Am I A God? Chapter 991

So Lehrer rebuilt a new game character and turned into a bald ugly cat that reappeared in the novice village.

Unlike the one that had just become a human being, Lehler looked at his current image with disgust and looked at Tom’s golden hair. He asked, β€œWhy did I become so ugly? Why is your hair Luster? ”

Tom said: “In the world of seals, handsome and strong are matched, and to get more people’s attention, you need to become stronger and stronger.” He pointed to a ragdoll and said: “You can do the task at the beginning. Become stronger and more handsome, and you can play a copy later.”

“It’s so troublesome.” Lehrer said impatiently: “Is this collective dream not created by you? You can’t just modify the reality of this dream directly. Is it so troublesome?”

He wants to be stronger when he only wants to try to borrow the world of this seal. As for the set that Tom said, he doesn’t want to try it. What tasks, such as a copy, don’t want to try.

“No, this collective dream is getting stronger and stronger. He brings together the thinking of countless people on this planet, even if we can’t modify it at will.” Tom said, he advised Lehrer to agree to try it.

Tom brought Lehrer to the front of the npc. Lele looked at the ragdoll npc in front of him and nodded. “This cat looks good.”

Unlike the cat-faced npc faced by human players, most of the novice npcs that super-cat players saw at the beginning were ragdoll.

Then, under the guidance of Tom, Lele completed the first novice task. After a golden flash, he rose to the next level, and he also got a novice gift box in the inventory.

Feeling the physical changes in the dream, Lehr said with a new look: “I feel… I am stronger? Strength, speed, and what are all improved?”

Feeling the changes and enhancements of the upgrade, Lele stunned his head: “This feeling seems to be good.”

Then he curiously took out the novice gift box and asked, “What is this?”

Tom explained: “This is the novice gift box for you. From now on, you can open it once every level, and it will send you all kinds of things.”

So with the action of Lele opening the gift box, it disappeared immediately, leaving a golden ticket, dissipated in the chest position of Lehr.

“What is this again?”

Tom said: “This is the first gift of a novice, a lottery ticket. You call the panel now, choose the lucky draw, and then you can draw.”

“The lottery?” Lele said with some doubts as Tom said, immediately saw a large pool appear in front of him, floating in the pool with a variety of props, skin, pets, etc., and the top of the pool The number of draws is one.

Under Tom’s command, Lele launched a lottery, and with the pool mad, the last dim card floated out.

Tom quickly looked at it, then shook his head and sighed: “Hey, it’s n card skin, orange hair.”

“n card skin?” Lele still looked confused, but under the guidance of Tom, he replaced the n card skin.

In an instant, his body suddenly changed from a bald, messy coat to a whole orange cat.

Lele looked at his body changes curiously, feeling that now it is more pleasing to the eye, the original inferior orange cat looks a lot more friendly.

In particular, combined with the feeling of just the lucky draw, let Lehrer a little cool.

Tom saw the other person’s silent appearance, but also worried that the other party did not like it. Hurry and said: “If you don’t like this orange hair, there will be more hair color, eye color, meat pad color, tail length, wings, halo, Luster. Everything can be obtained.”

Tom knows that orange peel is the lowest color among the super-caps of the Milky Way, and is not popular with all kinds of super-powered cats.

But at this moment, Lehr was stunned and curiously said, “How do you get those things?”

“To upgrade, do the task, brush the copy…”

“I want to draw directly.” Lehler interrupted him and asked, “How can I draw another lottery?”

“If you have a reward for a lottery ticket, if you upgrade, you will be given a lottery ticket after the newbie package.”

Lele asked: “Where do you do the task? Can you upgrade?” After the experience, Lele really wants to upgrade once again, draw a lottery.

Looking at Lele’s task of starting a newbie tutorial step by step, Zhao Yao, who was monitoring him in the distance, also breathed a sigh of relief: “For the time being, there is still no problem, so let Tom and him deal with it and try to delay the time.”

Then Zhao Yao handed Lele and Tom to Diana to continue monitoring. He returned to the material world and wanted to add another fire to the seal world 2 to make the game even more popular.

I saw Zhao Yao holding the phone and calling the old man: “Hey, old, I have found the person you contacted?”

Lao He said with a smile: “Well, Huizi, Guzi, Xiaochun have already promised, and several other stars you are looking for have already been found.”

Zhao Yao nodded and said, then asked: “That… who? Did he agree?”

Why did the old smile smile: “You want me to be 404.”

“Hey, don’t say that, as long as he says a word.” Zhao Yao is not happy: “The US Pu’er has already promised, and will broadcast live to the world of seals. Do you disagree here?”

The old man said with a sweat on his face: “I have done it, I will ask again.”

After the call of Lao He, Zhao Yao dialed some calls from the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Russia, India, Japan, South Korea and other countries.


Durant, UK: β€œZhao Yao’s phone. He asked us to have more than one hundred stars, 30 nets, and more than 20 political and business people to advertise his games.”

An old man said: “This guy is getting more and more insatiable. Have you promised him?”

Durant shrugged and said: “His intelligence is already familiar to everyone, vengeful, stingy, the bottom line is not bottoming out, the exercise is almost zero, if we don’t agree…”

Another old man said: “What will he do?”

Durant said: “He did everything out, even drowning the entire London with urinating urine, or directly broadcasting to the Prime Minister to eat.”

The old man said with a sigh of his head: “Okay, promise him. And this kind of person can’t bargain.”

Another old man shook his head: “Hey, what is this?? Weiwei?”


Zhao Yao: “With my influence today, as long as I don’t want to blow up the earth, basically most of the requirements are easily met.”

“Not to mention that this time I just contacted a bunch of stars, net red, celebrities, etc. to help him promote the game of the seal world.”

At this moment, Zhao Yao’s phone rang again: β€œHey? Xiaojin? You want to help me with the advertisement? No, the people on your side can’t connect to the Internet. What is the use of advertising? You are doing a good job in your network. Everyone has an online game. It is good for everyone to play games.”

Hanging up the phone, after a while, the phone rang, and some people suggested that they wanted to help Zhao Yao advertise.

So a few days later, a new round of popular propaganda campaign began again.

The people on the earth suddenly found that many famous people said that they were playing the world of seals on social media, television, radio and other channels.

Even some unspeakable people stand in front of the TV camera and tell everyone that they are playing the world of seals. It is the brothers who will cut me.

With this round of publicity campaigns, the world of seals has become even more popular. After all, no matter these celebrities are really fake, they really let more people have the urge to play.

In just a few days, millions of people have created new roles in the world of seals.

As time went by, the number of online users continued to rise, and the evolution of evolutionary strips on Zhao Yao book continued to grow. Diana directly reached the 23 level, although the evolution rate after the upgrade slowed down, but with the number of people Increase, the speed is getting faster and faster.

All this made him more and more strong, and even had the intention to actively explore the Maoist.

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