Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 851


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Ten minutes later, in the rickety car.

Huai Shi took a deep breath and wanted to confirm the situation again.

“Name?” he asked, staring at the skeleton brother in front of him.

“Uh, Ba…Pluo…Fu?” Skeleton also hesitated.

“Why did you turn to biology again?” Huai Shi wanted to pull his hair, “Didn’t you just talk about Publius! This is nothing but a common character!”

Skull and crossbones spread their hands innocently: “Am I not sure about this?”

Huai Shi’s eyes twitched, and then asked: “What about gender?”

“Male… right?” Skeleton replied, “Probably?”

Huai Shi feels that he has almost used up his share of deep breathing for a year in a day, rubbing his aching brain, and finally asked: “What about age?”

“Guess what–” Skeleton patted his great trochanter and said angrily: “I forgot!”

Alright, the name is uncertain, the gender is also uncertain, and the age is even more uncertain.

It’s totally unreliable!

A Mysterious Human Skeleton who calls himself Publius?

A skeleton who picked himself up in the car like trash when he was asleep turned out to be a Great Grandmaster who was already dead?

This is not ordinary outrageous!

Moon Face Prison is so heavily guarded, how he ran out tentatively, no matter… but isn’t Publius dead.

The news of his death should have been thoroughly verified by Moon Face Prison.

Even the Great Grandmaster, it’s impossible to lie to the Astronomical Society by fake death, right?

But what appeared here is the unique technology of Publius, the spirit of birth…Originally, Huai Shi was already ready to fight to the final boss, but didn’t expect it, so nuclear Suddenly he jumped in front of his own eyes.

Well, to be precise, I was picked up by others.

Thinking of this, Huai Shi couldn’t help staring at the broken dog bitterly.

It’s still silly with its tongue!

Give it to bone and forget who you are!

After gnawing on someone’s great rotor, I sold myself backhand!

“Can this work?”

It’s almost as if seeing a mentally retarded swipe on the paper to solve the Riemann hypothesis, shocking Huai Shi for a whole year.

In sluggishness, he subconsciously helped the skeleton pick up the messy things it picked up from the car, and then watched it leap on his upper body flexibly and landed on a tattered cart. The wheels moved by themselves, leading him forward.

“Here, here…”

The skeleton raised his hand and pushed away a broken iron plate forcefully, revealing the crack behind and the scene behind.

It’s like a small library, but now it’s full of strange things.

The door of a broken refrigerator was removed to make a showcase, but it was filled with all kinds of strange little figurines. The broken alchemy kettle turned over became a coffee table, and the beaker and alcohol lamp became a teapot. It even made a small bed with insulation wool on the top of the large storage box.

After boarding Helios, Huai Shi clearly experienced the breath of life for the first time.

In this place full of horror and death.

The fresh fragrance of plants and woods faintly floated in the air. It was the seeds that slowly grew and sprouted from the sawdust in the pot, and the tender green and tense consciousness was faintly relaxed.


The skeleton turned around in front, clapped his hands, and said enthusiastically: “Sit up, sit down, I’ll make tea.”


Before Huai Shi had time to refuse, he hummed a small tune and ran to the kitchen in the corner.

This big brother even eats his cigar as an eggplant. I don’t know what it is after making tea…

He just found a ‘stool’ to sit down a bit cramped, and saw that the broken dog had gotten into the debris and started chasing the frightened guinea pig…

It’s hungry.

I don’t know if there is something called ‘Chicken God’ in this world!

Huai Shi was so scared that he quickly picked it up and held it down. After another dogfight, the room was half messed up.

When he looked towards the kitchen, he felt what it was like.

The big pot used to boil water is obviously a mixed filtrate reactor that has not been seen several times in the real world. Now it has been taken apart and used as a pot.

If he read it right, the broken book that was torn off by the skeletons was the astronomical treasure that was auctioned at the Demon Bank auction-“A Brief Discussion on the Four Transformations of Philosopher’s Stone”?

An epoch-making discovery that claims to open taboo smelting new realm?

The only orphan in the whole territory.

Just in front of Huai Shi, did you give me some points?

No way, no way, I can’t watch it, I’m still young, this scene is too exciting…prone to cerebral hemorrhage.

He quickly forced himself to turn his gaze, and when he turned his head suddenly, he saw the picture originally hung on the wall of the library.

I was attracted by the group photo of some years.

Like a graduation ceremony.

Everyone is smiling, sending farewell to the departure and arrival of their companions.

This is a farewell and reunion in 70 years.

At the forefront of the crowd, there is only one person who looks indifferent, reserved, just like disinclined to pay attention to these boring things, and doesn’t want to waste time on this meaningless social interaction.

