Am I A God? Chapter 999

Several trainee slaves gasped and looked at Zhao Yao with surprise: “Is this guy so strong?”

Beside the blue moon, a trainee cat who just wanted to catch up with Zhao Yao gasped and said: “This guy’s endurance is strong, I feel he has not done his best.”

The blue moon nodded a little, but did not take Zhao Yao’s things to heart. Yesterday, he had already asked Zhao Yao’s information with a teacher. He knew that this person’s qualifications were extremely poor and he could not borrow much of the power of wheat.

The most important qualification of a cat slave or an apostle is whether it matches the character of a super-cat. It can borrow the power of the cat’s superability.

Zhao Yao’s qualifications are extremely poor, and there is not much power to borrow. So it is useless to be physically strong. There is no value in the blue moon.

After seeing that everyone was finished, Blue Moon clap his hands and said: “Two people do a relaxation exercise and start.”

Under the command of the people, the group began to relax. The blue moon has a high prestige in the trainee slaves. It has the feeling of being a leader. In fact, it is true. When most of the instructors are absent, he is organizing the cat slaves. Exercise and study.

The black sand dunes passing by the training ground looked at Zhao Yao, revealing a pity: “So good physical quality, and the relationship with the Mai Mai adults is so bad … a pity.”

Just then, I saw a sudden rush of people outside, and went to the ear of the black sand dunes to say something, the face of the black sand dunes was immediately ugly.

Zhao Yao’s ear moved a little and he heard what the other person said.

It was the cat slaves of the super-powered cat Yaxing in the north who came over and took over several towns built by Mai Mai in the north. They also grabbed all the cat slaves that Mai Mai had rushed to support.

Now that there are not enough staff, one of the star cats who need to stay in the cat slave temple to join is joined.

In the next few days, Frosty City was like a cloud, and a person walking in the street was in a hurry and worried.

The cat slaves under Yaxing were raging in the north. I heard that the cat slaves who had been sent by Mai Mai had suffered several defeats and people were taken away.

Because of the shortage of manpower, all the cat slaves of the Cat slave hall were sent out, and even some of the instructors had to go to the front.


On the afternoon of this afternoon, outside the first cat experiment school in Jianghai District, a super-powered cat screamed and ran out from the school gate and finally left school.

Latte carrying a schoolbag and ran out with a happy face: “I finally got out of school, and I am exhausted today.”

He failed to predict the movement of YuanYuan three days ago. After being arrested by YuanYuan, he turned to the school and began his career in reading.

Today, I finally got out of school. Latte rushed out of school and wanted to go home and play games.

When the latte went to the gate, he saw that Mocha was waiting there, and he was carrying his schoolbag on his face and kneeling on the floor.

“How come Mocha? Good grade in the third grade?”

Mocha looked up seriously and looked at the latte and said: “Latte, you remember, the final exam must pass the exam, don’t read the third grade, it is not for the cat.”

Latte Khan said: “Ah? So terrible?”

Mocha nodded and said, “Well, I have decided to repeat.”

“Ah? You want to repeat?” Latte said: “Isn’t that a year more?”

“Stupid cat.” Mocha sneered: “Do you think we have to go to high school and then go to high school for a few years?”

“1…2…3…” The number of latte counted was anxious, and the heart said: “Oops, I will not count more than ten, what should I do?! How do you pretend to count?”

Fortunately, Mocha said it directly, let Latte loose a sigh of relief: “Twelve years! I have to read a total of twelve years! The cat has a few twelve years? This book can’t be read for a lifetime!”

Anyway, I can’t finish reading. It’s not as good as reading the first grade every day. Isn’t it much easier? ”

Latte said sadly: “This cat is too difficult.”

Just then, I saw a large group of cats coming in the distance, which was the Fishball surrounded by stars.

“Fishball Big Brother, how do you do this?”

Fishball shook his head in disdain and said, “I can’t do such a simple question. Are you growing up?”

“Fishball brother, can you borrow a copy of my math assignment today?”

Fishball snorted and said: “I have already borrowed it. You ask other cats to go.”

“Fishball brother, I can’t understand what the teacher said today. What should I do?”

Fishball smiled and turned his head: “Xiao Li, the fifth grade is the key moment of elementary school. I don’t understand this time, and it has a great impact on the future.”

Xiao Li shook the cat’s ear and nervously said: “Ah? What should I do?”

Fishball reluctantly said: “Forget it, I sacrificed myself, and I will help you make up the class tonight.”

Xiaoli is happy: “Shenzhen Fishball brother? You are so good!”

Fishball laughed like a pig brother, but suddenly saw a pool of water slamming on his face.

Fishball turned his head and saw that the Western cat Wang Lili was leading the Gongmao and was looking at him with an angry look.

Lili sneered: “Oh, make up the class?”

Fishball nervously said: “Lili, listen to me, I just want to help my classmates, I don’t think so much…”

Oh, I vomited Fishball, and Lili said coldly: “Go back with me, right away!”

Fishball looked at the eyes of the cats around, and felt a little faceless. He said, “Hey! I just want to go back! Go back and talk to you!”

“Fishball, this guy, I have studied elementary school in advance.” Mocha: “It’s mean!”

Mocha and Latte walked to the nearby Space Gate and walked into the Space Gate with the other cats on Cat Island before coming to the coffee shop.

As soon as he entered the coffee shop, Mocha’s nose was slightly scented, and he was excited. He slammed out and ran to the front of Zhao Yao. He glared at Zhao Yao’s leg and said, “Zhao Yao Zhao Yao, you didn’t go to the alien today. what?”

“Well, check something.” Zhao Yao touched Mocha’s head and continued to focus on the computer.

He did not participate in the training and study of the Cat Slave House today because he is studying how to improve his position as a Cat Cat Cat.

‘Strong combat power is best not to be exposed, then in the end you want to improve your status, you have to pick up the cat called Mai Mai, and then let him take me to learn skills. ‘

Zhao Yao thought about it while checking the various information on the Internet, and planned to make preparations. The various ways to deal with the Earth Cat can not deal with the handsome cat Mai Mai.

Just as Zhao Yao sat in the coffee shop and surfed the Internet, there was a ringing of the door bell.

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