Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 1022


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The long silence.

In the hall, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

“Who?” Zimu asked.

“Bahamut.” Huai Shi solemnly repeated once.

“Oh, it turned out to be Lord Bahamut.”

Zim nodded suddenly, then tilted his head, and whispered to the snake-faced sacrificial offering next to the throne: “I haven’t heard of it. Have you heard of this guy?”


The snake face sacrifice shook his head bewildered, “But the hell in Abyss is like the sands of the Ganges River, maybe it is there? The ruler’s blessing of authority on that kobold can’t be faked. The other party is indeed a Supreme Ruler. .”

As the chief priest of Bo Xun, he can naturally feel the deep and dark Abyss essence in the opponent’s soul, even faintly above himself.

If you want to come, this guy must be the trusted subordinate in front of Bahamut?

Well, it’s still the kind of “deeply loved”…

The sacrifice maliciously guessed.

After getting the confirmation of the sacrifice, Zimu also slightly dispelled his doubts, and looked down at the kobold, but he could not feel anything except that the other party was very delicious.

Although I have never heard of that Bahamut’s name, I think it is the king of kobolds.

“If I provide your master with what he wants, how does he plan to give back my kindness?” Zimu asked coldly.

“Great, sacred, Supreme, benevolent… The generous Bahamut will not treat any ally!”

After using one hundred thousand adjectives to praise himself, Huai Shi raised his head and said in a shock: “You will get the precious friendship of my master!”


Zimu couldn’t help but puchi laughed out loud.

Is your friendship with the king of kobolds useful? How much is this thing worth in hell?

Backed by Bo Xun’s favor, that many Ruler dare not offend himself, it’s a fart!

“Apart from this?” Zim asked impatiently: “Bring out something practical, kobold, my patience is limited.”

“Ah this…”

The kobold seemed stunned, dumbfounded.

And Zimu’s face gradually became gloomy: “putting it that way, Bahamut has no sincerity at all?”

For a while, the malice in the hall once again filled, and the snake face sacrifice was signaled, spitting out the core, and the cold light in the eyes shot out: “You are here to entertain us on a special trip?”

“Wait a minute!”

The kobold panicked: “You can call the shots and add another 30,000 copies…”

“Not enough!” Zim wasn’t even interested in listening, and interrupted directly: “Show your sincerity, Russell, for your gift, I’ll give you another chance!”

On the throne, the Roshan-like City Lord opened his mouth, behind him a phantom of a huge worm appeared, dripping lava from his mouthparts with sharp teeth.

Already, hungry and thirsty!

“Wait, wait a minute!!!”

The kobold screamed in surprise: “treasure, yes, there are treasures below, as a gift from our lord, you will surely be satisfied!”

There was a moment of silence, and the corners of Zimu’s mouth were slightly ambiguous.

oh?” He beckoned casually: “Then take it up and have a look. If you send me a normal item, you will have to pay for your offense!”

“Yes, yes!”

Kobold’s eyes were hazy with tears, his expression twitched, and he seemed to be scared to pee, causing the monsters in the hall to laugh.

Huai Shi lowered his head, clenched his fists, and tried to restrain himself.

Don’t laugh out loud.

I was still worried about how to send things out, didn’t expect the other side directly asked for——

“Afa, Afa, get the baby in!”

In an instant, the door opened.

Ox Head Man’s awe-inspiring silhouette emerged, head high, holding the tray majestic and mighty, and stepping into the hall-and in his hand, on the tray covered with a layer of tulle, It was exuding bursts of dark and deep hell.

It’s fascinating.

In an instant, the atmosphere in the hall changed.

Everyone craned their necks involuntarily and looked down.

It’s like a fish got a bait.

“Lord, please see!”

Huai Shi grinned, and stretched out his hand to tear off the tulle on the tray, revealing the majestic and ferocious crown: “This is…”

Zim’s six eyes are already bright.

Like a light bulb, it releases the light of greed and desire, even without concealing his joy and excitement, coveting.

“This is such a good baby!”

Huai Shi was taken aback, didn’t expect such a development, but since the other party liked it, it proved that there was no problem with his plan, and he immediately climbed up the pole and continued to boast:

“Yes, this is suffering untold hardships, through…”

“Enough, no need to say, I already know!”

Zim suddenly slapped the table, interrupted him, and exclaimed excitedly: “I fully feel your sincerity!”

After all, before Huai Shi could speak again, he couldn’t wait to pat his belly and waved to the side of Huai Shi: “Beauty, beauty! Come here!”

“Yes, hurry up and send the baby, wait… wait a minute.”

Huai Shi was sluggish, as if finally found out what was wrong.

Until now, he didn’t see—it’s true that the overwhelming majority monsters in the hall covet the treasure presented by Huai Shi on the tray, but there are also several monsters including Zimu, coveting and greedy eyes, It seems that they are all subtly… Some deviation?

I didn’t even look at what was on the plate.

His eyes widened, concentrated attention completely, looked towards —— Raymond who was still smirking!

[? ? ? ]

Huai Shi feels like she understands something, but she doesn’t seem to understand anything, just feel that something is wrong?

Is there something wrong with you?

