Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 879


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In the gloomy hall, countless translucent faces are suspended in the alchemy matrix above the ceiling. Those dead souls are refitted with Elementium and records to become almost perfect copies of Spirit Physique.

At this moment, countless voices continue to ring from Hedi’s ears.

“Your progress has been slow.”

“When does this go on like this?”

“A change must be made.”

“Otherwise, you will suffocate and die.”

“As I said earlier, the Roman mystery should be used. The Greek one that has been eliminated will not work at all.”

“It won’t be useful to regret things up to now. It will only increase civil strife. Our talents are not better than that of Publius.”

“Pubulius has no spare energy… blood, spirit, body and skeleton. After so many splits, does he really have his original talents?”

“There is one thing to say, I think it is stupid to create gods, you should try my project…”

“Huh? The artificial White Silver Sea is simply uncontrollable, but it is not as meaningful as the re-creation of the remnants of the world.”

“If you want to talk about this, I won’t be sleepy…”


A majestic ghost-like spirit interrupted those useless quarrels and complaints.

Elementium, flowing between the copies of Spirit Physique, quickly transmitted the conclusions of thinking, the sparks of thinking collided and rubbed against each other, and finally concluded a conclusion that was recognized by everyone.

The majestic face of the previous generation chief was hanging down, overlooking Hedi’s indifferent face: “Losing the initiative is equivalent to sitting and waiting, Hedi, you are the chief and you should do something.”

There is no resentment and resentment after being poisoned and murdered.

Neither has it undergone any brainwashing or modification, nor has it suffered any ravages and tortures.

These souls who have been ‘resurrected’ by phenomena after death don’t care to provide wisdom and reference for the murderer who killed them, and don’t even care that they are dead.

It doesn’t matter even if you are a believer who knows Hedi is a piper.

The instinct of the Alchemy teacher has already overwhelmed everything. Curiosity, research desire, and uncontrollable impulse to explore, the important parts of the soul have been faithfully reproduced.

Different from the mediocre people who were impure to death, these fanatical followers accepted their deaths in less than a few minutes. After leaving a little regret, they began to be murderers willingly. Continue to provide services.

No reservations.

They just want to see the result, even if even this self-consciousness is false, they also want to satisfy this hopeless impulse.

The reality has proved that Publius’ talent is far above them.

Since the existence of the Great Grandmaster is not comparable to those of the flawed ones, why not accept your failure, obey the change, and explore a higher realm?

They don’t care about other people’s lives, not even their own lives.

Furthermore, it’s just that there is no way to eat, and it’s not that there is no way to continue research. After death, you can continue to chase new wisdom…

Isn’t it good?

“I don’t like to act blindly without thinking until I know the bottom line of my opponent.”

Hedi shook his head, “The faster you move, the faster you die. After all, you guys, didn’t you fail because of your arrogant and conceited? Can’t you learn?”

His fingers tapped on the armrest of the seat, groaning, and slowly said: “The Astronomical Society’s wrestler is never afraid. Mikhail’s projection looks impressive but is worthless. The whip is beyond reach To maintain that area, other fundamental powers are not available, don’t be fooled.

The real threat is never Mikhail, but the people behind Mikhail…”

He paused, raised his eyes to look over, and asked, “In today’s era, are there other people besides Spiritual God that can launch [God Showdown]?”

“30% is Mikhail, 40% is the unknown Divine Seal, 10% is Nine from Helios… Among them, the probability of a Spiritual God coming here is even less than 1%. “

The chief of the previous generation quickly came to the most objective conclusion: “The gods and the gods are repulsive, Heidi, like two stars will not easily come close.

After Apollo’s mysterious ritual was activated, there was absolutely no possibility that another god would enter Helios—rather, it was because the divinity that Publius recreated was so successful that it was used by opponents instead. that’s all. “

The representatives of the dead souls finally warned: “The most dangerous time has been reached, and we must respond.”

“I know.”

Hedi beat his deputy and said calmly: “I know.”

At this moment, in this temple belonging to Hades, King of Hell, under the overlook of countless souls, the huge matrix in the center of the hall lights up again.

After offering a huge amount of sacrifices and offering countless sacrifices, the golden surging like a liquid rose from the cauldron, broke through the blood and turned into a descending embryo.

Endless dark precipitation emerged from it.

Immediately afterwards, a thin and towering back emerged from it, all black, enveloped in layers of Golden accessories, embellished with Lapis Lazuli and rubies, and his erect eyes slowly raised.

Sniffing the air, frowned unhappily.

“Master Alchemy’s smell…”

The crown wearer from hell raised his eyes and looked at Hedi above, mocking: “Is the contractor you? Do you expect this to bind me?”

He opened his lips slightly and breathed in a light breath. In an instant, the wind of decay from time broke through the boundaries and turned into a torrent, rushing forward.

Soon, disappeared before the scepter in Hedi’s hand.

