Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 819


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Huai Shi couldn’t determine whether what he saw was real or illusory.

Because for Shangquan Juggernaut, reality or illusion is no longer important at all, what really matters is the Willpower that reversed the phenomenon.

He thinks he is here, so he is here.

Everyone can see him.

If he thinks he has drawn the knife, then everyone will be able to see him draw the knife.

If he thinks that the enemy killed will die.

Then his enemy is dead.

It is this absolute self-confidence in oneself that has created this incredible extreme intention.

Now, with the arrival of Shangquan, the original low atmosphere of the entire dojo shakes in an instant, and everyone’s eyes suddenly become feverish.

Almost the same as faith!

That is the Peak that countless samurai worshipped day and night, yearning to chase, the sacredness in the world.

Now, he sat behind his seat, smiled and raised his glasses, and greeted his side friends: “Tengu I trust you have been well since we last met?”

Large Tengu grinned, “I have done it, it is far from death.”

Shangquan smiled, “I thought you were too lazy to come.”

The big Tengu shook his head indifferently, “Where there is wine, how can I not go?”

“Then, please.” Shangquan nodded.

“I don’t remember what I promised.”

The Big Tengu laughed weirdly, but he held up the wine glass and drank with him.

Then, the old man looked towards Huai Shi and looked over, “Is Mr. Russell okay?”

“Eat well, sleep well, and be in good health.” Huai Shi replied: “I originally thought the Juggernaut would ask another person.”

“Ha, isn’t that guy still refreshed alive? What can I care about?” The old man also toasted.

After having a drink with Huai Shi, the old man greeted the distinguished guests who came today.

There is no need to do more, just being here alone is enough to become the Sea Calming Divine Needle, giving the disciples of the dojo endless confidence and joy.

The banquet began.

That is not a scolding, nor a disappointment, it’s just the result of already knowing it.

He was not disappointed, but ecstatic.

Almost his hands were shaking in excitement.


He leaned respectfully.

And the people around also involuntarily cast envy and even envy.

A warrior appointed by the Sword Saint who will be able to win the Yingzhou Sword Saint in 80 years…

There may not be a few 80 years in life, but how many Juggernauts in the whole world?

“So, what about you Zhongju?” Juggernaut asked.

The middle age person shook his head and smiled bitterly, “Students are like Kukawa.”

“But you are different from Jiukawa. What he admires is my sword technique, and what you desire is my power.” Shangquan said bluntly: “But my power is not the strongest, Zhongju , You have gone astray.”

“Teacher teaches that.” Zhong nodded calmly, seemingly ashamed: “When I understand this, it will be too late.”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s especially late to make up for it.”

Shangquan said with relief: “Tomorrow you go to the Imperial Palace to seek an official. The Emperor will not treat you badly when he is employing people, and hope that you will be able to serve you faithfully and serve the Real Bull and Horse.”

Zhongju was taken aback for a moment, as if joy and sadness, for a long time, respectfully paying homage: “many thanks Teacher, magnanimous.”

“So, there are two unscrupulous disciplines leading, so other people can speak freely, right?” Shangquan asked again, and pointed a discipline: “In your opinion, what should be the strongest power? What about it?”

The discipline froze for a moment, hesitated, and finally asked tentatively: “The one who obeys me, oppose me and perish?”

“hahaha, it’s not bad.”

Shangquan rubbed his knees and smiled, “Then you should not come to the dojo, you should go to the Astronomical Society. If you go to maintain Zarathustra, the whole reality will come to you, it’s just a little toy.”

Speaking, the old man waved his hand, motioned him not to be ashamed, and asked another person.

The student bowed his head and answered solemnly: “The discipline believes that free and unconstrained freedom is the real power.”

“Then you may be in a lot of pain, don’t break you.”

Shangquan said compassionately: “The power you desire does not exist in the present situation. I am afraid that only by going to the border and hell can you be free from the shackles? Maybe one day, you will go to the one who has no return. Tomb, abandon all this, go to hell to seek relief…”

Speaking, he looked towards Yuan Yuan, “little girl, you are the top of the knife hunter, what kind of power do you recognize as the strongest?”

“I don’t know below.”

Yuan Yuan answered frankly: “There are too many powerful people in this world, even my Supreme Grandfather can’t be the strongest. But in my opinion, the strongest strength should be able to bring hope to the suffering. Things are right.”

“Then you have to learn more from your Teacher.”

Shangquan’s faint smile glanced at Huai Shi, then looked towards the hut in the forest: “So, what about this youngster who is so courageous?”

The hut in the forest respectfully leaned over and gave the standard answer: “It’s obscurity, its vision is clear, it doesn’t eat or sleep, wind and rain are ye…”

This is a decisive judgment that every Lin Family person will make.

——The top of the road of evil industry·Nine Yin candles!

“hahahaha, tentatively, whether it’s true or not, it’s a slippery Little Brat.” Shangquan shook his head and laughed, “But so lonely, isn’t it lonely for you?”

The forest hut bowed its head and did not answer.

“Think again, youngster.” Shangquan said: “Think again, the rest of your life is long enough for you to find the answer you want.”

This time, the hut in the forest was no longer silent, suddenly raised his head and asked loudly: “What if there is no answer?”

“Then turn yourself into the answer.”

Shangquan said, “If you want to take the road that the predecessors have not taken, then you yourself are the beacon of the successor. You should not be panicked, but should have the joy of Daoist.”

The boy froze in place.

Shangquan retracted his gaze and looked towards his side.

“Hey, you can teach the discipline well, let’s just forget it, what am I doing?” The big Tengu scratched the tip of his red nose, a little helpless.

Shangquan said, “Everything is here, why should you be stingy?”

Great Tengu sighed, “In my opinion, there can be endless wine, endless food, endless excitement, it is the best and most powerful force in the world… The younger generation laughed.”

“ah ha ha ha, contented are always happy, why should you be ashamed?”

Shangquan stroked his palms and laughed. Finally, his gaze looked towards Huai Shi.

Huai Shi reluctantly put down the wine glass.

“Then, can Mr. Huai Shi give me the answer?” Shangquan asked: “A person like you, who has achieved such an achievement, still can’t satisfy his unstoppable desire. The power you are chasing for is What?”

“It’s not something far away, Mr. Shangquan, it’s not worth mentioning, nor is it worth mentioning.”

Huai Shi shrugged and laughed at himself: “You don’t have to show your ugliness.”

At best, it’s just a happy life.

Such ordinary wishes, and those grand ambitions are not worth mentioning.

Shangquan nodded and didn’t force it.

Continue to ask questions.

At first, some people might look confused, but afterwards, they fell into contemplation. In the end, their faces were solemn and their eyes dropped.

Listen respectfully.

“I am here today, not to hold a wish-sharing meeting, nor to solicit an answer that is doomed to be fruitless.”

Shangquan paused, and said in a deep voice, “Presumably, from so many answers, you have already got the answers you want.”

The strongest power in this World?

from the very beginning This is a false proposition.

An unreachable phantom, a mirage beyond the horizon that cannot be chased.

It’s just that it looks beautiful.

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