Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 848


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The darkness is boiling.

Those dark curse blood stirred ripples, and felt unprecedented horror under the stimulation of such a huge sense of crisis for the first time in life.

There are deaths close at hand.

In the sound of countless joints rubbing, the body of the Nativity Spirit rapidly shrinks, transforming from its wild predation state to a more dexterous and crazy posture.

This is a metamorphosis. From the chaos and disorder, due to the desire of oneself, it turns to a draft form, and once again transforms into a more even realm.

Search for the experience and insights left in the Elementium of those Alchemy teachers. It is changing itself spontaneously!

It’s like the battle elves of some game are super evolved.

At this moment, accompanied by frantic neighing, curse blood turbulence, frantically extracting endless calamities on Helios, the brand-new heart began to fluctuate.

The sharp double horns, like the head of a deer, grow out from under the curse blood. The darkness extends and weaves together into bundles, once again attached to the deformed skeleton, forming a huge posture like half beast and half human.

Sixteen arms came out from behind, and a strange bone surface appeared on the chest.

The spirit of birth stood up, bowed his head, and the three pairs of pupils above the deer head quickly wandered, and finally locked on the enemy in front of him.

Fire rises from the ascent of the body.

Neighing longitudinally.

In an instant, Huai Shi backed away.

Because the original invisible sound wave was given substance, everything passed by was torn apart by the unreasonable tyrannical force. There is evil poison in his eyes, and he injects the crazy sadness and joy in his consciousness into Huai Shi through his gaze all the time.

In an instant, it was completely different from the original.

Even the types are completely different…

Is that Stigma?

No, it’s just similar… It should be said that it is closer to the nature of hell than Stigma.

It has approached the source and prototype of a certain calamity, originating from a certain force under the depth.

Thousands of years ago, Solomon, the oldest Alchemy teacher, had discovered this.

Based on his own exploration of hell, he assumed four different main types, four circulation forms, a total of eight unstable states of change, and nine manifestations from the crowd of hells, and formulated seventy. Two different results, based on this, completed his final Alchemy.

Although no one knows the result, the classification and presumptions he created have been quoted and verified by later generations, and gradually supplemented, becoming the ancient source code still in use today, known as the hell sequence.

Even now, there are still half of the vacancies, but its authority cannot be disputed. Later, Mendelssohn, the creator of Alchemy, drew up the periodic table.

Nowadays, the change of the Spirit of Birth can only explain one thing-from the very beginning, it is the result of Alchemy, and even its growth at this moment is under the consideration of the creator!

At this moment, the sight of the front of its chest and that of Huai Shi came into contact, and an invisible bridge was formed.

It seems that an invisible sharp blade pierced the soul, causing severe pain. In an instant, Huai Shi could not hear anything.

His hearing has been taken away!

——No. 44 in the sequence of hell, Shakes the illusionist!

However, there is no egg use…

Suddenly, the existence of the sense of hearing was replaced by extreme perception. When hearing was abandoned, countless blood became an extension of Huai Shi’s perception.

The vibration under your feet, the wind in the hall, and even the collision of waves.

Everything turned into auditory hallucinations and re-formed in Huai Shi’s mind.

There is not even any dizziness or shaking due to the disorder of the semicircular canals. The body in the over-limit state is like the most sophisticated machinery, perfectly executing the will and commands of Huai Shi.

Yu Step assault, step forward!

Without any fallacy, it swept through the attack of sixteen arms. Above the water of hatred, Elementium was agitated, shooting lightning from endless hostility.

Resonance begins again, all the forces are integrated into one bundle, protruding forward from Huai Shi’s hands, assaults the senses.

We are close at hand!

a light sound.

Hate water’s sharp crack penetrated straight into the head of the Nativity Spirit.

The wave of Elementium overlaps with the power of the body, like a volcanic eruption, exploding the blood from Huai Shi!

The result is an exaggerated effect like rocket strikes.

Crimson flies.

A huge gap emerged from the body of the Nativity Spirit, causing painful trauma and returning Huai Shi’s hearing.

Hate water swept across, and the turbulent blood color once again formed a chain saw, violently chopped the arm of the Nativity Spirit, and then roughly penetrated its chest cavity and pulled it, causing the curse blood to gush out.

“Sorry, the business has recently become less proficient, and I really can’t find where the head is…”

Huai Shi stared at the struggling monster under his feet, comforted: “Or, let’s make do with it.”

Grit your teeth.

Soon, it’s over.

So, the decomposing of tyranny begins!

The curse blood spurted out like a spring. In the body of the self-born spirit, the deformed flesh quickly fell apart under the rotating chain saw, causing a hoarse and sharp tragic wailing.


Behind the Spirit of Birth, several broken arms suddenly closed and turned into a giant claw, shooting down towards Huai Shi!

But there were so many broken limbs that he couldn’t keep up with his speed at all, and they just smashed into the ground in a hurry.

Under the stimulus of death, it has fallen into madness, the mutilated body is violently convulsed, countless stumps and huge bodies are ramming towards all around irregularly, tearing the broken dome and all around walls .

Smash the floor into cracks after another.

