Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 849


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“Ah, where… are they all here?”

If nothing has happened, Hengshui is pulled out of the corpse under her feet, Huai Shi squeezes out a little smile with difficulty, takes a step back, takes a step back, cup hand to hold fist, shocked goodbye:

“Sorry, excuse me, goodbye!”

In an instant, the invigorating blood gathered into a bunch, curling him up and starting to pull up rapidly.

But the power that struck in the darkness was faster, and before Huai Shi could react, a black shadow flew over. From above, a sliding shovel tore the link of blood circulation. Then, refracted on the wall.

After Huai Shi blinked, the blood in his hand was broken, and the beastly vertical pupil was close at hand.

There was a roar.

He flew upside down to the ground and crashed into the ruins of the building.

Before he got up, a thick tentacle suddenly stretched out from the ruins, wrapped him around, and suddenly threw it into the distance.

It’s almost like playing basketball.

In the spherical shield supported by the whole body invigorating blood, Huai Shi only felt the world spin, and for a moment he didn’t know how many times he was hit. The whole person fell into the darkness, feeling the continuous impact.

What’s more terrible is that a rift has emerged above the blood invigorating shield.

Lack of support.

Huai Shi’s face suddenly turned green.

It takes so much time to deal with such ghosts as the Spirit of Birth, one can be beaten at any rate, and three can run at least…but there are so many hiding the sky and covering the earth, I’m afraid today If you don’t pay attention, you will really deliver food to your door.

The giant elephant-like birth spirit has raised its head and neighed, lifted its legs like a huge pillar, and trampled down towards Huai Shi.

Before that, the shield of invigorating blood burst into pieces, and Huai Shi shot out from it, dragging the hateful light, already flying, level with the hideous head of the giant elephant.

Only a stern lightning traversed, causing the giant elephant to ache and roar in anger, and the entire junkyard was turbulent under the heavy mass trample.

And Huai Shi, already taking advantage of his strength to fly up again, only saw the darkness surging, gathering towards him at an incredible speed, could not help gritting his teeth and clenching his fists.

In an instant, the blood entwined around his body suddenly gathered, condensing into a crystal clear and near-transparent crystal under his feet.

The endlessly compressed blood water melted into Elementium, and burst out dazzling red light.

After barely opening a casting furnace, Alchemy Fire instantly activated the Elementium and life force in it, turning it into a huge bomb.


In the next moment, the bleak red howling wind and torrential rain burst out of thin air, spreading in the darkness, and countless fine blood crystals tore through the greedy curse blood, forming a fleeting horrible flame.

More than half of the blood invigorating blood, including the new blood that has just multiplied at this moment, has been put into it by Huai Shi.

The destructive power caused by it is beyond Huai Shi’s imagination.

The sharp shards that flew almost made the first few births smashed into skeletons, crushed into several segments. And the silhouette of Huai Shi, also relying on the power of the explosion, rose again and flew toward the path of the coming.

Above the crack in the ceiling, the puppy of friendship suddenly probed, opened his mouth, seized this fleeting opportunity, bit him, turned his head and ran!

The explosion at hand caused the internal organs to be impacted, internal bleeding and rib fractures. Huai Shi only felt a buzzing in his ears and a blood red in his vision.

But he still didn’t dare to relax, forcibly mobilized the power of Guixu, and once again released a strand of Elementium to make Dark Windbreaker’s innate talent run.

One dog and one person disappeared into the darkness in an instant, disappearing into the perception of the monsters.

After the rift, countless birth spirits immediately commotion, roaring in anger.

The torrent is surging, they come out, frantically looking for the cooked duck. But no matter how careful you search, it is difficult to find the trace left by Outsider.

A high-pitched neigh, conveying a message to the distance.

So, in the deepest part of Helios, in the ruptured central reactor, a faint outline emerged from the endless rays of light.

Then, opening his eyes, the horrible flames gathered in those eyes, and looked over here.

The pressure of hard to describe came here, and my eyes penetrated through the barriers, sweeping indifferently, as if to search for Heaven and Earth, not letting go of every dust.

Suddenly, a layer of insignificant darkness was pierced.

But in the sound of the blister bursting, there was nothing behind the shadow, and only a string of embarrassing blood stretched far away.

However, the gaze was not in a hurry to trace back, but retracted, looking inward inch by inch, identifying the traces left by every intruder.

It’s as if you can see Huai Shi’s pretending traces quietly turning back.

He refused to let go of any doubt.

There are no abnormalities.

All the natal spirits are crawling respectfully on the ground, shiver coldly, enduring the pressure of that tyrannical gaze. A mouse-shaped monster trembled, and instantly attracted an icy look.

Stiff in place, then, without warning, split into two, revealing the internal structure from the inside out.

Finally, his eyes slowly retracted.

The birth spirits still crawled on the spot, not daring to move a little. Only after a long time, did they return to their lair with their tails clamped and fell asleep.

One hour has passed, two hours have passed, and three hours have passed.

After five hours have passed.

In the rubbish dump, the monster killed by Huai Shi suddenly moved.

I noticed that there was no reaction around me, and then moved again.

In the ruptured chest cavity, a ghostly little dog head emerged, and he quietly glanced at all around.

It seems okay.

Turning back and biting his partner’s finger.

So, in the blood of the cooling curse, a silhouette slipped out slowly without getting up or making any sound. Under the cover of Dark Windbreaker, he relied on his own muscles to bend like a snake. Go forward.

