Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 1000

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because of the Armor Piercing weapon, so and MECHA is reasonable?

“reasonable ghost!”

Raymond bruises, the scanner has seen the spread of the flour of Huai Shi, where to get his ghost: “You will try again!”

Big sprayed flames, whistling, and Heavy Axe, interlaced the doddle path of Huai Shi.

The two scorpion collisions sound in an instant.

Huai Shi at the foot of the earth, turtle, can be short, but at the same time, the lottery and Heavy Axe have also been swayed!

The price of

is that the clothes of his upper body are all broken, the skin above the arm all over the crack of Densely Packed.

The power of the anti-shock.

is the key to … it is really blocked!

When is this outbreak of this goods so fierce? Can you rely on the body of the shirts and the car of the fate? Still, what is this stunned?

Raymond suddenly has an ominous premonition, which is a shadow and nightmare existing in each armored driver: Today, it will not be to be removed by people fleshy body …

The sound of the high, the sound is bursting.

Radar alert.

The smooth curve curve of the reading instrument instantly skyrocket, as if the Ten Thousand Zhang High peak is flat. Above the display, the heavy hules in Huai Shi in the rapid magnification, the micro-mirror reveals the violent power of the brews.

huai shi is naked, in front of the cracking, the bust is swayed, rotating, as if stretches the bones.

But the deafening tide but as his movement, the invisible wave of waves, distorted air, and finally turned into a huge storm.

When the storm is harder again, it is wrapped around the body of the Bao.

The dark storm, flashing lightning.

yu step steps.


The abandonment of Raymond’s instinct, re-shield.

can be followed by, and hold a strange weight loss in an instant.

is as if it is under this whip, up to five meters, hundreds of tons of armor, but also can’t bear the impact of terror, briefly separated from the ground, and landing.

two meters!

loud roar.

and he raised the tower shield again, it was like a big hole!

The horror shock is passed on the shield to the arm, making the armor distortions, and the steel arm’s arm is broken, and the one after another spark is shot. The low vibration is still echoing the armor in the car of the fate, even passing to the deepest place, making his eyes black.

He finally know why Huai Shi is coming to find yourself, why do you want him to put on armor?

is a target, which is taken by this Bastard to test the Armor Piercing effect of the new weapon!

and Hammer of Suffering, the pure DESTRUCTIVE POWER is different, and the heavy hush of the Aku is to penetrate and oscillate. It seems like the Knight of the Cold Weapon Times and the Knight of the Warm, and the thick Aunt cannot block the impact of the flaw.

It will ruptifically bleed bleeding under the shock over steel and fragile Internal Organs.

Huai Shi is purely on the strength of the flesh, and it has buffered such a hitting.

The price of

is that a arm is also broken.


He frowned, the right arm of soft snoring is straight, one, restore the original, although the Skeleton’s repair requires four or five minutes, but it is not impact.

He directly exchanged the Afu to the left hand.

Before the FOURTH ORDER Elementium, the AT WORST was replaced.

Xiao Meng.

“is wrong, your stuff has a problem!”

Raymond’s perceivement is not right: “Even you will be shocked … Just impact SIMPLY is not your own strength!”

“Yes, it is precisely that it is just right.”

huai shi smiles, once again raised the long-in-hand: “Be careful, the trust of the elders, but it is very heavy!”

This is the foundation!

After peeling the CHALCEDONY MUSEUM, it constitutes the foundation of the sky. Even if this unfinished Tianzhu is temporarily unable to start, its own weight can be considered as the chalcedony museum!

With a vestibular, backyard, left and right deck, the central main building and the rear, all furniture, exhibition, exhibition … or even, with the foundation depth, the lower soil and rock!

is also only a recognized and thorough trust of uncle Fang to be free of its exaggerated self-weight and is free to use.

If there is no reservation, then every time it is almost concerted with the quality impact of the whole chalcedony museum!

Just huai shi just liberates One Third.

If there is no more converging blessing, Huai Shi is probably just blowing it.

This is the heavyweight Armor Piercing weapon!

I really can use this stuff to use the people, except for the Kuafu of Eastern Xia, outside the Astra, the Astra, which is except for the THITTER POWERHOUSE, I am afraid that there is only UNCLE FANG in this world.

But as Youngster, he wants to count on his own home, and the brain is afraid how much is also a problem …

“Come, we will come again.”

Huai Shi After breathing, the left hand once again raised the Afang: “The second half begins!”

“Oh, God!”

Raymond is a laugh: “When did you have a truck driver to be with your melee illusion! Since you understand your ability to put weapons, there is not enough to be afraid!” /p>

Low loud noise continuous outline, the heavy armor on Raymond actually quickly falls off, the whole mecha is thinning in an instant, even the melee weapon throws in the original place, straight, sprout!