Under the burning of fear and pain, everything is ruined frantically.

But he couldn’t stop his body from falling apart quickly. Those flying limbs twitched and wanted to return. But immediately, a sneaky mouth came out in the darkness, grabbed it, and feasted on it.

While licking the plump gravy at the corner of his mouth, he couldn’t help but roar towards the sky and urged the steak-cutting Master to speed up.

Hurry up and eat.

This person has a clear division of labor. Even without any rehearsal and rehearsal, he is very skillful in cooperation, without flaws and gaps. Dogs may not be real dogs, and people may not be humans.

There is a fiercely poisonous blood circulation, which crazily erodes the body of the mutation, continuously categorizes and derives more of itself. It is like the eternal unsatisfied organism von Neumann machine, relying on the life force of the immortal beast, endless cell classification, and telomere rebirth.

The viciousness of life and the pain of death strike at the same time.


The Spirit of Birth suddenly opened its mouth and made a real sound wave again, but this time, even the sound was broken with extreme intention by Huai Shi, and completely collapsed into a hurricane.

Only the roar burst from under the feet.

A fissure appeared on the floor, which suddenly spread rapidly. The collapse began, and a large number of rock and steel structures collapsed into the darkness below.

The spirit of birth fell into the darkness, and the chirps were sharp.


But before the joy had time to vent, I saw a smiling face that quickly approached.

That is despair, despair is dropping from the sky!

In the weird workshop of this spatial mutation, after the floor was broken, they actually fell diagonally into a huge deep well.

There are blood-stained doors on both sides of the vertical deep well, while a bright red carpet is hung on one side, and the other side is like a ceiling with luxurious chandeliers.

It’s like a leaning corridor.

But Huai Shi doesn’t care about the weird situation at this moment. With the potential energy of dropping from the sky, Yu Step tramples and cracks the bones on its chest, and the water of hatred entwined with the scarlet chain saw has been pierced again. With its body, it spins like crazy.

After the broken bones, a ray of brilliance flashed with all the last strength.

This time, what was taken away was the sense of sight and touch.

But this can’t hinder the performance of Ji Yi at all!

It will only make it even worse!

Even if there is no extreme intention, Huai Shi also has the realization of the emptiness, as long as there is one kind of perception, it will not be affected in any way.

The Nativity Spirit turned over its body painfully in the air, trying to threw him away, but those living blood were like the best ropes, firmly connected to each other, not allowing them to be separated.

It fell from this sloping corridor, smashed through the wall, and after tearing the dome, it fell into the narrow bedroom, but the bedroom was still torn.

The heavy body like silt surging hard, chopped and smashed into the wall, broke into a new space.

In the darkness, there was a constant violent neighing burst.

Breaked through layers of walls, I don’t know how long it took to fall deeper.

Finally, along the pipe that was huge enough for giants to slide inside, it fell into a mountain of construction waste.

Twitched, then twitched again.

Finally, with the stirring of the blood circulation saw, there is no more sound.

Only a whine, like a cry, faded away.

No more.

And Huai Shi, raised his hand, wiped off the black curse blood on his smile, laughs facing the sky.

It’s cool.

When you look down at the corpse under your feet, you feel a sense of accomplishment.

What? I’m still quite strong!

Facts have proved that even though I am carrying Elements Of Destruction (a small organization that is a derivative of it) and holding the (scrapped) back to the ruins, my Huai Shi is still invincible and the world!

“Wow, it looks so tragic.” Tong Ji’s phantom appeared from his shoulders, teasing his tone: “youngster must know how to adjust itself, and don’t hurt your body.”

Can you drive this broken road?

Huai Shi was shocked and looked back: “Why did you come out again?”

“Isn’t this occasional to show my sense of existence, and to give some love tips?” Tong Ji said with a smile: “This is Helios after all, don’t be too hard to ignore Reckless.”

“Don’t worry, isn’t this a win?” Huai Shi waved lightly: “It’s a vegetable.”

“So, the point is not whether you lose or win, but don’t ignore it.” Tong Ji sighed, “Don’t you pay attention to the surrounding environment?”


Huai Shi was confused, looked all around, and saw countless construction waste and debris, only to realize that the puppy of friendship hadn’t followed.

Still standing in the rift above, looking down.

Opening eyes wide, moved towards him, shaking his tongue, winking.

It seems to be indicating something.

But he is a dog after all, and he can’t say anything.

Fortunately, the surrounding environment makes up for this…

When Huai Shi lifts the head, I saw this astonishingly huge space, countless collapsed buildings and ruins, like a huge garbage disposal plant.

And… something that will inevitably appear in the garbage dump.

Following his gaze, in the darkness, pairs of scarlet eyes opened, and foul-smelling mucus dripped. The darkness was wriggling, awakened by the breath of cursed blood in the air.

Then, one after another deformed birth spirit emerged from the darkness.

Dozens, hundreds, come forward…

hiding the sky and covering the earth, filled with all darkness.

With their silent eyes opened, they cast a cold sight toward the ‘takeaway’ delivered to the door by overestimate one’s capabilities.

Huai Shi’s smile stiffened on his face.

A fiery heart feels cool in an instant.

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