Leave the village quietly, don’t shoot.

In this way, carrying the dog on his back, he got into a sewer pipe.

Disappeared in the deepest part of darkness.

Only a bat-like birth spirit hung from the ceiling as if it smelled something. Eyes opened and took a look, but saw nothing, and withdrew his gaze.

After running out and not knowing how far, the exhausted Huai Shi stopped.

He finally found a slightly safer gap, stuffed the dog in, then stuffed himself in, turning over and blocking the gap with tools and camouflage.

Fell into a deep sleep.

The darkness returned to silence, and nothing happened.


Five hours ago, the lower level of Helios, the Way of Ascension on the east side.

There is a mist of invisible end, engulfing everything it passes, only a faint silhouette emerges from it.

Like a mourner going to the funeral.

Those Alchemy divisions from the Stone Cauldron Society have never shed their pitch-black spacesuits. They just raised their hands on the heavy jet and moved forward silently.

There is no communication or words between each other, just like robots, indifferently and accurately executing the commands from the Great Grandmaster. Holding a weapon in his hand, he shot all the creatures obstructing along the road.

Whether it is a monster or a survivor.

In this way, they stepped on the bloody road, step by step deep into the core of the bottom layer, until they were surrounded by the mad Spirit General.

The sharp long tongue ejected, cutting the leader’s arm apart, and then swallowing most of his body.

The crippled Alchemy division in his belly still completed his final mission, turning himself and his enemies into dissolved liquid, pouring and spreading all around.

Everywhere I passed, everything collapsed and melted like wax oil, and in the end there was only a sticky substance, with bubbles constantly emerging.

Soon, in the dissolved matter, the leader of the rebirth slowly rose up, bowed his head and glanced at his naked body indifferently, and with his fingers, a layer of space suit was derived from the solution again and enveloped him. Body.

Go on.

At the end of the tunnel, clanging footsteps came.

Wearing a solemn halo on their heads and wearing heavy armor, the Knights held long halberd in their hands and walked towards them step by step.

It’s like pushing on an iron wall.

Man-made alchemy bullets were useless on them. After breaking through the defense, they drove straight in. The alchemy mystery tore their armor, but there was nothing after the armor, only a creeping darkness suddenly pierced out and gathered. It is an indeterminate Sludge Monster, swallowing and covering them one by one.

In an instant, more than half was lost.

Immediately afterwards, the sharp sound of steel friction sounded, and the heavy jet suddenly shook, and the heavy shell fell apart, revealing the hidden substance inside.

But that is not a compressed frontline simple base.

It’s a dark iron coffin.

After the iron coffin, something inexplicable opened his eyes. In an instant, the steel in front of him melted, and then the amorphous monster was completely torn apart and evaporated into ashes.

The blazing rays of light still did not stop, tearing through layers of decks and walls, piercing through the middle layer of Helios, and passing the uppermost layer of Helios, bringing the whole meaning of Alchemy The seven days above went through, and then came out from the other side of Helios.

Stuck into Jupiter’s demon eyes.

Leave only a scarlet scarlet.

Like the blood emerging after piercing the pupil of the eye.

Soon, the terrifying light dissipated as the eyes closed, and only a horrific crack of melting steel appeared on the black coffin.

The fissure squirmed like a living thing, closed quickly, and disappeared.

The silent Alchemy teachers were reborn from the ashes, once again carried the iron coffin, and moved forward.

Disappeared in the deepest part of the mist.



“Fuck, anyone! Is there anyone!”

The teleportation center of the son of Leviathan, Rachel screamed hoarsely.

Half of his body fell to the ground, blood gushing out.

The man twitched in pain, hoarse and roared, but no one responded in the empty teleportation room, as if waiting for him to die.

So cold and ruthless.

Rachel’s expression grew more resentful, exhausted the last bizarre, and broke her teeth.

Literally, crumbly.

The dust of the snake sloughing in the molars flowed into the throat. Then, a miracle came, and his mutilated body began to quickly regenerate and recover.

It’s just that the reborn body doesn’t match the original parts.

Looks like a child of seven or eight years old, but with the face of an adult and an arm.

It was completely deformed.

As the viscous liquid like amniotic fluid spreads on the ground, Rachel panted, and climbed up with difficulty, tearing off a piece of cloth and wrapping it around her body.

I didn’t care about the rest, opened the door angrily.

Rushing straight to the bridge, with a bitter anger.

The Great Grandmaster actually stood by on his affairs, regardless of how much he sacrificed for him… That old bastard, simply is not worthy of trust!

Completely violated the contract signed between them!

Full of anger and resentment, Rachel violently opened the door and yelled at the old man with his back to him: “This is different from the promised!”

No one responded in the silence.

Only the tragic blood reflected on Rachel’s gradually pale face.

Between countless corpses, blood flowed down to his feet, bringing a cold and sticky touch.

After that, the old corpse slowly fell to the ground.

The hot blood, like molten iron, flows silently from the broken neck, corroding the floor, and making chi chi noises.

Only a deadly angry head was left spinning in the enemy’s hand, sprinkling the last scarlet.

Now, holding Garlandon’s head, the one-eyed Alchemy master Ragnar…No, Great Grandmaster Publius raised his pupils and looked towards the deformity brought about one’s own destruction, revealing his gentle Smile.

“What have you agreed? Can you tell me?”

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