Am I A God? Chapter 996

“Think about it, your ability is matched with Ricecake’s shock factor, Elizabeth’s Illusion factor, Diana’s sleep factor, Pharaoh’s exercise factor… Think about where your Stealth ability will reach?”

YuanYuan’s mouth curled up and seemed to be unable to help but laugh. Her heart repeatedly said: ‘Well, we will use this opportunity to capture cats to collect their super energy factor. ‘

“Zhao Yao Zhao Yao!” The sheriff jumped to Zhao Yao’s body and yelled at his ear: “YuanYuan…he said…super factor…”

“Hey, I said how this little brother is so active today.” Zhao Yao said in his heart: “There was always a mysterious secret before. Is this the case? But when can he collect the super energy factor?” And who is the object of his conversation?”

Since I noticed a traitor in the super cat, Zhao Yao has been letting the sheriff listen to his heart and find out the problem.

YuanYuan Although there are hundreds of secrets, there is always a sparse, day and night defense, or today I was accidentally heard some key information by the sheriff.

However, the sheriff can only hear YuanYuan’s inner thoughts and cannot hear the heart sound of x, so Zhao Yao here is not sure who YuanYuan is talking to.

The sheriff said: “How about Zhao Yao? Are we going to grab YuanYuan now?”

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao touched his chin and said: “Hunting, the oriole is behind, and now arresting him, let YuanYuan help me finish the task of catching cats, and let him collect the super energy factor and upgrade his own ability. If I am awesome, I will sign it. Isnโ€™t it possible to upgrade to the end?โ€

Thinking of this, Zhao Yao smiled with satisfaction: ‘But I don’t have time to follow him now, I want to find a guy who is strong enough to restrain him. ‘

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao called Zhao Xue: “Zhao Xue, I have something to ask you to do for me.” Zhao Yao thought of Zhao Xue’s physical quality, sensitive sense of five, plus the readability of the sheriff. It is enough to track and monitor YuanYuan.

Zhao Xue immediately turned his head and said: “I can’t, I can’t work for you. I don’t want to work for you if Zhao Xue is starving.” As said, Zhao Xue’s eyes suddenly widened and stared. Zhao Yao’s palm.

I saw Zhao Yaoโ€™s palm on the palm of his hand being shook and swayed, and Zhao Xueโ€™s eyes were straight.

“This is 10,000 dollars…”

Zhao Xue said weakly: “When you are Wang Jingze, will you be really fragrant?”

Zhao Yao smiled and said: “Everyone is a family, you don’t want to install it with me. This million dollars…” Looking at Zhao Xue’s gaze, Zhao Yao took the money back into his arms: “I am today. The pocket money.”

โ€œThe dog is big.โ€ Seeing Zhao Xueโ€™s enthusiasm, Zhao Yao took out a suitcase and opened it. He saw that there was a row of dollars in neat rows, and he saw Zhao Xueโ€™s eyes. The green light is flourishing.

‘So much money? ‘Zhao Xue really wants to pick up the money and ran, but when he thought of his brother’s fighting power, he still resisted the impulse of his heart.

Zhao Xueโ€™s eyes looked straight at the money in the box, and he quickly estimated the approximate number. He said with envy: โ€œItโ€™s not a mine kid, itโ€™s amazing.โ€

“Less nonsense.” Zhao Yao pointed to a box of money in front of him and said: “Doing this work, this box of money is yours, enough for you to play at home for many years. Think about it…”

“Don’t say it.” Zhao Xue stared at the money in Zhao Yao’s box and said, “I did it!”

Zhao Xue was arranged. After this incident, Zhao Yao went straight through the Space Gate and once again came to the cat star Saturn.

While passing through the Space Gate, Zhao Yao’s cat prince dress changed into a cat star costume he wore yesterday.

However, this time I just stepped into the city of Frosty Tooth, I immediately felt that a powerful pressure was falling from the sky, filling the world, and pressing Zhao Yao was uncomfortable.

“This feeling…who is the consciousness? Is it strong?” Zhao Yao looked at the direction of the center of the city in surprise, and saw that all the people around him fell to the ground and looked at the ground and dared not look up.

In the middle of the sky, a white cat floats in the air, and the amazing pressure is from his body.

โ€œlv30?!โ€ Zhao Yao looked shocked at the number on the white cat’s head: โ€œThis cat is so strong.โ€

It seems that I felt abnormal attention. The white cat turned to look at Zhao Yao, who stared at herself. A thunder broke in the moment and rang in Zhao Yaoโ€™s mind.

“A man who is arrogant, who allows you to look directly at me?”

boom! Zhao Yao’s head was blank, and a fascinating fascinating force descended from the sky. With a tyrannical and arrogant will, it plunged into Zhao Yao’s mind.

Zhao Yao’s consciousness in the body just had to resist, and he was suppressed. The white cat in the distance saw Zhao Yao fall to the ground and regained his gaze. He shouted at the palace below: “Mc Mai! From now on, the north side Itโ€™s my place from the Thunder Mountain. Donโ€™t let me see your people coming.โ€

The next moment, the white cat dissipated into the air and jumped into the consciousness dimension and left.

At this time, Zhao Yao slowly opened his eyes and sat up, his face was a bit ugly: “I actually used the rebirth of time and space distortion, this dead cat is very good. Especially the consciousness seems to have a special attribute, okay. Didn’t fight back, or you will be discovered.”

At the moment of the attack, Zhao Yao did think about counterattacks. Even if the consciousness is not as good as the other side, but with time to stop, he has 70% grasp of the other person’s body.

However, it is easy to reveal identity, so Zhao Yao thought about it or resisted the other side’s attack.

Thinking of the lv30 on the white cat’s head, Zhao Yao immediately rushed to the direction of the cat slave hall. He wanted to know who the cat was and what identity it was in the short hair.

“This dead cat, owing to teach, give me a wait.”

I died again early in the morning, and Zhao Yao got a little angry and rose: “I want to catch the cat.”

When he came to the cat slave temple, Zhao Yao saw that this early morning practice field had already gathered young people who wanted to become cat slaves.

“Are you coming?” The black sand dune walked up to Zhao Yao and looked at him and nodded and said, “Come with me, I will introduce you to the cat slave temple.”

I saw the black sand dune as an instructor holding a teapot, slowly pacing toward the direction of the practice field and patrolling his own site.

His gaze glanced at a young man on the field with his emotions, as if he was watching a prey.

Zhao Yao is behind the black sand dunes, like a little lion learning how to hunt.

On the practice field, the official one-star cat slaves are the backup members of the cat slaves around Mai Mai. They hone their skills in the cat slave hall every day, waiting for their chance to shoot.

On the edge of the practice field are the trainee cat slaves who have not yet been recognized by the handsome cat Mai Mai. They help to wipe the utensils, clean the house, do some odd chores, and wait for the star cat slaves to finish using the cultivation field. It is like a vulture waiting to eat some carrion.

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