The handsome and dignified face surprised Huai Shi.

That is…

Huai Shi rubbed his eyes, widened and distinguished carefully: “Galandon?”

There is no doubt that it is indeed what Garland looked like when he was young!


The skeleton, busy in front of the iron pan, asked puzzledly: “Isn’t that your name? Why add Weng? Claim yourself? You outsiders are so strange…”

“What?” Huai Shi was puzzled.

“I mean, Garland Van Helt…” The skeleton turned around and asked, “Isn’t that your name?”

“No! Who said it!” Huai Shi was alert: “Didn’t I tell you that my name is Huai Shi?”

“I thought you might have one or two names for the people on the scene.” Skull exclaimed: “But if you are not him, why do you want to bring his identity certificate with you?”

? ? ?

“That’s the key.” The skeleton pointed to his pocket: “Take that, the whole Helios knows that you are Garland…”


Without waiting for him to finish, the key has been completely broken by the furious Huai Shi.

Crush into smash.

He finally understood the origin of all the abnormalities he experienced!

Including the reason for that strange gaze and the source of dying… I have been with myself for so long, and I wandered around with Garland’s name brightly on my head, attracting fire to Old Bastard ? !

I don’t know if the bastard did many anger and grievances on Helios. He didn’t even dare to get on the boat. He wanted to be a pawn across the river and ask him for directions!

It’s like a thunderstorm!

Okay, don’t let me catch me, Old Bastard!

Huai Shi gritted his teeth, suppressed his anger, and wanted to find a way out, and within three days all his ashes were raised!

“Come here, don’t be angry, drink tea first, the first time you make it, your hands are a bit raw, I don’t know how it tastes.”

The skeleton came over with a beaker, stuffed it in his hand, and then touched his own cup: “Cheers!”

After finishing speaking, he raised his head and drank it, and then the wet tea came out of his mouth and spilled over the whole skeleton, which looked quite nutritious.

The friendship puppy next to me is already drooling.

Bone soup!

Huai Shi looked down at the cup, and there were turbid leaves floating in it. Except that the water boiled and dropped two plants into it, she didn’t know what she had imagined with tea.

Can this thing really be drunk?

Can be stared at by the skeleton very expectantly. He is not easy to refuse, he can’t smell any toxins, and can’t feel any Premonition Of Death, tentatively, he takes a sip.

Then his whole eyes lit up.

It’s hard to describe the taste of that moment.

Have never drunk such a sweet tea before, when he reacted, he had swallowed the tea in one gulp.

Immediately afterwards, a warm current spread from the body, so that the limbs and hundreds of skeletons were immersed in the warmth, and the body covered with internal injuries began to recover completely.

It’s like taking a top ten tonic.

Even Elementium has begun to recover quickly, and the shock of the soul is quickly calmed down and energetic.

Full of red and blue!

Even attributes have bonuses.

Even the “Winter Sun”, “Spring of Life”, and “High Speed ​​Healing” BUFFs are also displayed on the title page of Book Of Destiny!

Huai Shi looked down and looked at the beaker in his hand, he wanted to eat all the beakers.

“What kind of tea is this?!”

“Yes, tea…is there any difference?” Skull asked puzzledly: “Maybe the first time I soak is different from the outside, maybe I will add some sugar next time? You should be Eastern Xia People? You Eastern Xia don’t have to put vinegar when you drink tea, right?”

“No, not this…”

Huai Shi looked carefully for a long time and discovered that this thing is really ordinary tea. Just after boiling water, pour a little black tea powder and mint leaves, soak it casually!

If the materials are okay.

Then the problem lies with the skeleton.

Huai Shi looked at this somewhat funny guy suspiciously, contacted him in the previous three rounds, and had to start to believe a little…Could this guy really be the Great Grandmaster?

Simply change something rotten into something magical.

“Ah, were you just looking at this? I remember there was a name behind…”

The skeleton reached out and took off the photo on the wall, turned it over, and compared it with the name on the back: “Let me see, the nineteenth issue…Welcome Hedi, Garland, Pub…Reus?

Wow, is the relationship between us so good? “

Huai Shi has forgotten to argue that he is not the Old Bastard, his sight has been attracted by the photo again.

Behind the photo, the names of the participants in the front row are written, from left to right.

To the cold face of Garland when he was young, beside… the black hair youngster with the ponytail, raised his hand affectionately, put it on Garland’s shoulder, and smiled at the camera.

He made a V sign.

Warm and sunny…

That was Publius when he was young?

In other words, he also stayed on Helios!

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