Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 1001

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huai shi is stupid.

It is the power of the same power, the PEAK of Elementium Skill, completely unreasonable modifier.

The big Asura of EYES of Nightmare seems to be the ‘Beast Soul’?

was used by Averdata as inheritance dísciple, and Raymond, who was pouring, did not reason, but the problem is, when?

“It’s going to be two-bed by the bald Old Man you came home. Go back and wonder it.”

mentioning this, Raymond’s expression is twitching, there is a painful meat pain – just accidentally looked at a little, the bald man actually received his double money!

No money, I still force him to go to Demon Bank to have a mortgage!

first came to be hit by you, the second time I went to be hit by bald man, the result is still to be hit by you … Every time you come to your home, you have no good things!

People in your orchard gym have nothing a good thing!

Fortunately, in the pressures of the loan, he is so good to come back.

It is known to be very good, the beast soul is also, the power called the source of the source is actually very simple and rude – if the electronic game is described, it is a blue strip interchange complement.

The conversion between completed and the soul.

Restore your own physical strength with Elementium, and can also sacrifice physical strength and respond to Elementium.

For any other person, the CAN’t Be Called is particularly strong, and the top can be taken to take a damage, the passenger string looks at the role of the tank.

If it is originally open tank?

Road of eternal’s Ascender, each of which is a gold player piled up with money, has a massive resource dominant and as a logistics Elementium Crystal!

Their Stigma combines themselves with their armor together, no-to-peer.

That is to say … armor’s effort is Raymond’s cost; armored body is the body of Raymond; armored fuel tank, is Raymond’s blue strip!

A large number of Elementium fuels can be combused under the melee mode, quickly repair your armor, and do dozens of times increase, at the same time, in the state of the shell, sacrifice armor and engine power, and dozens of fate of the output !

It is something that only the hell creatures will appear.

More importantly, it makes up for the biggest weakness of Road of Eternal Ascender – repair ten months, more than ten days, but only ten minutes.

As long as the Elementium fuel is supplemented, then it is never needed, never need to repair, and will never tirelessly moving!

“Haha Haha, generation version of the generation!”

Raymond Laughing, pride Ten Thousand Zhang: “I announced that this version is the era of my grown!”

“Truck driver’s good days, it is !!!”

premise is that your fuel is enough, ok. “

Reborn Huai Shi stepping, close at hand, raising his hand and exploding him: “But there is a tube of blood, don’t expand!”

Iron arm break, crash, can be followed by the rapid disappearance of parts in the air, converted by Raymond to Elementium fuel, and burst out.

It is enough to diffuse the melting of steel.

forced back Huai Shi.

and a brand new arm, rapidly growing from the gap, skeleton, cable, instrument, or even housing, Perfect and welcome Blemish.

“槽 …”

Beelzebub envy to tears: “How did my mother don’t use such a good trick.”

If you have this, I also use the stock of stocks to make money every day, even if he gives the iVory Tower’s elementium storage library, but also brought the Osiris!

“You learn, huai shi, you are alive!”

Beelzebub is impatient, hate must not instantly read 100,000 in Huai Shi ear: “You have learned this, we want to haven’t!”

“Even if I can learn, I am also the ascender of Road of eternal, and I have fixed the return of the ruins and the sky.” Huai Shi helpless, “We don’t have money, Obediently and honestly pay money?”

“Where is the money, there is a night’s fur, you are cool!”

Beelzebub server has begun to heat up, near Zhu is in red, and the idea has begun to speed landslide: “No, you have to do a ticket to do his mother … Let him fight him into the skeleton of Osiris. How to go? In the field, there is Osiris long! “

“You can do your personal!”

“The grandfather is not a person, what’s wrong with it, do something else!”

A proudly truck driver is unclear that he has gone in front of the end of the brain into the end of the throne, but it can be very fast, he is noticeable in the fierce battle.

Action, more hysteresis.

Big CRIMSON rust spread rapidly in the outer casing of the car of the destiny, and there is also a line of contacts from one another in the fate.

accompanied by a harsh sound, a concurssion of the coefficient of coefficient is growing from the gap between the joints and armor, just like a bone spline, rooted in every place.

deep into the bone marrow!

The rebirth of the source of the source is also difficult.

“This is the end of resistance is not full.” Huai Shi faint sigh.

