Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 822


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All night, Yellow Springs Hirasaka was immersed in the collision of this will competition.

Sun and Moon lost radiance.

On the far away snowfield, heaven falls and earth rends.

Wild warriors and monks.

They laughed happily, immersed in blood and fighting, and prayed sincerely, grateful for the meeting and such a fierce battle.

On the thin face of the Juggernaut, a clear fist mark emerged.

On Luo Lao’s body, the sword marks are staggered, like a snare.

Once, again, again…

Countless times.

They closed their eyes, thinking about the beauty when they met each other.


The sun shone until dawn.

The burly old man looked back, looking towards side. Opponent: “Are you satisfied, Shangquan.”

The old man let out a sharp laugh, allowing him to wipe the saliva from the corner of his mouth, and his pupils were shining with terrifying fire, so dazzling.

“Will you do it again?” He said, “I want to do it again.”

“Forget it, I’m afraid I can’t help but really kill you…”

“Ha, you seem to be able to do it.”

Juggernaut laughed: “I haven’t lost yet!”

I’m not dead yet.

“You are just playing tricks, you are not playing with you.” Luo Lao said disgustedly: “You can’t afford to play.”

“But we can keep playing.”

“But it doesn’t make sense.” Old Luo said, “No matter how much growth and joy you gain, it will only increase the pain and sorrow of death. You should learn to stop.”

“So, the last time?”

“The last time.”

The two old men smiled and stared at the dawn in the distance.

This is the last play.



When the morning dew wets Huai Shi’s trousers, he saw Luo Lao coming out of the gap, as if returning from a night tour, contented, brisk footsteps, and humming a vague song.

See Huai Shi leaning against the corner.

“Are you leaving?” Huai Shi asked.

He paused for a while and looked over.

Huai Shi also looked at him.

He was calm.

“Yes, time does not wait for me.” Luo Lao said: “Before death comes, we all have to do things, we can’t rest yet. Whether it’s me or you.”

“Where to go?” Huai Shi asked.

The old man said: “Go to finish what was not done in the past.”

He took a deep look at Huai Shi, “If you feel sorry, if you want to return me, there is only one thing for you.”


Huai Shi did not answer.

Lao Luo did not speak any more, waiting for him until he shook his head: “I don’t want these things.”

The old man smiled, “Do you want money then? I still have money here.”

“…This is not something that can be exchanged.” Huai Shi said: “You gave me the drummer, Yu Step, the over-limit state, and now you are teaching me this, and I will help me to gain a foothold in Yingzhou and help me Let the divinity of Senior Controller Of Life grow. I thank you very much, but I can’t do it.”

“I haven’t even said anything yet.”

Huai Shi was amused, unable to bear the absurdity and anger rising in his heart, “But what else can you ask of me?”

Luo Xian.

His only concern left in Human World.

Apart from this, is there anything else that can make him so effortless?

Under the newborn sunlight, the old man in the shadow stared at the student in front of him, telling him word by word: “One day, if everything is irreversible…Huai Shi, please, kill her .”

Huai Shi is indifferent, “Do I have to do it?”

“Because only you can kill her, isn’t it?” The old man said, “Only you have created her now, a son of Abyss who is more unrestrained than before.”

He said, “You have a responsibility to kill her.”

“Everything is not irreversible.” Huai Shi said: “Even in the end…”

“There is no more final word.”

The old man said: “You have seen the last. After the rookie game, what is left is no longer in a state that you and I can understand…”

The so-called solidification, the so-called sublimation.

Originally one body.

They are all disobedience from the White Silver Sea.

If the existence of the White Silver Sea is regarded as the whole of humanity, then Ascender and the Freezer are both heretics intolerant of forgiveness.

Regardless of whether it is beneficial to the current situation, the two are themselves violations of the Three Major Blockades, and both are hidden dangers to the White Silver Sea.

Even if it is because it can increase the correction value, it is beneficial to the situation and can be allowed to exist, but the Astronomical Society has been stuck with more than one hundred sublimation quotas per year and refused to let go of mass production of Ascender. In order to maintain the stability of the White Silver Sea.

Actively extract a soul from the White Silver Sea through technology and means. No matter how cautious it is, it will cause damage to the White Silver Sea.

Even the “Wild Ascender” like Huai Shi, which breaks free from the subject through various accidents, even if the consequences are less, it is not worthy of encouragement and promotion.

At the same time, in this process, consciousness is sublimated into the soul, which will inevitably bring about influence and change. Perhaps this change is mostly positive, but change is change. Impossible because it is good, just leave it aside Regardless of.

Solidification is also a change.

It’s like the water vapor sublimated from the sea freezes into frost. Such changes are far more drastic and thorough than sublimation, and can even completely change one’s consciousness and thoughts. Under the influence of’temperature’, Move closer to Abyss without restriction.

It is the same dramatic change as Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

The new self will kill the old self.

monster killed humans.

No, it would be better to say that the frozen soul created by Abyss swallows everything with the old consciousness as a breeding ground and nourishment, and is born with a whole new look.

When the time comes, the solidifier is no longer the original Ascender itself, but just a container of hell essence.

