Am I A God? Chapter 994

Said, Dahan took Zhao Yao to a small room in the hall, and saw a shiny black scarf on top of the small room.

Dahan said: “This is a sacred scarf woven by the hair of the Mai Mai adults falling every month. It contains the consciousness of the remaining wheat, and if you can accept it, you have become a cat slave. Qualifications, the more you can receive, the stronger your talent is.”

β€œHey, what?” Zhao Yao said in his heart: ‘Before the old man knew that the cat slave would come to Frost City to sign up, but he didn’t know the specific process. The so-called cat slave qualification should be the apostle of the earth. I look like Without such qualifications, no, the apostles of the earth can’t directly absorb consciousness, or even detect the existence of consciousness. This should be the qualification of the human apostles of the short Maozong…

‘In short, let’s try it first. ‘

Thinking of this, Zhao Yao said: “What do I do?”

“Put your hands up, accept different amounts of consciousness, and the sacred scarf will react differently.”

Zhao Yao heard the palm of his hand directly on the scarf.

I saw that Zhao Yao’s palm was pressed against the scarf, and the entire scarf did not move. It seemed to be dead without any effect.

The big man on the side shook his head. “It’s a pity that you don’t have the qualification of a cat slave. It is destined to become an ordinary person.”

Zhao Yao’s brow wrinkled, but he didn’t want to end like this. His eyes flashed and he tried to inject consciousness into the scarf in front of him.

Then I saw that the sacred scarf slammed into the ground and seemed to feel the invasion of other consciousness. It spontaneously worked and wanted to exclude the power of Zhao Yao.

The eyes of the big man who saw this scene lit up: “Hey? The consciousness in the scarf has come out? It seems that you are still qualified.”

But after a while he shook his head again: “But the sacred scarf doesn’t move when it moves a little, indicating that there is very little consciousness coming out. Although your qualifications are a bit, I am afraid it is not good.”

Then he looked up and looked at Zhao Yao and asked, “What is your name?”

Zhao Yao said the name that she had long thought of: “Light feather.”

Dahan nodded and said: “Guang Yu, come with me, I will tell you how to train here.”

Zhao Yao listened to the introduction of Dahan. It feels similar to the school. It is a variety of courses and training during the day. In the evening, I went to each family to find each mother. I also had breakfast for lunch. They are all provided free of charge. Zhao Yao pays a penny.

“You can call me the black sand dune. I am the instructor of the cat slave temple here.” Dahan said: “You will come to class from tomorrow to learn all the skills needed to be a cat slave, including how to care for the cat, how to comb, how to do it. Cat rice, and the application of consciousness…”

The other side is not wary of Zhao Yao. After all, all the power is concentrated on the cat. Any rebellion is meaningless, or after being controlled by the short Mao Zong’s ability, there is no possibility of rebellion.

When I heard the first few contents of the black sand dune introduction, Zhao Yao was mad at the eyes, but when it came to the application of this consciousness, his eyes suddenly lit up.

The application of consciousness is one of the purposes of Zhao Yao. Compared with the short-haired Mao’s super-cats, Zhao Yao’s application of consciousness is simple and rude. For example, the squeaky seal world is an application of consciousness. Zhao Yao spent more than ten years in the dream. It is just learning to use Diana’s ability to edit content, far from touching the essence of the seal world.

There is also the way to fight with consciousness. Zhao Yao is also a wildernesser who has been a half-way, and relies on the level of crushing to kill the giggles and Tom.

It was easier to mix into this cat slave hall than Zhao Yao imagined. After knowing the next course schedule, Zhao Yao left with satisfaction.

Looking at the back of Zhao Yao’s departure, another instructor walked over with a smile and curiously said: “There are newcomers coming? How is the qualification?”

The black sand dunes shook their heads: “The attitude is not bad, but the qualifications, I am afraid that in the future, it will be the life of shovel every day.”

Self-feeling cat star Satoor’s progress is not bad, Zhao Yao happily returned to the earth’s coffee shop, but upon receiving it, she received the news of Diana, the seal world began to appear stuck.

β€œIs it stuck?” Zhao Yao went to the official forum of the seal world and immediately saw a large number of posts complaining about dropped calls, stuck, and delays.

Zhao Yao immediately sent a message asking Diana: “When did it start?”

“After the number of online users has exceeded 20 million, the Caton phenomenon has become more and more serious. It feels like the seal world can’t afford it.” Diana said: “There is also Tom’s side with Lele, it seems because Something about Caton doesn’t want to play, what should I do?”

Zhao Yao thought about it, didn’t panic, but calmly arranged the task: “Stop the new user registration immediately, and then let Apple limit the number of people logging in on the console. If it exceeds 2000, then it will start to line up… Well, let’s say I did it.”

With Zhao Yao’s series of measures, the Internet was immediately buzzing.

“Little fighter server!”

“Zhao Yao has made so much money, can’t buy more sets of servers! This is a big push!”

“I have already queued up to more than 100,000 people, and ask Zhao to add some servers.”

Zhao Yao looked at the message and nodded with satisfaction. She felt that she had brushed another wave of attention, and then pointed to one of the ids and said, “I banned the id that called me a big attack.”

Although it has brushed a wave of attention, but after limiting the number of people, the number of online users in the seal world has stopped growing, which is not a good thing for Zhao Yao.

He looked at the evolutionary bar. Since Diana reached lv24, the speed of the upgrade has become slower. In the current 20 million online number, it takes more than ten days to grow to lv25. The speed of the next level is It will be slower and may take a month.

However, why the consciousness dimension is stuck, why can only afford 2000 people, any optimization, how to increase the number of people, Zhao Yao has no clue.

After all, he spent a lot of time, but also learned how to use Diana’s ability to edit various content after the seal world is weak, and know nothing about the bottom-level principles and tuning of the seal world.

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao went to ask Tom, who didn’t seem to know.

Tom said pitifully: “I am just a young adult, the content of the country of consciousness, I have never learned.”

Zhao Yao shook his head. He had several inquiries to Tom before, and he knew very little about the principles and methods of using the seal world.

Zhao Yao thought that I could only go to the cat slave hall tomorrow to see how I could learn related things.

“Okay, you should go with Lele, remember, we are always staring at you.”

Tom shrank his head and manipulated the body in the seal world to run away from Lele, who was sniffing at npcragdoll. He immediately stood up and asked, “Tom, you can go with me. Copy, I still graduated with a copy of the claw weapon.”

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