Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 1023


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Suddenly violent starter.

The shadow spreading from the feet of Huai Shi quickly turned into the ruins, sealing off the inside and outside.

Immediately after shaking off the kobold’s disguise, Huai Shi drew his sword and stepped on the table with a stab. The Sword Of Virtue penetrated into the throat of the snake face sacrifice and nailed it to the chair.

But it was not dead yet, and there were broken voices from all over the body.

The gem ring, bone necklace, and a pale scale under the collarbone quickly lit up, and then dimmed out under the suppression of Guixu.

Under the crush of the Ruler essence of Rotten Dream, the relics of the overwhelming majority collapsed in an instant.

Fight back to death.

The snake face struggled hard, but the blood was ignited by the flame of Sword Of Virtue, and the whole was shrouded in burning, unable to move even a little bit.

At the same time, Huai Shi’s other hand swung out, and the blade of resentment skyrocketed. It instantly crossed a distance of several meters and swept across the front of the throat of warrior Maude.

Maude only felt a cold in his throat and could not make a sound, but when he saw the snake face being attacked, he punched Huai Shi without hesitation!

In an instant, blood shot out from the throat, but immediately afterwards, before it came out much, it was already healed!

Pessimistic and gloomy thoughts flashed from his mind along with resentment and slashing, making his movements sluggish for a moment, but if so, that terrifying force also thundered in the blockade of Guixu.

Instantly shook the blade of resentment, and the sharp blade tore his palm and got stuck in his arm. But Huai Shi’s arm showed the sound of joints rubbing.

It was dislocated under the counter shock!

This feeling has not been so long, but Huai Shi’s actions kept moving, stepping on the table and flying up, Axe of Fury emerged, the burning axe blade cut off, instantly cut off the horns, and embedded in his skull.

The chord swayed past.

In an instant, several intertwined deep cut marks appeared on Maude’s body.

But the skeleton is too hard, so hard that Huai Shi’s Elementium armament can’t cut it off in an instant.

Regardless of the Gun of Compassion that penetrates through the body, Maude stretched out his hand and drew his sword to exchange his wounds. In an instant, the long sword engraved with a vicious curse fell into the body of Huai Shi.

“Kill him, Maude!”

On the chair, the snake face laughed involuntarily.

Maude’s life force can be quickly reborn even if he jumps into a volcano. It is wishful thinking to kill him with a sword!

But then, it finally realized that it was wrong.

Why did the sharp blade forged by exhausting half of the curse of the Iron Flame City pierce the chest of Huai Shi, but it didn’t come out from behind?

On the contrary, it was like a quagmire, little by little, disappeared.

No matter how Maud clasped tightly, trying to pull it back.

From this short sluggishness, the distant sound of tide suddenly echoed in the narrow room, and the sound of the tide was surging.

Whale song faintly.

And Huai Shi, raised his fist, aimed at Maude’s face, and threw a punch!

Ox Head Man roared hoarsely, and also raised his fist and smashed it towards Huai Shi-immediately afterwards, there was an endless sound of collapse, and the skeleton shattered like mud.

It is not Huai Shi’s arm that can be broken.

It’s more than half of Ox Head Man’s body!

Just like being crushed by a manor from dropping from the sky, under the blessing of A Fang, the infinite power also fell apart in an instant.

Together with half of his head, he was beaten to pulp!

Then, without waiting for it to recover, Huai Shi’s body dexterously supported his shoulders, fell behind him, and slammed on his knees.

Accompanied by the crisp sound that makes the scalp numb, Ox Head Man’s anti-knuckle knee and the skeleton above the steel shattered.

Involuntarily, fell to his knees.

On the broken face, flesh and blood grew rapidly, Maude raised the arm that was pierced by resentment, and wanted to attack the Huai Shi behind him, the resentment that could be nailed into the arm bloomed with blood, madly drawing his blood and life.

Immediately afterwards, a rope appeared in Huai Shi’s hand, wrapped around its neck, quickly looped into a knot, and tightened under Huai Shi’s pull!

Maude’s healing came to an abrupt end in an instant.

Ox Head Man roars.

Huge power burst out, trying to break free, but could not escape the entanglement of Rope of Sorrow.

That vigorous life like a monster can’t do anything, even if the force that can destroy the city is restrained and suppressed, it has no effect.

The suffocation came suddenly.

On that mutilated face, the bloodshot one-eyed eyes widened in despair,

It wanted to call for help, but it couldn’t make a sound, only a weak ho ho sound emerged from its throat. He raised his hand, grabbed the face behind him, and pulled hard, but to no avail.

The palm of the hand pulling the rope is stable like iron tongs.

Gradually gathered.

Only the hoarse and low voice rang from my ears, echoing in the desperate darkness.

“Go to sleep, go to sleep, my dear baby. Mother’s hands gently shake you.”

Huai Shi calmly looked up at the dome and sang softly: “Go to sleep, go to sleep, my dear baby, father’s arms will always protect you—”

On the chair, in the flames of virtue, the snake’s face waited for its eyes sluggishly.

Desperately watched Maude’s movements gradually sluggish, and little by little was swallowed by death.

What frightened him even more was that behind Maude, the face that had never changed from start to finish was neither savage nor cold.

Such a gentle and calm look, just like hugging a baby.

Sing softly.

Until the “baby” in his arms stopped moving in the predation of resentment and greed, Huai Shi slowly released his fingers.

Let the shredded remains fall to the ground, collapsed into dust.

In the dead silence, the man from the real world stretched his stiff body that hadn’t been active for a long time, brushed up his scattered hair, and finally turned his head and looked at the snake face on the chair.


“Don’t look at me like a dog-hearted face, I am still an idol in the present situation.”

