Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 852


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The moon, the original site of the Kepler base.

A messy rescue scene is separated by a pure white temporary oxygen shed.

In the interior where Extreme Cold never dissipated, investigators took off their helmets, bowed their heads, and stared at the eyeless body in front of them.

“Is the identity of the deceased confirmed?”

From the Government Bureau, Captain directly under the decision-making room asked.

“It has been confirmed with the [Silver Stele] workshop that this corpse is the Alchemy master Ragnar himself.” The assistant replied: “According to the scene restoration and Scholar’s investigation, the identity of the murderer has also been checked. Obviously… It’s William Buckle, the security supervisor at Kepler Base.”

“Are there hatred between the two parties?”

“No, no. Since William came here ten years ago as the security chief, he has never quarreled with anyone outside of work. It is recognized as a good temper.” The assistant said: “With Ragnar’s character , Should not bother to have conflicts with personnel on the same base.”

“Well, let me guess…”

The Captain, who hadn’t slept for 48 hours, squatted on the ground, staring into the empty eye sockets of the corpse, and suddenly said, “This William Buckle, before coming to Kepler’s base, should be in the dark. Did you serve in the prison?”

The assistant was taken aback, then looked down towards the screen in his hand and called up the file, but part of it was blocked.

Top secret nature.

“Don’t read it. Apart from the Darkside Prison, there is only the Sixth Research Institute on this top-secret file on the moon, and the people at the Sixth Research Institute are absolutely impossible outside…”

Captain rubbed his face: “In my name, send a letter to the Darkside Prison and ask.”

In less than five minutes, the exact reply appeared on the assistant’s screen.

As Captain guessed, William Buckle did serve in the Darkside Prison for twelve years before coming here.

The service area is the 1st floor of Zone B.

Great Grandmaster · Publius’ prison!

Weird coincidence.

“…This happened, right?”

Captain’s pupils were staring at the corpse, but the hollow sight fell on the inside the Void, becoming dark and scary: “The service personnel of the Darkside Prison must not return to the present situation for life, only on the moon and the border Looking for positions. As compensation, they will have a well-paid and lofty position in each base and department…”

He paused for a while, then turned back and ordered: “Check the whereabouts of the B1 guards after retirement!”

Fifteen minutes later, the report appeared before Captain’s eyes.

In the past 90 years, a total of 41 guards have resigned from the B1 floor. Among them, 34 voluntarily stayed in the Darkside Prison and turned into a logistics unit. 40 went to the border, and the rest were scattered across the moon. Research base…

But when I carefully planned it, I discovered that on such a huge moon, among hundreds of institutions, more than eleven people came to this narrow area between the storm ocean and the island sea.

And without exception, in all kinds of accidents… quickly, violent death!

“When did the last death begin?” Captain asked.

“70 years ago…” the assistant said, “Since then, no transferees have come to Kepler until William retired two years ago.”

“It happened to be when the two rounds of Helios Workshop were docked.”

Captain laughed mockingly: “So, help me look at the medical records of Great Grandmaster Publius, when did the signs of Elementium decay and soul shrinking begin?”

“Nine, ninety-one years ago…”

In the long silence, Captain lit the cigarette at the corner of his mouth and muttered to himself.

After 20 years.

“Have you been preparing to escape from prison since then, Publius…Sure enough, the Great Grandmaster is the Great Grandmaster. You can’t underestimate any of them.”

The assistant was stunned: “Isn’t Publius dead?”

“Yeah, yes, it’s dead, but the problem is… a person’s death is determined by what sector, friend.” Captain laughed.

He raised his hand and pointed to his forehead: “Is it the destruction of the body or the dissipation of the soul? Just a dead body, what can it represent? Isn’t there any soul remains at the scene?” /p>

“Not the erosion of the curse bullet?”

“We tentatively, no matter why someone would spend a lot of time rushing into the dark side prison to kill an old bastard that has long been forgotten by the world, if, I mean, if there is so little possibility… Before he was killed, his soul was already not in here?”

Captain raised his pupils, and a sudden light lit up behind his eyes: “What if he has escaped from prison before then?”

Yes, jailbreak.

Elementium learned from the Great Grandmaster · Publius, by the strength of oneself, and accomplished a heroic move that countless people have not been able to accomplish for hundreds of years.

Escape from the Darkside Prison!

If it weren’t for the recent abnormalities in lunar monitoring and the weird incidents that occurred in the Kepler Crater, which attracted the attention of the Astronomical Society, and were linked together, no one could even find any clues.

Only the professional hounds of the original dark Legion can have such a keen sense of smell.

From the seemingly ordinary death, I smell the clues of the abnormality.

“Tony, what do you think?” Captain asked, looking up.

“I’ll sit and watch.” The horse-faced man who smokes next to me shrugged: “I’m still on vacation, big brother, even if I was dragged to work overtime, should I still be a cheer?”

“At this time, you need to use your ideas to verify it.”

Captain got up and suddenly asked: “If you were the Great Grandmaster Publius, how much would you pay for freedom?”

Tony laughed in a low voice, grinning from under the mask, as if empathizing.

I can understand the determination that has already surpassed ordinary people.

“Of course, at all costs…”

He can determine so.

Even if I am at the price!

