Am I A God? Chapter 997

The black sand dune with Zhao Yao, pointing to the exercise on the practice field, the one-star cat slaves who snored and said: “The cat slave way, the first strength, because as a qualified cat slave, you will be yourself for the future. The cat owner is responsible for all kinds of things in life and even fighting. As for borrowing the super-ability of the masters, it is necessary to have strong physical strength and agile thinking to play the capability.

Everything you do requires strong energy and strength. Every cat slave needs a strong body. โ€

Zhao Yao looked seriously at the one-star cat slaves who were doing morning exercises on the cultivation field. They said in the heart: ‘Itโ€™s all good labor. ‘

The black sand dunes went on to say: “After the formal cat slaves have finished their physical training, they will go to the apse for capacity training. It is a place where trainee slaves can’t go. When they are gone, you will exercise with the trainee slaves. And then learn all kinds of knowledge to serve the cat owners…”

Zhao Yao asked: “To the instructor, what is the white cat in the sky?”

The black dune face was black, and some said helplessly: “That is the Asian star, he is the brother of Mai Mai, his ruled territory is in our north. Recently, Yaxing and Mai Mai are competing for the ground…” Then, he saw Zhao Yao and said: “These are the things of cats and adults. You don’t have to know too much.”

โ€œHey.โ€ Zhao Yao nodded and looked obedient, but in his heart he silently recorded the name and territory of Yaxing.

Then Zhao Yao asked: “When is the application of consciousness, when can I start learning?”

“Every afternoon, there will be other official cat slaves to teach you. The library in the temple also has relevant content. You can also learn by yourself.” Black Sand Dunes said that he paused here: “But you are only a trainee slave. Learn the weakest orange skills.”

Zhao Yao is curious: “Orange skills? Is the skill of consciousness still graded?”

Black Sand Dunes said: “Of course, the consciousness skills, the orange level is the weakest, up to the chest, white, silver, black, and the most advanced gray level skills.”

Zhao Yao said in the heart: “Naked hair color discrimination, this planet is so unseen to see the orange cat…”

But when thinking about consciousness skills, Zhao Yao said excitedly: “Where is the library? I want to see it now.”

The black sand dunes looked at Zhao Yao suspiciously and said: “You haven’t got the power from the Mai Mai adults. You don’t have any sense of consciousness in your body. If you don’t learn conscious skills, you should train with others first. It will teach you. I will teach you when you are.”

Zhao Yao felt the suspicion of the black sand dunes. Although she thought about going to school immediately, she pretended not to carelessly said: “Hey.”

So then Zhao Yao was brought into the team of trainee cat slaves, together with the exercise body, learning all kinds of skills to take care of the super cat.

The black sand dunes stayed side by side and said, “You are all talented people who have become the official cat slaves, but the road of cat slaves is so dangerous. Every year, I donโ€™t know how many people want to have a cat of their own. But maybe only one person in 10,000 people can achieve the goal.”

“Do you want a cat?”

Trainee cat slaves said excitedly: “Think!”

โ€œDo you want to touch the cat hair every day? Touch the meat pad?โ€

That is the action that represents the borrowing of the ability. The crowd immediately shouted: “Think!”

“That will give me an effort to cultivate!”

Zhao Yao looked at the trainee cat slaves who seemed to be screaming like a ship Xiao, and screamed in his heart: ‘There are too few cats on this planet. If these mad cats go to the earth, will it be? Happy to die. ‘

Zhao Yao has completed training and learning with the patience and trainee cat slaves. In addition to physical training, there are also a variety of licking cats, making cat meals, and learning cat habits.

Throughout the process, Zhao Yao showed a good performance and did not reveal his strong physical fitness. Until the evening, he followed the other trainee cat slaves to clean up the practice field and then left the cat slave hall.

However, just after leaving the Cat Slave Hall, several other cat slaves came over to Zhao Yao. A silver-haired young man who was headed said with a smile and Zhao Yao: “Hello, are you called Guang Yu? My name is Blue Moon. We plan to gather together and continue to review and train after the end of the study of the Cat Slave House. Are you interested in joining?”

“No interest.” Zhao Yao replied with a sigh of words and walked away. He couldn’t wait to sneak into the library and steal the conscious skills.

Looking at the back of Zhao Yaoโ€™s departure, the silver-haired youthโ€™s beggar said, โ€œThis newcomer is a bit arrogant.โ€

Blue Moon smiled and said: “Maybe it is more shy, let’s say that young people have just become trainee cat slaves. It’s a bit arrogant and normal. Are we not all here?”

Let us continue to learn. To be a formal cat slave, we still have a lot to learn. โ€

Zhao Yao came to a no-man’s position and directly launched the Stealth ability of the cat prince’s dress. Then the whole person sneaked into the cat slave hall again, found the location of the library, avoided the guards, and went all the way. territory.

‘The guard force is not strong, because the power is all from the super cat itself, so the method of stealing skills is not strict? โ€

However, Zhao Yao has some arrests when he sees all kinds of texts in the library. After all, the old man who used to learn the language in his dreams is not literate, so Zhao Yao does not know the words here.

Just then, I saw a young man standing in front of the bookshelf and looking through the books.

‘Do you come to borrow a cat slave here? ‘Zhao Yao looked at this person’s eyes and looked at the level lv15 on the other’s head, representing the other person’s consciousness is equivalent to lv15’s super cat.

‘Does this guy borrow the ability from Mai Mai? Is it the official cat slave of Mai Mai? ‘

Zhao Yao frowned, and Ekaterina was only lv12, which is the possibility of failing to cope with this person.



Slowly retracted the hand knife, Zhao Yao looked at the cat slave who fainted on the ground, directly exerting the dreamability of Diana of lv24.

After a while, when Zhao Yao returned to the material world again, he had learned the words of the world.

So he looked at the bookshelf again and could understand the name of a book.

Zhao Yao finds the area of โ€‹โ€‹consciousness skills and comes up with an orange skill book: Concentration.

After getting the book, Zhao Yao read the contents of the whole book in detail. When I was trying to try the contents of the book, I suddenly found that there was a change in the book, and a message immediately appeared in Zhao Yaoโ€™s mind. .

Orange-level skills detected: Concentration, passively improve the recovery rate of super-cat cat consciousness 30%, whether to learn for the super cat?

Immediately before the eyes appeared two can learn super cats, lv12’s Ekaterina, and lv24’s Diana.

Zhao Yao’s eyes immediately lit up and he chose Diana directly.

Whether to let Diana spend 10000 points experience value learning concentration.

“I don’t think there is such a capacity in the book, but I still need to spend experience?” Zhao Yao frowned, looked at the panel book: lv8 (71317/100000), and he gently put the skill book back on the bookshelf.

Since it is necessary to spend the experience value, of course, you can’t see one learn one. Zhao Yao plans to search this library and find some of the most powerful conscious skills to learn from his own cat.

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