Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 820


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In the past 130 years, the Juggernaut has never been invincible. Is this power the strongest? But why is there still a barbarian general who oppresses I?

The general is so strong, isn’t he still imprisoned by the American Lineage on this island country?

Are America Lineage strong?

Controlling the border of one third through finance and economy, and monopolizing countless hell developments. It is indeed a huge monster that is generally unattainable, but the six major lineages are the weakest in America, which is generally accepted.

So which is the strongest lineage? Rome? Egypt? Eastern Xia? Can Eastern Xia’s strongest Fu Canguang act wilfully? There are still soldiers above.

But don’t the soldiers still have to be ordered by Destiny Bird?

Eastern Xia Lineage is so powerful, but in essence it is an extension of Eastern Xia, so is Eastern Xia the strongest? But it is only one of the five constants.

With such a huge power of Wuchang, it is still unable to maintain the operation of this World, and it needs to be bridged and mobilized by the Astronomical Society. Under the suppression of Three Major Blockades, the current operation is maintained as usual.

But the Astronomical Society still has the fall of Utopia, the Government Bureau cannot change its bloatedness, and the Inheritance Yard also endures the pressure of rising distortions day after day, and makes corrections day and night.

And Golden Dawn, is still expanding in hell.

Not to mention the existence in those quiet areas in the depths of hell, and even the Elements Of Destruction that are enough to subvert the present situation……

If you call it the strongest that can create Death Power, then the strongest power is in hell.

But is that power valuable to the present situation?

Being attached to power itself has never made sense. All you can get is a bunch of boring numbers that keep expanding.

Power is valuable, but what really matters is the purpose of using this power. Otherwise, what is the difference between Ascender and a bank account with a fixed deposit?

“In the past, the disciplines who graduated from every sword technique dojo will diligently study the way of samurai and saint poetry. In the final analysis, they are all just to train more loyal subordinates and lackeys.”

Sword Saint lightly saying: “Disciples seek strength, but also to find a step to become a warrior, and the public officials have also received loyal and reliable subordinates…throw away morality, and from the point of view of interest, they are mostly So.

It is precisely because of this that the notoriety of ‘breaking the law with force’ on the back.

A samurai must be a tool, a samurai is a sword, and a samurai is a lackey… I don’t know how widespread such a statement is, and many people even think so.

Even tools will have their own cravings, even swords will have their own thoughts. “

“I sincerely hope that you can be different.”

The Juggernaut said: “The times have changed, everyone, you still have a choice.”

When he said this, he made no secret of the vicissitudes and decay of his old man, but his eyes became sharper, as if he wanted to carve his own words into the soul of the disciples.

You still have options.

If you don’t want to become a tool for military force, then you must make a choice!

“The few guests I invited today, I think everyone has already understood.”

In the silence, Shangquan slowly told them, “Here, some people come from Crying Deer Hall, representing the supremacy of Yingzhou; some come from the Astronomical Society, representing the indispensable order of the environment; some come from The border is free and unconstrained; there are also guests from the Tomb of the Unreturned, who stand by one’s word in hell and establish their authority…

If there is anything in this land that can be called the most powerful, it is undoubtedly what they represent.

They are all people who are far better than me as an old man, and the achievements they have built and created are far better than me—what you want, you can seek on their way. “

“Today is your last lesson. You have already started the sword technique. As a teacher, there is no need for guidance. In a short time, there is no secret to you.

So, I can only help you open the door to the future. “

Shangquan Juggernaut raised his eyes and stared at the group of graduated disciples: “Now, you already have something that can create power.

The way forward, you need to go by yourself.

It’s up to you to decide where to use your power—”

So, full of expectation and hope, he softly taught: “It doesn’t matter if you do anything wrong, it doesn’t matter if you uphold the right way… I only hope that you will be satisfied and understand when facing death.”

Shangquan said, “This is the only expectation I have of you as your Teacher.”

In the solemn silence, all the disciplines slowly got up, paying respects to the old man in front of them.

A pure gratitude to the Teacher.

This is the last profession of Juggernaut.

Guide the way to the future…

During the dinner, Huai Shi shook his head mockingly.

Didn’t expect Juggernaut sent an invitation to himself, so he could be used as a teaching case.

At the same time, I have witnessed the sincerity from the Juggernaut-in the future, if there is a disciple from the dojo to seek a position in the inner circle of Tamba, can I still not think about it?

In addition to myself, people from Yingzhou Governance Bureau, people from Crying Deer Hall, people from Celestial Dog Mountain, people from the Tomb of the Returnless, and even other corporate giants’ agents…

This wave is a direct large-scale talent recruitment market.

Teacher took the lead in selling face and helped you organize high-end parties, so that you can meet the big guys.

Be more acquainted, this group of aptitude graduated from the dojo, after the banquet, I’m afraid they started to hold their thighs and hand over their resumes.

By the way, he suppressed a wave of brave and impetuous atmosphere, relying on his own authority to force the disciplines to settle in the face of tragic reality.

——You have the power to be a fart, how old are you in front of the Three Major Blockades?

Count the birds with one stone.

Where did you see this operation?

But while he was drinking tea, he heard the voice of Juggernaut.

“By the way, Mr. Huai Shi on the left, I must have seen everyone.”

While talking and laughing, the Juggernaut casually said: “From tomorrow, he will serve as the deputy curator of the dojo. You must respect and love him as if you love me.”