It is true, less things can be long, how much is it?

Although there is so heavy armor and how terrifying the regenerative capacity, there are still many fragile sites in the inside of the fateway, just like the internal organs of people.

The water vapor of the remorseful sea, the painful Elementium changes under the mobilization of Aku, and constantly attaches the surface of the car of the fate, with no opportunity.

combined with the curse in Huai Shi Elementium, condensed countless fine crystal nucleus, and rapidly growing the Elementium of Raymond, and transformed all steel into itself.

At this moment, steel, no fear, has begun to start a hundred diseases, rapid hysteresis in the matrix of the curse.

huai shi waved, simply destroyed!

armor piercing oscillation!

Suddenly, a huge split suddenly emerges from the armor’s chest, and the Like a Hot Knife Through Butter defeated armor, inward, after the cockpit is smashed, it has been torn away from the back.


Obviously, it has been divided, but it can be built, but the broken armor bursts, the broken arms are suddenly lifted, and the hands closed, and they are dead.

countless electric sparks.

The giant’s steel eyes are lifted, as if they are smiling.

“Let me give you a whole live …”

Send Cold Shivers Down One’s Spine Sickly sounds from the internal parts of the armor, the dark shadow is like a big mouth, the outer layer of the armor, swim, all of them, all curse crystals quickly fall off.

seems to be swallowed by something, disappears from Huai Shi induced.

is more embarrassed, the armored giant’s chest, the cracks running through the shadow disappear under the coverage of Shadow.

is like wiped off the wave loss layer in the PS software, and then exposed the following flexible fuselage.

“Is this principle?”

Huai Shi instantly mistaken, 即, face is green, I don’t know what should be amazed at Raymond’s guts, or I should admire his death.

“Rancher’s Curse? This is the line?”

“Anti-white trash can, don’t use it, can you only eat me, don’t you take the initiative to find some snacks?”

Raymond smile, struggling to punch, the hardship of the Giving Tit for Tat, instantly recover, hook your fingers to Huai Shi, the invitation: “Come, hero?”

Huai Shi is twitching.

has nothing to say.

Even the wool of Elements of Destruction can be 薅, he is still the first … well, the second time, the first time he himself …

But this is proud to have a model, and it is still very complicated in front of him, let Huai Shi’s mood is very complicated!

is extra late on the evening.

yuan Yuan and Lin Zhongcun have been waiting until nine, and Raymond, who turns the death dog, is back from the outside.

has been exploded to have a total of ninety-first, and after seeing the dinner table, Raymond actually lives Lively Dragon and Animated Tiger, full of blood, starting Strong Wind Scattering The Last Clouds’s dry rice.

is that Huai Shi is on the chair, caught chopsticks, and there is no appetite.

Obviously tested the ability and effect of new weapons, achieved satisfactory data, got perfect results, why do you feel so tired?

“YOUNG MASTER is no longer a bit?”

Uncle Fang is concerned.

“No, you eat it.” Huai Shi shook his head, “I … the stomach is not very comfortable.”

“I know, I know, I have seen more this kind of person, I have more soft rice in the Shambhala nursing housing, and I will eat more soft rice.” “

Raymond takes Huai Shi’s shoulders, and it is not used to say that I know it very much. When I look back, I will sweep the plate: “Aiya, the food after labor is really fragrant, people can’t stop.

uncle fang, give me a bowl! “

Huai Shi looked back, looked at him, is preparing to pull up his sleeves personally, when you knew the bowl of the bowl, he felt a vibration in his arms.

Russell’s phone.

this time?

He smelled a small taste and got up and went out of the restaurant and connected.

Russell seems to be a good mood, heard it is very happy, after chatting, on the blunt: “Do you have time recently?”


huai shi frown: “I just took a while, you will not arrange me so anxious?”

“This is not a person who is missing, like your tool … Cough Cough, the talents of the building, all WORLDs are there.”

Russell’s long-term persuasion: ” As a hero who protect World, how can you start slack? Teacher is like you are so young, I can … “

“Bulabulabula …”

This Old Bastard starts to take a closer, Huai Shi can’t help but turn over, “Do you have something to say?”

“Prepare Hell, Huai Shi.”

In the phone, Russell laughs, meaning deep: “” “

” in the literal meaning.