And Zimu, still shouting in excitement, waved his four arms towards Raymond, and the saliva dripped from the corners of his mouth, but his voice was sweet and gentle, and he couldn’t wait.

“Beauty, don’t be afraid, come here! Let me take a good look at you.”


Huai Shi’s expression gradually became sluggish.

Not only him, but in the sanctuary in the dungeon, in the red dragon cart hundreds of kilometers away from the city, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay and approached the screen dullly.

Suspected that there was something wrong with his brain.

Only Raymond, who was still silly, finally realized something was wrong, and his smile gradually disappeared.

“Wait a minute! Wait for a friend!”

Huai Shi turned his head stiffly and pointed to Raymond behind him, unbelievable: “Uh, he…beautiful?”

Zimu frowned.

His eyes became slightly cold.

Appears to be angry.

“Are you teasing me, kobold!” He slapped the table, shaking and questioning: “So stunning, how can’t be called beauty!”

“Ah this…”

Huai Shi’s whole person is not good, looked sluggish towards Ox Head Man.



Are you serious friend?

“It’s more than just stunning! It’s just stunning!” Zimu wiped his saliva, looked down towards his subordinates, “Maud, what do you think?”

Under the steps, the previously indifferent warrior nodded in agreement: “This beauty is magnificent, with strong hair and round nose, especially this pair of horns, with pure natural luster and curvature…

Frankly, it’s already under the hood. “

He swallowed and spit, his greedy eyes could not be faked, “Master Zim, our contract will continue for another four hundred years, how about you reward me with him?”

“Reward?! What stupid words to say!”

Zimu looked up to the sky and laughed: “The sincerity of a beauty is obtained by your own sincerity! Such silly things will need to be mentioned later! But if you really have the ability to take away the heart of a beauty from my hands If you don’t, it’s not impossible to think about it!”

Maude hearing this, the sight of Raymond became more and more hot.

“But this…this baby…”

Huai Shi dullly pointed to the crown in the tray, and Zim waved indifferently, “That kind of thing, although rare, but nothing to care about, just put it away and put it in the library later. .”

“But he, but he is a man!” Huai Shi was desperate.

“Stupid! In front of true love, trifling sex, what can’t be crossed!”

Zim glanced contemptuously at Huai Shi: “You really don’t know what love is, kobold!”

“My fucking…”

Huai Shi only feels that his broken three views are about to be completely unable to work together-when he starts to feel that he is getting used to this place, but life is always hitting him in unexpected places!

Is this hell?

It’s too terrifying.

“Very good, very good! I have fully felt Bahamut’s sincerity!”

Zim leaned forward, Roshan shook like a water wave behind the shore table, and his obese face was full of intoxication: “Beauty, my beauty! Come on my side!”

Dead silence, dead silence.

Raymond looked back hard and cast a look at Huai Shi for help.

And Huai Shi, as if he hadn’t seen it, looked around and urged: “Cough, cough…Afa, what are you doing in a daze? Didn’t you hear the lord calling you!

Hurry over! “

Raymond was completely desperate, almost crying, glaring at Huai Shi: [Why the fuck! ]

Huai Shi winked back: [Reluctant to let the child not catch the wolf, in order to advance, betray the hue, what are you afraid of! Look at me, I’ve been selling my hue all the way to the present, isn’t it still fine jade flawless, perfect body? ]

[Can this fucking be the same? ]

Raymond’s eyes were hazy with tears.

【Accordingly, I believe you. ]

Huai Shi gestured a thumb to him at last, and just like that, he watched Ox Head Man being sent to Zimu like a walking corpse.

“What’s the name of the beauty?” Zimu laughed.

“Ah, Afa…”

Raymond answered with difficulty, trying to squeeze out Chu Chu’s pitiful appearance: “People are called Afa.”

“Afa, a good name, a good name.” Zimu embraced Ox Head Man and walked towards the apse: “Go, beauty, let’s go to the back to play games. My house is still quite big. I’m tired of playing. You can sleep directly, it doesn’t matter…”

Before being swallowed by darkness, Raymond looked back and cast a bitter look at Huai Shi.

And Huai Shi, can only watch his most important partner being taken away by that obese, stinking fatty, thinking that he will be done something like this soon… his sad smile is completely can not stop.

After Zim left, Huai Shi was also taken to the side hall by the snake face sacrifice. After retreating left and right, only the head of the cow warrior Mord was left to accompany, and both parties began to discuss the details of cooperation.

After the kobold took his seat, he looked around nervously: “In order not to blaspheme my Lord’s mission, for the sake of safety, I still ask, will there be any wind leaking out here, right?”

The Snake Face Sacrifice smiled triumphantly: “Don’t worry, no one will spy here.”

“Then I can rest assured.”

Huai Shi relaxed, and in an instant, darkness swept across, covering the inside and outside, isolating all sounds, and then, Sword Of Virtue stabbed into the throat of the snake face sacrifice.

The bloody color flies and falls on Huai Shi’s face, with a familiar fragrance.

He put out a long breath, wiped the scarlet from his face, looked towards the stunned Ox Head Man:

“Huh, feel comfortable.”