Am I A God? Chapter 992

“I am also playing the seal world 2. This is indeed a fun, active and healthy, positive energy game. At 8 o’clock tonight, it is the brothers who will cut me.”


Zhao Xue looked at the person in ccav and sprayed all the milk tea he was drinking, then coughed up insanely.

Zhao Yao walked quietly from the side. Zhao Xue pointed at the people on the TV set and said a bit stuttering: “He…he…he he, he, him, he…he also plays the seal world?”

“How is it possible. I just invited to advertise.” Zhao Yao suddenly paused and said: “No, he should be on the game when he sleeps, but he is not playing, just use the seal world to save sleep. time.

Zhao Xue looked at Zhao Yao with shock.

Zhao Yao looked at Zhao Xue’s shocked eyes and satisfied him. He said: β€œWhat is the most important thing in a mixed society? It’s the most important thing to be a man. Your brother, I’m a good character, and I’m honest, I can know so many people, you know. do not know?”

Zhao Xue rolled his eyes, and Zhao Yao’s words did not even believe in one word.

A tea towel on the head of the tea in the distance came over: “Zhao Xue, how do you vomit, is it that milk tea is not good? Quickly wipe it.”

Seeing Zhao Xue took a paper towel from his head, the tea immediately put down the paper towel, and pulled out a piece with his mouth, and began to wipe the stain on the ground.

Zhao Yao, aside, said with relief: “Coffee tea, you don’t have to do this kind of thing, Zhao Xue, wipe yourself off by yourself.”

The milk tea said: “It’s okay, I want to do something that I can do. Otherwise, I feel like I am useless every day.”

Zhao Yao smiled and squatted down and touched the head of the tea. He asked, “How is it going to school? Are you used to it?”

The milk tea said: “Well, I will start class last Monday, but I have already passed the exam yesterday. I was assigned to the fifth grade.”

“Oh, yes, come on.” Zhao Yao looked at the sofa and asked, “Mocha, how are you?”

Mocha whispered: “The third grade…” At the same time, looking at the tea with a shocked look, the heart secretly said: ‘Milk tea actually entered the fifth grade? I only have a third grade, this book can’t be read. ‘

“Right, latte?” Zhao Yao asked. “That kid is mentally retarded. Reading is not good.”

On the window sill, the latte jumped up and sprinted toward Zhao Yao, and said with a happy face: “Zhao Yao, you don’t have to worry, I don’t have to read.”


“I didn’t go to the exam.” Latte said with a smug look: “If you don’t go to the exam, you don’t have to go to elementary school.”

“How come?” Zhao Yao sighed and touched the head of Latte and said: “Stupid children, kittens who do not take the test, start reading from the first grade.”

Latte said with a shocked face: “I still have to go to school?”

Zhao Yao licked the head of Latte again: “Reassured, the first grade is a stupid cat like you, you will have a good time.”

Latte evaded Zhao Yao’s palm and said, “I am not a stupid cat. I have 90 in my IQ! I tested it online!” Then he left with a look of frustration.

He remembered what Gongmao said today. Gongmao’s father, Fishball, said that elementary school is a place where adults are used to torture children. The children inside do their homework to do 12 every day. They can make them The cat goes to do it.

“Then I don’t have to do 12 every night to do my homework?”

When I think of my future tragic cat, Latte is more worried and thinking about ways to not go to school.

Zhao Yao returned to the coffee shop after eating breakfast at home, and then her eyes closed, and consciousness has once again entered the world of seals.

His thoughts and movements have already appeared in front of him.

“The number of online users has exceeded 20 million, very good.” He looked at the evolution of the book, Diana should be able to reach lv24 today.

After thinking about it, after Zhao Yao planned to wear Diana lv24, he went to the site of an alien cat to see the situation. Otherwise, he would stay on the earth, only beaten and did not fight back, and did not know when it was a head.

After all, the situation on the earth’s side is now all good, the world of seals is developing steadily, the powers of all countries are peaceful, and the super-power cats have their own lives and progress. Even if there is no Zhao Yao for a while, there is no problem.

According to the information that Zhao Yao learned from Tom, as he had originally thought, these alien cats came to the earth directly by consciousness through the dimension of shuttle consciousness.

They can come, and Zhao Yao can naturally pass.

And with the help of Diana’s ability, Zhao Yao can directly cross the past with the flesh, and then can open a Space Gate, open the two sides for a long time, and even bring other cats with insufficient consciousness to shuttle the consciousness dimension.

The time soon arrived on the evening, and Zhao Yao spit out a sigh of relief, reconfirming that Tom and the alien cat called Lele had no problem, and Diana was still monitoring them.

He looked at the book, Diana had reached lv24, and the speed of evolution was slower again.

“So… it started…”

The next moment, I saw that Zhao Yao’s body suddenly dissipated into the air and directly entered the dimension of consciousness.

Then he followed the coordinates given by Tom all the way. Compared with the distance of the material world, the conscious dimension of the shuttle can be much faster. Zhao Yao feels that it is not long before he wears out from the consciousness dimension and appears in him. In front of it, it is already a strange plain.

The four moons in the sky hang high, and it is no longer the earth.

Zhao Yao tried to breathe a bit, and it seemed that there was no problem. Then he stretched his arm and the gravity seemed to be no worse. This is a planet suitable for human habitation.

“According to Tom’s statement, this should be the mother star of the short Maozong.”

Zhao Yao looked at the surrounding environment: “Unlike the Earth World, although the short Maozong ruled several planets, the number is far less than that of the Earth’s humans or cats. As a birth, they have mastered the creatures of consciousness, their reproduction. Ability is far weaker than the super cat on earth.”

“I hope that the Day of Destruction has not solved their fertility problem.”

“But the aliens on this planet should be quite a lot.”

Zhao Yao thought about it, first switched to the capacity of the Dimensional Stomach Bag and opened a Space Gate directly.

After stepping into the Space Gate, he saw the inside of the stomach pocket, the egg sticking out the charged claws, and the Ricecake tied to the cat’s nest made a scream of screaming, like a dog being strong. Hearing the side of Cheese, he was secretly focused.

Eggs said nothing: “You don’t have to be so bad, I haven’t started yet.”

Ricecake said angrily: “It has been painful to say online.”

Cheese stood by and said: “Ricecake, this is all for you, you have this addiction.”

Ricecake: “Hey! Cheese! I hate you the most!”

Cheese licked his chest as if he had been smashed and fell to the ground.

YuanYuan walked out with a smile and said: “Do not worry, Cheese, I will comfort and comfort her, it will be fine.” He touched Ricecake’s head and said in his heart: “Can you feel it? Ricecake’s super energy factor.”

x: “Well, you don’t let go.”

Zhao Yao looked at the cats who treated the internet addiction and rolled his eyes. He yanked off the rope on Ricecake and warned: “There is no problem with less playing games, but you are not allowed to use electric shocks. Have you heard that?”

“Zhao Yao is coming!”

Seeing the sudden appearance of Zhao Yao, a few cats were shocked and fled in an instant.

Zhao Yao shook his head and returned to the alien planet. Now there is a Space Gate to the alien planet in the stomach pocket. If he wants, he can always be himself, or bring a cat and bring people to and from the two planets. between.

After confirming that Space Gate had no problem, the Space Gate was set up only if he and Bridget could pass, and then he chose a position and ran at high speed.

He first wanted to find the inhabitants of this planet, and then learned from them a little bit about the situation of the entire short Mao. In particular, use this pair of eyes to see what level the short cats of the short hairs are.

I have to be a little nervous to open a new map. I have to think more about it. Today is the chapter.

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