“The witnesses of the contract are the supreme ones who sound the sound of truth–” Heidi asked expressionless: “Dare you offend his majesty?”

“My master does not have a second, jester, pay attention to your words!” A cold light appeared in the crown-wearer’s beastly vertical pupils: “I am only the lord of all decay, the immortal’withered king’ Effective!”

“This is also the permission of the Withered King!”

Herte raised his scepter again and pointed it at his face: “Sumerian hell spirit, frozen Evil Spirit-Betrayer Gala! I command you in your name and obey me ——”

He paused and smiled maliciously: “Or, you can make another choice.”

Under the restriction of the contract, the ancient solidification person fell into silence, and countless phantoms appeared in the weird gloss flowing on the golden embellishment, all of which were the twisted faces of the dead.

For a long time, he slowly looked towards behind him.

In the darkness behind him, a pale face emerged.

Shrouded in the pitch-black tulle, it is a beautiful face, but lifeless.

For this stunning beauty, Gala didn’t have any appreciative feelings, instead she was full of disgust for those hollow eyes.

A lie, a false bubble, like the promise of all jesters, there is no truth at all, but the same… is full of threats and malice.

“I will obey the contract, Master Alchemy.”

Gala retracted his gaze and chose to obey the authority of the supreme: “Give me weapons, give me blood, give me war… Finally, let your doll be farther away from me.”

“Then, happy cooperation.”

Hedi raised his hand and once again concluded an inviolable contract.

As the darkness dissipated, countless huge shadows emerged from the end of the hall like a tide, and the scarlet eyes were raised, already impatient.

“I have prepared the war you want for you, Gala.”

Hedi smiled and told the master of the crowd who was loyal to death:

“——Before the war is over, learn to get along with [Pandora].”



At the same time, in another huge hall, the visitor put down his teacup and drew his cigar again: “It always feels like Garland, you are in big trouble.”

“This has nothing to do with you, Izhekter.”

In front of him, the Great Grandmaster shrouded in invisible flames said coldly: “You only need to do what you want to do, and you don’t need to take care of other things.”

“Aha, don’t even Little Garland look down on me now.” Izzy scratched his head awkwardly, full of concern: “I’m not here to care about the health of the younger generation? Blood fever is such a troublesome illness, the body Can you hold it?”

“More than enough.”

Garland lowered his eyes, staring at the blood flowing from his fingertips.

The drips of blood fell on the ground, and burned patches of scorch marks.

“Then, I won’t bother.”

Izz raised his hand, put on his hat, got up and patted his pants, and said goodbye politely: “For the sake of you asking me to drink tea, how about giving you a prophecy?”

“Not interested.” Garland replied indifferently: “No matter what happens, everything is part of fate, isn’t it?”

“You and Publius are so alike.” Izzy laughed.

“Who said no?”

Garland retracted his gaze.

Iz Hechter, the near god from America, the High Priest of inheritance of noble blood and holy will has disappeared without a trace.

In the silence, Rachel, who was sluggish beside her, woke up like a dream and opened her eyes.

“What happened?” He asked puzzled.

“Nothing happened.”

Garland stared into the distant fog, looking at the tall tower burning with the sun’s rays, as if he could see the embryo of the god brewing in it.

The prototype of Spiritual God is also looking at him.

So, his eyes gradually became cold.

Make the blood cold.



Four hours later, Huai Shi, who was drinking, playing cards and singing, suddenly stopped.

Pulled to the top of the heart of the permafrost by invisible force.

I dazedly squeezed the cup in my hand and sat on the throne of the sun-caster.

I realized that I was overwhelmed by eating he he. I simply didn’t see that the countdown was over.

Without waiting for him to react, a new round of duel begins.

When the roar burst out from the fog again, a hideous silhouette emerged from Huai Shi’s eyes.

Surrounded by colorful RGB lights, towering like evil dragon-like towers rose from the ground, and the broken dog that disappeared for an unknown period appeared before his eyes.


Huai Shi froze for a moment, didn’t expect this wave to beat himself?

After that, he saw countless staggered roads extending from the fog, covering the entire battlefield.

Hundreds of magnificent copper mirrors towering into the sky during the period, slowly rotating, reflecting the various reflections of each other, making those complicated and weird roads like the wool of disordered and in a mess twisted over , Turned into a knot that cannot be solved.

Just looking at it makes people dizzy. Those three-way intersections overlap and become a strange maze.

No one can find its beginning and end.

And the rules of the venue at this time are also weird and terrible, making it impossible to understand.

——[Reversal of gains and losses]

What is the rule?

Does it restrict Alchemy?

Huai Shi looked up blankly and looked towards the opposite.

Then I saw myself sitting on the throne of the sun-forge.

‘Huai Shi’ showed a wicked smile.

The saliva and tongue are thrown out from the corner of the mouth…

It flows all over the place.

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