In the burning flames, the snake face almost turned to withered bones opened its mouth in despair, but could not make a sound.

Only the vague wailing choked up with the flames.

“Don’t panic, I understand your confusion and fear, but don’t be afraid, it will soon be over.”

Huai Shi stretched out his hand and pressed it on his face, seemingly unintentionally, and suddenly asked:

“——By the way, have you heard of Bahamut?”

At that moment, the snake’s face opened, fearing roar, under Huai Shi’s fingers, those pale eyes widened, and he saw the gradually raised darkness behind him.

There is also a hideous silhouette in the dark.

Facing him, grinning mockingly, the mouth of Devouring Abyss opens, blowing away the wind of despair.

The darkness is like the sea, and the ocean is raging.



In less than one minute, the Guixu that enveloped the palace disappeared. No alarms were triggered, nor did anyone notice it.

When the darkness dissipated, among the wreckage everywhere, the sluggish snake-faced sacrifice slowly raised its head, and the pupils gradually recovered agility. When they looked towards Huai Shi, they glowed with fanaticism.

Kneeling on the ground without the slightest hesitation, paying respects.

“Holy, Bahamut! You are the only True God! Only you are the eternal master!”

“Very good, let’s talk about other things next.”

Huai Shi stroked his head: “Apart from Zimu, are there other crown wearers in the city?”

“There are also six crown wearers. In addition to Lord Zimu, there are also three sleeping evolution giant Elder Que in the Stonemelt Dragon. There is a high-ranking Frost Wisher from the Spinosaurus tribe, who is in the Frost Skeleton Village. Here, there are also two frozen mummies…”

The Snake Face Sacrifice will tell all the key figures in the city without concealing it.

“Master Zimu has the blessing of the false god Bo Xun, who can summon his desire to fight for himself, apart from this, he hides most of his power, and he also possesses the same Divine A certain blessing of Seal… and a piece of armor made of a large group of sacrifices and sacrifices. It is also the level of a crown wearer, but its strength must not be regarded as such!”

Huai Shi suddenly said: “Oh? So gloomy, is it a disguise to be greedy and lustful?”

“No, this is true.”

The snake-faced sacrificial ritual’s questioned answer: “Is it necessary to disguise this?”

In hell, greed for money and lust is just normal performance, even if XP is a little weird, but there is no need to disguise. To say disguise, it is to restrain desire and stick to the bottom line as advocated in the current situation. Something worth disguising…

Huai Shi, who had fallen into a misunderstanding, was stunned.

No, your little life is too arrogant, right?

Thinking of himself as the current Guardian, living a 648 days of gritting his teeth every day, but you dogs can eat the sea and drink the grass every day… His fist is already hard.

“Well, no need to say more, take me to the treasure house.”

Huai Shi covered the mask prepared by Gregory on his face. In an instant, he disguised himself as a warrior Mord, and pulled out the big sword from the opening of the ruins in front of his chest. Don’t do it again. Waist.

After soaking in Guixu for a while, after washing away the curses that hadn’t been on the Tao, the entire blade was pitch black, and countless scarlet eyes could be seen faintly opening and closing, and it looked more and more evil.

However, compared with the original kobold appearance, Maude now looks mighty, but it seems to be missing something.

Even so, it’s okay to use it to fool others for the time being.

Along the way, Huai Shi followed behind the Snake Face Sacrifice with his head up, straight into the core, just like Maud in the past, expressionless, and did not even touch the ass of the passing heifer, but it made the past quiet The cow who hooked up with him was a little lost.

After seeing other Ox Head Man, Huai Shi’s footsteps speeded up.

Although he said that he had no conscience, he was actually a little worried about Raymond.

The sooner the action, the better, and if it is too late, what can Old Brother do if he loses his virginity!


At the same time, after layers of curtains, spring is coming.

“No, my lord.”

Ox Head Man squeezed his throat and laughed, delaying time: “Don’t be so anxious.”

On the exaggerated giant bed, the bare Roshan covered his four eyes, laughing and playing hide-and-seek with his beauty.

“Come on, beauty, obedient, let me be healthy!”

Zimu pulled off the blindfold in excitement and couldn’t wait.

In the surging waves of Roshan, a huge shadow enveloped the poor, weak and helpless face of Ox Head Man. With tears gleaming in the corners of Raymond’s eyes, he shouted frantically in the Elementium communication: “Huai Shi, help… …Help help!!!”

“Fuck you for delaying time! This is less than ten minutes!”

Huai Shi helplessly: “You can’t sing, just do a dance, give him the whole sentiment!”

“Am I fucking passionate enough to have been single for so many years!” Raymond was indignant.

“…what you said make sense, I was speechless. It’s not as good as you lie flat and push up your ass and ask him to be gentle.”

“Who do you think is the cause of this!”

Raymond habitually trembled with cold, tearful eyes, hoping in the hope of what happened, and cast a wink at Roshan: “Just some fun, sir, don’t be so rude, or… people Give you a dance~”


Zim was overjoyed, four palms flapped frantically, full of anticipation: “Well, dance one, and the beauty dance one for me!”

Then, Raymond remembered that he was a stinky mercenary in the first half of his life and a stinky truck driver in the second half of his life. He was proficient in murder and arson, but he was a fart in dancing!

But after saying a word, he is unwilling to regret it. What if he says that he can’t jump, this ugly force is furious and the overlord must bow.

I can only rack my brains and start to meditate, whether there are any memories of dancing in my first half of my life. In the end, an exaggerated silhouette of exaggerated muscles suddenly appeared in my mind…

As a result, a tear called Jisao slowly slipped from the corner of Ox Head Man’s eyes.

One minute later, in the public channel of the squad, the choking song of “youngman” rang…