is this seal world made by him? Does he know that this is a ban? What are your two little devils doing?โ€

Tom lowered his head. Well, for a while, this is in accordance with Zhao Yaoโ€™s account: โ€œItโ€™s also for our family to make this seal world. Anyway, other cats canโ€™t find it. With this thing, our strength is improved. fast.”

โ€œHey?โ€ Lehler immediately wanted to test Tom, but when the consciousness surged, he immediately felt like he had hit a mountain, and there was no way to break through.

Perceived the nature of this power, Lele secretly surprised: “Is it possible to freely use the power of this seal world to gather?”

Tom continued: “I am giggling for everyone, uncle, if you are willing, we can also use the seal world to help you grow your consciousness.”

“Hey?” Lehr’s eyes lit up.

With the other party’s heartbeat, Tom saw that only on the WeChat interface he could see, Zhao Yao sent another word.

Tom said, “Uncle, this seal world is built according to the games of the indigenous people on this planet. If you follow their rules, you can get their attention and enhance our spirit by absorbing their spiritual strength. Consciousness.”

“Or…you try it first?”

“Yeah.” Lele said: “How do you get it?”

In the words of Zhao Yao, Tom continued: “Well, first you have to recreate a character, like me.” He said that he pointed to the body of his golden cat.

Since Zhao Yao exposed the existence of the super cat, although the civilians are less exposed, the super cat has indeed begun to live in this society.

Such as nine-year compulsory education, various job opportunities, as well as the state’s public recruitment and other measures, are to allow super-cats to sit in the society.

The seal world as a goal is to expand into all the life of the world, the super cat will naturally play.

In order to let the super cats go their willingly, Zhao Yao naturally designed a cat-shaped character for them.

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