What the hell?

Huai Shi tried hard to restrain his expression, not to show the iconic stupidity.

The puzzled looked towards the Juggernaut.

What do you mean?

The Juggernaut was also looking at him, slightly smiled, as if they had a tacit understanding between each other, but they had a tacit understanding, and it was just the first time they met today.

Suddenly, what Luo Lao said to him before rang in his ear.

“Just sit there, listen to the tune, eat and drink, and finally leave with a gift. Maybe they will send you directly to the door. You are welcome to come again next time…”

So, just wait for me here!

I drank and ate melons next to me, and arranged two words dropping from the sky. Why did I become a shareholder of the dojo if I didn’t finish a meal?

Don’t be a representative of a legal person who is used to back the pot!

As a result, without waiting for him to raise an objection, there was a disturbance below, as if someone slapped the table angrily and got up to talk. Huai Shi suddenly burst into joy, his eyes full of encouragement and expectation.

Hurry up, brother, make a big noise, show this old bastard a little bit of color!

As a result, Shangquan took a casually look. The furious middle-aged man looked like a mouse seeing a cat, his face was pale, and he fell to the ground, speechless.

Huai Shi is extremely angry.

How is such an iron waste!

At least you say nothing, I want to play!

As a result, ignoring the shocked look of the following teachers and disciplines, Shangquan Juggernaut continued: “Also, the big Tengu on the right will also serve as the deputy curator of the dojo from tomorrow. You must respect him. , It’s like respecting me.”

After the previous abrupt appointment announcement, this time, the following reaction seems to be a bit smaller.

After all, it is the Great Tengu, the well-known Ascender for hundreds of years, the master of Celestial Dog Mountain stand by one’s word, such a noble status, serving as the deputy curator of the dojo is not a shame.

In the past, the operation of the dojo was always determined by the swordsman, but now why has it rashly introduced two forces, Danbo and Celestial Dog Mountain, one close and one far away?

In the midst of this drastic change, everyone smelled a sense of anxiety and absurdity–is it true that the rumor that has been circulating among the senior management recently?

“As everyone thinks, I am old and lack energy. Recently, I have also felt tired and weak. I am afraid that I have no energy to run the dojo.”

The old man who looked full of energy calmly announced: “I have three sons and a daughter. Eldest son has died in hell in order to protect the former emperor. The youngest son died and failed to reach adulthood. After marrying, only the second son is with him…”

As soon as the words came out, the pale dissident below was taken aback for a moment, and then an expression of ecstasy emerged.

“Naoyuki, come out.”

Juggernaut said, “Come to me.”

So, the middle age person got up excitedly, worked hard to squeeze out the solemn expression, stepped forward with a steady step, and knelt in front of the old man.

“Sir Father!”

“Between you and me, father and son, you don’t have to say anything more.” The old man patted his shoulder gratifiedly: “You have grown up, Naoyuki, you should have your own achievements.”

He paused and said, “From now on, you will replace me as the instructor of the Emperor’s sword technique and serve Yingzhou.”

Ueizumi Naoyuki smiled and was about to be nodded, but then he was stunned.

Stuck in place.

Staring eyes wide, incredible.

The silence came suddenly, and everyone suspected that there was a problem with their ears-didn’t expect the Juggernaut to throw out his last successor so abruptly, away from the foundation of the dojo!

It is true that it is very glorious to be the instructor of the sword technique of the emperor, but this position has almost nothing except for its reputation.

Does the emperor really want to learn the sword technique?

Don’t crack a joke. Now that the emperor’s body can run a marathon, it’s better to find a radio gymnastic teacher to take him to exercise.

A title for a sword technique instructor? What is the difference between mascot and mascot?

This is almost a general order of exile!

“What? Do you disagree?” Shangquan stared at his only remaining son: “Naoyuki, are you going to violate my orders?”

“My son… dare not.”

Naoyuki finally lowered his head, sluggishly agreed, but couldn’t help but burst into tears.

“Just, please allow me to stay, accompany father, and do my filial piety for a period of time…”

“Go tomorrow.”

Shangquan resolutely ordered, “If you can follow my instructions, you are the best filial piety to my father.”

The dojo is not something this talented and talented son can get involved.

Only cruel exile is the only way to save his life and the efforts of others. The more decisive, and the more unwilling to turn, the more love he is.

Obediently and honestly, let’s be a harmless to humans and animals mascot.

This is the choice made by the Juggernaut as a father after seeing the lives and deaths of countless people.

Just like that, staring at the silhouette of his son quietly, staggering away.

At the end, the final appointment was announced.

“From next month, things in the dojo will be managed by the daughter of old man eldest son, who is also the granddaughter of old man, “Shangquan Haruka”.

Please take good care of her, and the old man will also guide her to prevent her from making mistakes. “

Speaking, the old man raised his eyes: “Yaoxiang, come and meet the guests, from now on, you will entertain everyone instead of me.”

“Yes, Sir Grandfather.”

Behind the curtain, the dignified girl walked out slowly, followed the old man’s guidance, and knelt down beside him.

In front of everyone.

Until now, Huai Shi finally reacted.

This is the result that the Juggernaut wants to achieve tonight-under the witness of all members and parties, the old and new dojo is handed over!

But why… but there is a feeling of confession?

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