Am I A God? Chapter 995

The next morning, the middle stomach bag was busy.

Super cats rushed around, ate breakfast, rubbed their feet, and washed their faces.

“Come on! Hurry up!” YuanYuan shouted: “Don’t give me a late arrival on the first day of school today.”

β€œWow!” Ricecake cried and kept a pillar made of a cat scratching board and said, β€œI don’t want to go to school!”

Cheese reluctantly said: “Get away from Ricecake, and Zhao Yao will see you like this, he will be unhappy.”

Ricecake screamed, “Why do you want to go to school with a kitten?”

Cheese comforted: “Don’t cry, Ricecake, it’s fun to go to school, I know a lot of other kittens, everyone is very happy to play together…”

“You lie to the cat!” Ricecake grabbed the cat scratching the board and cried sadly: “Hey! Fishball told me yesterday, he would rather die than go to elementary school. Elementary school can’t play every day, but it’s hard to eat. Where to eat!”


“Fishball, what are you doing! Come back to me!”

“No! You force me to go to school, I will jump from here!”

“It’s not that terrible to go to school…”

“You lie to the ghost! I am going to do the fifth grade from the third grade homework! You want me to do it again now?!”


The egg came up and saw the leg biting Ricecake, and Cheese, who kept dragging out, said, “Okay, give it to me.”

Then he saw the cat’s claws with silk and electric light, and gently placed on Ricecake, so Ricecake twitched and fell to the ground.

Eggs hooked the cat’s claws and said, “Go away.” Caesar and the lion’s head behind him came up and picked up Ricecake and took it outside the Space Gate.

Aside, Gaia, who is still playing a cell phone game calmly among busy cats, saw the scene where Ricecake was taken away by electric shock from start to finish.

Sneer: “Childish, thinking that you can not go to school with a cat scratching board, stupid Ricecake, your volume is really too small.”

Ares said to Gaia: “Gaia, don’t play, get ready to go to school.”

Gaia snorted and said: “My legs are broken and I can’t go to school.”

“Ah?” Ares looked at Gaia in shock.

Gaia revealed the leg that was specially interrupted by him last night. He said: “Fracture, I have to take sick leave.” He said in his heart: ‘As long as you don’t have to go to school, what is the broken leg? What are the professional players? Hey! what are you doing! ‘

Ares said with Gaia in the exclusion field: “Zhao Yao said, as long as there is still a tone, send it to school.”

Latte hid in an Internet cafe and looked at Gaia, who was taken by the camera in the stomach pocket of Diyuan. He said: “A group of stupid cats whose IQs are not 90, they must not catch me today.”

This morning, the iron was originally intended to say that I had a cold and had a fever, and I couldn’t get on school.

But when he woke up in the morning, he foresees the result of doing so, so he simply gave up the plan and chose to escape the Dimensional stomach bag and hid in a nearby Internet cafe.

When I saw half of it, the eyes of Latte lit up: “It’s almost time, they are coming, I have to go.”

At the same time, the original star cat Anthony sent to the Antarctic with the cats such as Assas and volcanoes.

The rabbit, Lightning, sneaked on the red-eye flight and went to the rabbit empire on the prairie to seek refuge.

Kunwu and the doll have landed on the moon…

Just as he was busy in the stomach pocket, Zhao Yao took two buns and yawned into the stomach pocket.

Looking at the super cats who are running around, Zhao Yao thought: ‘Is it going to start school today? Oh, I am afraid there will be a lot of absent on the first day. ‘

However, Zhao Yao also understands that reading is a very effective means, as the super-cats formally appear in the public’s field of vision, let them receive education, integrate into society, and maintain a harmonious relationship with the existing society on the earth. This is especially true for many house cats and wild cats.

Just as he thought about it, Bai Quan looked helplessly at Zhao Yao’s side and said, “Boss, only about half of the cats can go to school today, and the rest are escaping with their own superability.”

Zhao Yao nodded with a smile. The super cats used to eat, drink, and play games every day. It was strange to go to school.

He looked at the two tasks that were newly updated yesterday and today:

Side task: learning consciousness

Mission Objective: Learn how to apply consciousness and find ways to expand the world of seals

Mission Reward: 30% Evolution

Failure penalty: none.

Side mission: start school

Mission Objective: Find and arrest all the super cats who have escaped school.

Mission Reward: Each time you capture a trolled super cat, you can get 500 experience points.

Failure penalty: none.

The two emerging quests and Zhao Yao’s mind, especially the first goal of learning ideology, are just one of his most important goals, especially the direct evolution of 30%, which is the first. A task that rewards evolution.

Zhao Yao’s current strength is to improve, and to protect the earth under the shackles of the short Maozong, to protect their own industry, mainly depends on two aspects.

On the one hand, it promotes the catnip business, increases the proportion of the country, gets more powerful props through the monthly lottery, and strengthens the existing props, such as the cat prince’s dress and the dragon knives.

The second method is to gain evolution through experience and the seal world to directly improve the level of super cats and enhance their ability.

The first aspect is naturally Baiquan, Laohe, Bridget to do, Zhao Yao just waiting for the monthly lottery.

In addition to operating the game, the second aspect requires him to learn the application of consciousness on the cat star Saturn, enhance the load limit of the seal world, and make the super cat’s level speed increase faster.

On the side of YuanYuan, after hearing the dialogue between Bai Quan and Zhao Yao, they immediately came up and said, “Zhao Yao! Let me help you catch them back. Our cat factory can do this.”

Zhao Yao looked at YuanYuan and said in his heart: ‘The task is just to ask for it. If you don’t ask me to do it yourself, let YuanYuan try it first. ‘

“That’s all right, YuanYuan, you are responsible for catching all the guys who have skipped school and sending them to school.”

YuanYuan happily shook his tail. After Zhao Yao left, he said with x: ‘Very well, we can capture the super energy factor in them during the arrest, but the method you said is really useful. What? Simply grabbing a bunch of capabilities can be useless. ‘

x said: “Don’t worry, the super-energy factor in you is originally from me.

The super-energy factor that was taken from Ricecake last time has not enhanced your ability, so that you can start again at Stealth and go through the wall?

As long as I get more super energy factors, I can find ways to improve your Stealth ability again, just like assembling a super weapon and combining your capabilities. ”

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