Am I A God? Chapter 998

After reading the skill book carefully, Zhao Yao understands that the super cat and even the apostle and the cat slave want to learn the above consciousness skills. It takes time and energy to practice a little bit.

And with the bookability, he can learn directly after collecting the information of the skill book. This is a great advantage and must be used.

Then after finding a skill book, Zhao Yao in Stealth looked again.

In the next few days, Zhao Yao crossed the Space Gate during the day and went to the cat slave temple in Frosty City to study. After studying, he sneaked into the library to check out a book of skills, and then returned to Earth after late night.

It took almost a week to rummaging through the library, and Zhao Yao quickly found the problem.

“There are only orange-level skills in the area of ​​trainee slaves, but even the official cat slaves can enter the second floor and the third floor, but only the chest-level skills higher than the orange level.”

In the library, Zhao Yao looked at the two chest-level skill books in his hand and frowned slightly: “There is a more advanced skill book. There is no cat slave in the temple. Need to go somewhere else?” ”

In addition to the problem of the skill book, after upgrading to lv25, Diana temporarily reached the upper limit of the level, and could not upgrade again. Instead, the book updated the task of unlocking the upper limit.

Side quest: unlock level cap

Mission goal: book needs to collect more super cat information to complete the subsequent evolution, please upgrade 5 only super cat to lv25

Mission Bonus: Unlock the lv25 level cap.

Failure penalty: none.

Zhao Yao touched his chin and said in his heart: “Does the five super-powered cats reach lv25? The next one is to upgrade Ekaterina with lv12 first.”

And for the time being, I couldn’t find a stronger skill book. Zhao Yao picked two books from the entire library’s skill book and tried to give Diana a try.

Chest level skills: Yan Yang, consciousness to burn each other in the form of flames, improve the consciousness of destruction.

Chest level skills: crystal, enhance consciousness and resilience, and enhance resistance to consciousness.

“One attack and one defense is one of the best skills in this book management.” Zhao Yao licked his lips: “Try it first.”

Do you let Diana learn the chestnut skills: Yanyang? The experience value 20000 will be spent.

Zhao Yao chose directly in the mind, the 20,000 points skill value on the instant book was consumed, leaving only book: lv8 (51317/100000).

“Orange level 10,000 experience value, the chestnut level is 20,000 points of experience value? It seems that the experience value can not be brushed up.” Zhao Yao thought about it, the heart has the talented cats to sign their own Brush the intent of experience.

“Otherwise, I always brush by myself. They are lying down and upgrading. After the cat has more words, when is it a head?”

At the same time, Zhao Yao found that Diana’s panel has an option for a skill bar, including a line of yang and three spaces.

β€œCan I only learn four skills at most?”

Zhao Yao tries to remove the yang that has been learned.

Do you want to delete the skill Yanyang?

Zhao Yao chose No, so he didn’t have to worry about learning skills and regret it.

Then Zhao Yao returned to Earth first and planned to find Diana to experiment with this new skill.

Then I saw the sky above the cat island, Zhao Yao and Diana stood together, a transparent flame emerged from Zhao Yao, and slammed into Diana’s body.

But the invisible flame did not burn Diana’s body, but was burning her consciousness.

I saw Diana screaming, screaming all the way back, and her consciousness suddenly soared, and the invisible flame completely collapsed.

“It hurts me!” Diana said angrily: “Zhao Yao, come and try it!”

As a result, Diana also ignited the yang, and her consciousness turned into an invisible flame that burned toward Zhao Yao. Zhao Yao immediately felt a feeling of being burned by the flames, even after Diana stopped the attack. This feeling is still in the air, just like his body is really on fire.

Until Zhao Yao also mobilized consciousness to stop the invisible flames, it was difficult to stop the burning sensation.

“Interestingly, the attack power is much stronger than purely consciously hitting it, and it can continue to hurt like a flame.” Zhao Yao evaluates the power of Yang Yan: “The ordinary is not awakened by super-ability. It’s dead directly.”

Zhao Yao secretly said: “The short-haired Mao’s super-character has passed on from generation to generation to manipulate the super-ability of others, as well as various applied consciousness skills.

I don’t know what kind of fighting style is the Mao Maozong and Chang Mao Zong who are in the same name as the short Mao Zong. ”

However, Zhao Yao estimated that under the same level, short-haired sects are probably all kinds of competitions of conscious skills. However, if you still count on Mao Zong and Chang Mao Zong, it is necessary to carry out the super-ability cooperation at the same time as the consciousness competition.

Take him as an example. If he fights in the material world, he can stop at the time of his opening, and fight the flesh of the other with his superb physical quality, instead of fighting with the other side.

But if the other party escapes into the dimension of consciousness, there is no way to fight like this, or it is useless to occupy other people’s bodies like the previous clucks and tom.

Then Zhao Yao spent another 20,000 experience points to let Diana learn the skills: crystal.

This is a passive skill. After learning, Zhao Yao feels that Diana’s consciousness seems to be more solid, and she is more tough after the attack on Yanyang, and even feels a lot less pain.

“Not enough, these two skills are still not strong enough, and the skills to increase the number of seals in the world have not yet been learned.” Zhao Yao thought: “The relevant skills of the seal world must be very advanced, you have to investigate the skills above the chestnut level. Where can I learn?”

So the next day, Zhao Yao went to the cat slave hall again to find opportunities and instructors to inquire about the advanced skills.

This is to know that most of the advanced skills do not exist in the form of books, but in a dream created by the short Maozong, only the recommendation and guidance of the super cat can enter it to learn.

“Fortunately, I have not given up this identity.” Zhao Yao said in his heart: “Maybe you have to show it well and upgrade your status.”

At the same time, Zhao Yao, who was running around the practice ground with other trainee cat slaves, suddenly speeded up and ran to the top of the team.

Seeing the speed change of Zhao Yao, several trainee cat slaves immediately caught up and didn’t want to be overtaken by Zhao Yao.

However, the physical quality of Zhao Yao has already reached the point of inhumanity. Now even if it is a little effort, it is not the train cats who can catch up. They will see that he runs from the beginning to the end, and his face is not red and not breathing. It seems that it has just gone a few laps.

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