Hidden the launch bin under the armor reversed.

instant, radar lock, full bomb delivery!

hundreds of hot Rays of Light turns to heavy rains, out of air, outline the ONE AFTER ANOTHER’s dazzling trajectory, intertwined, forming a unpredictable contour and attack path.

is more than a conventional charger rocket, and Elementium shocks, fighters, and even countless phantoms to confuse the opponent’s camouflage and activation blade and even laser and speed shooting guns, etc. …

contains dozens of remote attacks, this is the Number One Person’s perspective of 360 degrees of unbelievable board!

In this finger between this bomb, it is enough to cover most of the city in the flare of the dessert.


just …

“Do you just say what special dragon set is inserted?”

Huai Shi scratches the head and stands, standing in the ground, let the destroyed flame Dropping from the sky.

then, the boom is again burst.

Crimson’s ocean, surging in his hand, the mighty spread, the whale of the Pengpeng is playing in the deep sea, remorse the sea reproduces!

This guy is forgotten.

He has not used Xiang Monarch’s Stigma capabilities yet!

The heavy ocean is the end barrier, which is shrouded around Huai Shi. The stunning of the scarlet is heavy in the ocean of blood, and countless huge outline travels, showing the true marrow of hell!

and huai shi, only feeling that this sea is quite big.

does not raise some things, it is unfortunately … I can’t help but there is no fish.

Now, there is no fish, the sea rises from the ground, and the roll is in the air, and the Continuously launches the four-party, and the incompetent Vortex and the dark stream are running, and all destroyed light is swallowed, wrapped, then twisted Become it.

Whip is the world, and the Weihe earthquake is in the world.

is it!

Although it is now limited to the ability, it is not enough to enhance the world, but the Wei Zhen is still do it!

This is its ability to be a Stigma relic, inheritance, in addition to Xiang Monarch to the amazing control of the liquid, and Huai Shi can do not need any Elementium consumption, freely transfer this remorseful sea, and turn into their hands and feet extend.

As for the upper limit, still is also equal to Chalcedony Museum!

Now, when Huai Shi waved, heavy sea water gathered, after compressed to the limit, the Raymond over the distance of the sky!


Raymond is obliquely in the alarm, and it is astanding on both sides of the display.

On the sky, the car of Destiny Gourius suddenly expands the arms, the Elementium shield launched.

“- trifling high pressure water knife, Not Worth Menting!”

huai shi sigh.

Ade, promise me, don’t you insert a flag? Mother is afraid.

The sigh has not spread, there is a roarning wake from afar in the afar in the Sky bursts, and the ELEMENTIUM shield of the defense of the fire force is instantly collapsed.

followed by, the high-pressure water knife is driving straight, tearing through the thoracic cavity of the armor, and out!

Until now, the phantom of Shu Peng has emerged from the free water vapor and the refraction rain, and it is too long, but it seems to be wrapped in the bid of the whole day.

then, the collapsed sound is transmitted from the high pressure water knife from the tun, the inch crashed, boiling and evaporate into a rich water mist!

“This is a meal?”

Truck driver vomiting, dumbfounded.

“Your EYES of Nightmare, I am popularizing primary intermediate physics education, nor does it make you eat this loss. I said that you are a security guard of our school, you can’t worry, do you answer? ? “

huai shi shakes: “as everyone knows – water, is a medium!”

True to kill, never there is a high-pressure water knife, just contrary, it is just a force carrier.

If the existence of regrets is the extension of Huai Shi hand, then, as long as its water wave, it is the coverage of the meaning and symphony!

When Chalcedony Museum Terror Weight reaches any transfer of water flow, Huai Shi can achieve the entire battlefield range of the entire battlefield through the coverage of the remorseful sea, Huai Shi.

“Pull the distance is useless, unless you upgrade your height to the flat layer.”

huai shi waved, Afu: “Rain!”


Raymond is anger, roaring, as if it is a dragon set of Fly Into A Rage Out of Humiliation, burning blood and angry, falling from the sky.

Don’t take the impact of Ah.

Truck driver shouts: “I want to be with you!”

huai shi shakes his head: “Be your beauty …”


The voice did not fall, Huai Shi was smashed into a meat.

mud in the literal meaning.

skellon doesn’t exist, broken can not be broken …

On the deep pit of the earth, only Raymond is torared, and the proud looks smile.

huai shi is sluggish.

Just instantly, he clearly broke the Cocktage of Raymond, why … illusion, or say?

“Stupid, Mecha will also martial arts, Divine Immortal can’t stop!”

Raymond blows a whistle, “Do you have you? No Way? No Way? Don’t think that the entire world is only one of you?”

In the third person’s perspective of Huai Shi, the heavy armor of rupture is actually reborn quickly, it seems to be repaired and incubated with a campaign that is invisible.

instant, new.

Raymond in the cabin lights the cigarette roll, Took a Deep Breath, spit out.


– the animal soul showed the source of blood!