Just being and present will distort it, and just breathing will damage this world.

It’s like irreversible cancer.

It has nothing to do with morality or interest. This is the hostile relationship that existed in this world before the birth of consciousness. There is no other beautiful reason to avoid and alleviate it.

Once Luo Xian becomes that level, Huai Shi will never be compatible with her.

“She was originally striding towards solidification…”

The old man said: “But she was changed by you.”

Huai Shi is annoyed: “But I just played some insignificant tricks, a little bit of kindness, nothing can change. Why don’t you want to believe it, she chose to stay!”

“I believe.”

The old man nodded, so solemnly and seriously: “That’s why I thank you so much, Huai Shi, you gave her the reason to stay.”

“However, all of this is not based on her will…”

He asked, “What do you think she is in now? Is it sublimation? Or is it solidified? Or is she hovering at the melting point?”

The answer is, both.

The inherent Abyss essence and the human soul are contained in the same body. Even with the Stigma of Heavenly Kingdom Lineage, there is still no guarantee of perfection.

From the day she was born, a part of her has entered a frozen state.

It’s like stepping on the edge of a cliff, partly in hell and partly in the world.

Now, she has left the edge of the cliff, but not at all returned to the earth, but came to Abyss, stepping on a thin line, lonely forward…No one knows this thin line When it will break, I don’t know what is waiting on the other end of the line.

She knew this well.

So she chose to escape, exile herself, and seek answers.

But there will be no answer.

The exile will not result.

One day, she will walk all over the entire world, when the time comes she will find that she can’t find the answer.

“When the time comes, everything will have a result.” The old man said, “If the result is the worst…”

Huai Shi interrupted him, “You know I won’t do that.”

“Of course I know.”

The old man nodded as it should be by rights: “That’s why I told you.”

“Otherwise, why don’t I go to Destiny Bird? Find Fu Canguang? Find the White Emperor? Even if it’s a soldier, I can find a relationship… Why should I come to you, Huai Shi?”

Huai Shi was stunned and saw Luo Lao’s mocking smile.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s very simple, Huai Shi, as long as I tell you, you will have an inexplicable sense of responsibility, you will never leave it alone, and you will definitely take care of it… I don’t believe in agreements and promises, but I Only look forward to your stupid nature.”

He raised his hand and patted the youngster on the shoulder: “I believe you.”

This world may have Heaven and Earth turning upside down tomorrow, but you can always trust the tool person Huai Shi.

“…what the hell is this?”

Huai Shi couldn’t help feeling a bit ridiculous.

“Think about the benefits, maybe there will be a solution tomorrow, right?”

The old man put his hands in the pockets of tight shorts, and walked away like any old man who went out for a morning exercise.

“Wait, where are you going?” Huai Shi asked back.

The old man waved his hand without looking back.

Tell him.

“Go to hell.”



India Cavanasi

The scorching wind was blowing in the distance, making the traveling girl look up, looking up at the tragic scenery below the ridge, and could not help sighing: “It’s like hell.”

Beside him, a rickety Indian is holding a cane, wiping the cold sweat on his forehead, “If you go further, you won’t belong to our guide, Ms. Luo.”

“Ah, it’s okay. It’s pretty good if you can send me here from ancient travel.” Luo Xian moved his body and listened to the voice of ka beng ka beng coming from his neck: “Next, I will go by myself. Alright.”

“Please also…be careful.”

The guide swallowed and spit, looking towards the hell below.

——People who can come here probably don’t care about safety, right?

In the past, the most prosperous Holy Land in India Lineage was destroyed, Kawanasi Temple…Now it has entered the darkness sunk in the light of isolation.

Across the faint light curtain, one can see the hideous objects creeping in the dark, as well as the blood and fire burning on the dim rays of light.

50 years ago, overnight, one third India Lineage was pushed to the brink of extinction, and now it’s hard to recover after so many years.

The culprit of all this, the Elements Of Destruction · Piper, who made Kavanasi Temple into hell, has long since disappeared into the darkness.

“To be honest, I’m curious.”

The guide plucked up the courage and said: “The inside of Cavanasi is the hell of genuine…

Although this is very offensive to Lord Shiva, the evil is already entrenched in it. It is not uncommon for the Astronomical Society to sink this place into hell regardless of the opposition of Lineage.

In the past few years, it’s not that no one wants to enter it, but it’s just outlaws who are desperate or simply desperate explorers who want to stand up. Few people have returned… But why do people like you choose? come here? “

“Huh? I don’t seem to think about those people?” Luo Xian laughed.

“What I want to say, I am more afraid of you.” The guide replied bitterly, even if the girl in front of me had never done anything rough, had any bloody behavior, but instinctively, I could detect that one. It was terrifying and gloomy.

She has never concealed anything.

“To be honest, it was just a drop in.”

Luo Xian thought about it for a while and said seriously: “But thinking about it, now that I passed by, I would go to the place where my father went to study back then. It is also an alternative spiritual baptism.”

She paused, staring at the hell in front of her, and whispered softly: “Besides, I’m also very curious…”

——What does the mother’s hometown look like?

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