Am I A God? Chapter 993

With the full speed of Zhao Yao, the surrounding scenery quickly skipped behind his back. He was like a black Lightning that cut through the air and brought a series of afterimages.

Zhao Yao secretly recalled what Tom said, about the information of the short Maozong on this planet.

Like many cats on the planet, the short-haired cats are mostly unsociable and do not like to live in groups, so most of the cats on this planet are divided into different sites, even their own children after adulthood. They will also be driven out by them to live independently.

On these super-cats’ own sites, they each ruled a different number of humans. Some of these human beings were able to borrow the power of super-powered cats. He used the borrowed superability to govern the rest of humanity, develop villages and towns, and build city-states. Known as the cat slave.

But Zhao Yao understands that the short-haired cats are all solitary, so they can single-single attacks and think too much.

Because of the conscious relationship, for the cats on this planet, they can reach most of the corners of the planet in a short time, and the support speed is extremely fast.

And because of the existence of the dimension of consciousness, even if there are countless distances, they can all meet in dreams every day, meeting, communicating, and asking for help in a dream.

The dimension of consciousness is their network.

As Zhao Yao thought about it, he suddenly stepped hard and stepped on it, and he slammed into the ground and looked at the smoke rising in the distance.

“Is there anyone?”

His figure once again moved, but this time there was no light and violent sprint, but as a shadow cast as carefully as possible.

In a short while, a village has appeared in front of Zhao Yao. The decoration of the village is primitive and wild, full of various animal teeth decorations, and the humans inside are also black and strong.

“Is this planet a human settlement? It seems that there is no super cat, it should be the village in the cat site.”

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao still didn’t plan to show up directly, and when he opened his mouth, he spit out YuanYuan.

YuanYuan was shocked, and when she took it, she broke off the floor with a handful of squats and exclaimed: “Zhao Yao, what are you doing! I am pulling!”

Zhao Yao grabbed YuanYuan’s head and said, “I want Stealth, I am ready to go.”

YuanYuan was approached by the village all the way, angry and said: “I haven’t finished yet.”

“Let’s pull while walking, no one can see Stealth anyway.”

Zhao Yao in Stealth walked into the village and observed it carefully. He found that most of the villages were women at the moment. Men might go out to work or hunt anything. He moved to the side of an old man with a slight movement. .

“Do not look directly at the body – sleep.”

“The nightmare lord – into the dream.”

With two consecutive ability switches, Zhao Yao has entered the dream of the old man.

After more than a minute, when he returned to the material world again, he had been in the dream for a few months. He not only learned the language of the locals, but also mastered the information of the entire village and nearby areas.

“Caesar.” Zhao Yao vomited and spit out Caesar and pointed to the old man and said, “Remove his memory for the past three minutes.”

Looking at Caesar’s work, Zhao Yao squeezed his chin and thought: “This place is called Maowei Village. It is a site belonging to handsome cats. But there are dozens of such villages in the wheat field. He is a cat. In the city of Frosty Teeth not far from here.”

YuanYuan on the side is curious: “Zhao Yao Zhao Yao, is this an alien planet? What is the situation here?”

Zhao Yao said complexly: “This planet is called Satol.”

“Sator, who is cat-respected and able to borrow catability, serves cats as cat slaves. They divide cat slaves from one star to nine stars into nine levels.”

“So on this planet, everyone is proud to be a cat slave.”

YuanYuan’s eyes trembled and excited. “Is it true?”

x excited in consciousness: “It’s a great place!”

Zhao Yao looked at the excited YuanYuan and frowned. “You are very happy? I like it here?”

YuanYuan immediately shook his head like a rattle: “No, I might like it here, of course, the earth is good.”

Zhao Yao, like YuanYuan, did not pay attention to each other, but thought about the next action.

“With my own strength to win the power of the entire short Maozong, the pressure is too great.” Zhao Yao touched his chin and thought: “Maybe try to disintegrate from the inside, even rule the short Mao.”

Zhao Yao understands that it is impossible to kill the short-haired ancestor with his current strength. Even if the other party sends out 300 Tom, he is not an opponent now.

Moreover, the super-powered cats on this alien planet are far more than three hundred, and the strongest ones are far more than Tom’s.

Thinking about the information obtained from the old man, Zhao Yao said: “This is the site of handsome cat Mai Mai. I heard that he recently recruited cat slaves in Frosty City. I might try to mix in.”

So a few minutes later, Zhao Yao had changed into a costume in the village and appeared at the door of Frosty City.

There is no wall in the whole city. After all, for the residents of Sato, the cat slaves and super cats are the key to determining the outcome. The efforts of ordinary mortals are almost meaningless.

Zhao Yao walks in the frosty city where people come and go, and looks at the low-lying bungalows around him. It looks like it looks like an ordinary town on the earth, and the population is more than he imagined.

Blocking a passerby, Zhao Yao asked in the native language he had just learned: “Where is the registration as a cat slave?”

All the way to ask, Zhao Yao came to a magnificent hall, which is the cat slave temple of Frosty City, where the cat slaves usually train, practice and rest when they don’t serve the super cat.

Zhao Yao looked at the most magnificent building he saw in Frost City, and his expression was a bit complicated.

‘Mom… I crossed the distance of the Milky Way and went to such a distant alien planet… I came to be a cat slave… Really…’

Just then, a big white man in a white robe walked down and looked at Zhao Yao and said, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

Zhao Yao said: “I want to be a cat…a cat slave.”

Dahan looked at Zhao Yao with a discerning gaze and said: “Cat slaves are not for everyone. They must have extraordinary talents, delicate minds, and unlimited loyalty to cats. Are you OK?”

Zhao Yao licked his mouth and said helplessly: “I will do it.”

Dahan nodded. “Then come in and measure the talent. If you really have the talent to become a cat slave, you can become a trainee cat slave. After passing the test of Mai Mai, you can become a formal cat slave. “”


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