So, the answer is clear.

The first condition is that the discipline that Great Grandmaster Publius specializes in is the Elementium of human beings.

According to the second condition, since ninety-one years ago, Publius’ soul showed signs of collapse due to aging, and Elementium dissipated. Until recently, he lost all his ability to use Alchemy before he died.

According to condition three, all those who retired from the B1 area of ​​the Darkside Prison who came to the vicinity of the Kepler base were all reasonably violent death due to various reasons.

Condition four is known, Publius’s inhuman obsession with Gods Vestige, and even the big mistake he made because of it!

In order to accomplish what purpose, in order to escape here.

He didn’t hesitate to kill himself.

“It’s just, is such a thing possible?” Tony asked: “This is a bit sensational, right?”

“Don’t forget, he is the Great Grandmaster, Tony.”

Captain said: “The Fifth Order Ascender may have its limits, but for the Great Grandmaster, as long as you are well prepared… there is nothing impossible, and what about the trifling ‘suicide’?”

The only thing that cannot be isolated from the cage is the desire of the soul.

He was thinking.

He kept thinking.

For him, escape here if he wants to.

The two looked at each other without speaking, but at the same time they felt the chill of hard to describe.

They have all understood that in the most stringent guards and blockades in the world, there is no privacy monitoring at all times, just under everyone’s eyes, what the man who yearns for freedom has done.

For countless long nights, I endured unprecedented pain, little by little… tore my soul.

Relying on the strands of the scattered Elementium, the broken soul was implanted bit by bit into the guard at hand.

In order to avoid triggering surveillance, Elementium must be extremely thin, hidden in the words, hidden in the thoughts, hidden in his sight.

Relying on the occasional exchange of eyes, the unanswered confession and the moaning when talking to the doctor.

Cut one’s own soul apart, tear it into shatters, merge it into the souls of other people, and finally combine them to form, allowing them to take away part of their souls.

Once, again, and then again…

Create hell from your own soul, and then refine the essence of freedom from this narrow hell day after day.

So, Elementium gradually became scarce, and the soul gradually collapsed.

Such painful suicide has been repeated for 90 years. How many times did it succeed and how many times did it fail? Apart from Publius, I am afraid no one knows.

When everyone leaves, they will take part of his body, the remains of his soul.

It’s like planting a seed, growing silently, waiting silently, until one day, the trustee hears a certain news, sees a certain item, has an unusual dream, and finally, ushered in After irreversible erosion and transformation, it became part of the Great Grandmaster Publius.

“If this is true, he divided his soul into at least eleven. No, if you count William, it should be twelve.” Tony sighed, “Is such a thing really possible? “

“Don’t forget, Tony, he is the Great Grandmaster.”

As long as the price can be paid, the omnipotent Great Grandmaster……

Captain pinched out the smoke and said softly: “What is impossible for such an inhuman existence?”

“If this kind of speculation is used to write a report, I am afraid that Lord above will not believe it?”

“Who said no?” Captain got up, and finally took a look at the corpse on the ground: “But besides this, what else can be written? After all, it is a possibility…how to verify, it is left to the above Lords have a headache.”

Three hours later, in a separate bedroom in the temporary resettlement base of Kepler Crater, Captain completed his sixth investigation report.

After drinking a small glass of wine, he wrapped a blanket and fell asleep.

Snoring sounded.

This report was sent to the world through the satellite between the earth and the moon space, arrived at London extension Watt one minute later, and was transferred to the central decision room · overhead floor.

After the analysis team of more than 600 people received the preliminary trial, they gathered and gathered intelligence, and submitted the third batch of findings and guesses half an hour later.

Fifteen minutes later, after passing the verification of the axis mechanism, this report was transferred to a higher level of organization.

After another hour, the meeting ends.

After the video conference, Secretary-General Yegor sat in the study in his pajamas, smoked a cigarette, and did not drink alcohol.

He bowed his head and signed a new order.

At the seventh hour, there was an emergency regulation state on the moon. After all activities were forcibly stopped, everyone went to the thirteen shelters.

At the same time, the moon’s orbit began to undergo the fourth adjustment, and under the emergency situation, it was temporarily disconnected from the current gravity.

After adjusting the inclination of the orbit, the huge stars circulate for a week, undergoing a slight acceleration, and are separated from the orbit by the effect of the gravitational slingshot.

Leave a round of moonlight still hanging above the existing sky.

In the midst of countless star trails crisscrossing, on the back of the eternally dark moon, silver white dust rises.

In the vacuum, the moon sea burst, and 47 circular metal creations with a diameter of six kilometers were sprayed with blue flames and ascended into the universe.

They seem to be penetrated by an invisible axis, extending straight out.

Far away in the direction of Jupiter.

Close to the eyes of the devil.

At the center of countless concentric circles, under the cracked shell of the moon, a pure metal substance that has been silent for more than sixty years is waiting quietly.

Heavy-mass cannons with masses comparable to those of medium-sized islands are ready to go.

Wait quietly.

Waiting for the results of the observation.

Waiting for the arrival of war——

At the same time, under the aim of the heavy cannon, the Huai Shi in his sleep struggled, feeling a suffocation.

I was about to be suffocated by the broken dog lying on his face.

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