Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 880


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Seeing that stupid appearance of herself, Huai Shi suddenly had the illusion of looking in the mirror.

But when he lowered his head and saw his sharp claws, turned his head and saw blade-like scales and tail, then scratched his nose and wiped out a large hot spark, Huai Shi finally realized it.

——Ma, I’m a dog again!

What the hell! What’s the matter! How is it done!

Huai Shi, the whole person is bad!

The unfathomable mystery is a dog, but the problem is that the dog has become me!

Right now in front of Huai Shi’s eyes, on the high tower, squatting on the throne of the sun-caster, raising his leg to sweep his ears, after yawning comfortably, he stretched out his tongue and licked the skull Come on the head.

Enough! big brother, enough!

Don’t lick your motherfucker anymore!

Huai Shi watched his image collapse rapidly, remembering that the tears on the dog’s head were about to come out, sad.

“Tong Ji, help me!!!”

“Ah this…”

Tong Ji froze for a long time, looking at him and the dog at taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, couldn’t help but roll around with a smile: “Silly boy, I can’t help.”

“What the hell is going on!”

“Isn’t this the rule of the plot?” Tong Ji wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes, “[Reversal of gains and losses], is it such a thing? hahahaha……hahahaha……so that’s how it is…… “

“Stop selling it, please!”

Huai Shi barks.

Suddenly, the “Huai Shi” on the opposite side also barked, and it seems to be cursing…

“Well, to put it simply, you seem to…have won the lottery again, hahahaha.” Tong Ji couldn’t stop laughing: “Three fork roads, mazes, nights, secrets and portals, I probably know what’s going on. It’s a child—Huai Shi, this is the temple of Goddess Hecate of roads and witchcraft!”

Hecate, a hidden existence in Greek mythology, Goddess is rarely known except Twelve Main Gods.

In fact, the background is amazing.

Many Scholars and Alchemy divisions suspect that this Goddess is just another goddess’s vest. If you look up and analyze it down, you can find that this Goddess once occupied the sky, land, and ocean. Authoritarian, even vaguely in hell, has a huge influence.

“Hey, when I think about it now, it’s a really difficult woman. Although she is an autistic patient with social phobia, she became troublesome when she communicated. She didn’t listen to anything. Paranoid, I found out she was dead and I sympathized for a while.”

Tong Ji seems to have accidentally thrown out some heavy news, but Huai Shi, who has become a dog, no longer wants to hear that.

“So, what does it have to do with me becoming a dog!”

“Although it’s a long story, let’s keep it short.” After thinking for a while, Tong Ji explained happily: “Do you know why the gods should unite?”

“en? What do you mean?”

“In a nutshell, why do you want to form a god system? Huai Shi, have you ever thought about this?” Tong Ji said: “Imagine if you are a god, born with power, not interested in mundane Although affairs and lifespan have their limits, they still have a long invisible end in a short period of time…If you have time to eat and drink, why do you work with people when you are idle?

“Why idle?” Huai Shi scratched his head, his paw rubbed against the dog’s head, and made a sharp sound, but soon he noticed the answer: “Destiny?”

“Yes, imagine that you, Huai Shi, are a kindergarten Aunt, taking care of the little children every day, but you are also the kindergarten security guard, too busy to spare time for a separate task… At this time there is someone I came to you and told you that I can help you protect the kindergarten, but you have to take my child with me. What do you think?”

“Are you saying that cooperation will benefit both?”


Tong Ji snapped his fingers with his little wings: “If there is a social history this thing between the gods, then this is probably the embryonic form of the budding gods. Everyone has their own strengths and each takes what they need. To fulfill my destiny, in order to satisfy my desire, I chose to unite with each other.

A chef, a kindergarten teacher, a security guard, and a chore, Aunt, unite to form a kindergarten to grab business with other kindergartens…”

Tong Ji smiled meaningfully: “The competition between Spiritual Gods is also quite fierce. For a while, everyone has been really involved… It is based on the union between the gods.

It’s like Olympus. Everyone has their own division of labor. At the same time, the internal struggle is fierce. From the first generation to the second generation, the second to the third generation, and the third generation, a stable structure has been completely established.

After killing his father, Zeus and Poseidon reached an agreement with his bad luck brother Hades. As the lord of the sky, Zeus possesses Supreme authority. Poseidon ate the biggest fat and ruled the ocean, but Hades of bad luck can only unite with the Knicks to suppress the recovery of Kaos. After going to hell, he became a black glove for the gods to do dirty work… …

In short, Zeus became the CEO of the Olympus Group, Poseidon was in charge of finances, Hades was responsible for risk control and internal counter-revolution, the head of the audit department, Hera, the head of the equipment department and warehouse manager Hephaes Toss, Information Director Hermes, Destiny Three Goddess Chief-In-Charge… and the head of the Technology R&D Department is Zeus’s elder sister Hestia, and the actual controller is the hidden Goddess. Ms. Hecate. “

Tong Ji finally revealed the mystery: “In Olympus, Hecate and Hestia controlled the witchcraft and magic of the old age. For now, it is Alchemy’s One of the sources…”

Huai Shi listened and fell into a long sluggishness. For a long time, for a long time, he couldn’t help being furious: “But what does this have to do with me becoming a dog!”

“It’s almost done, can’t you wait a moment…”

Tong Ji waved his little wings calmly: “The authority that Hecate holds is sacrifice and dedication. If it is replaced by the term Alchemy, then it is one of the underlying rules of modern Alchemy.

——If you gain, you lose! “

“What she is good at is to reduce losses and increase results, or to achieve effects that could not be achieved by doubling losses-this is the meaning of gains and losses, Huai Shi.”

Tong Ji faint smile said: “Sometimes, what matters is not what you get, but what you lose…”

Huai Shi is stupid, looking down at the dog’s head in the mirror next to him.

What am I missing?


But then, his expression stiffened, he looked at himself with a stupid look on the opposite side, and was faintly surprised.

“You mean…that broken dog, is the price I lost?”

“As far as Alchemy is concerned, this is true, Huai Shi.” Tong Ji chuckled, “Isn’t you the result of many sacrifices?

Everyone who wants to grow must experience frustration and pain, and give up something.

The so-called adults are like this.

From Alchemy’s point of view, isn’t it through the tempering of fate, that after abandoning the innocence of the past, the self is forged?

In your Elementium armament, Behemoth represents pain, combined with the wild beast side of your nature, and represents your qualifications after solidification, which can be said to be your incarnation That’s right-although your animality is always as silly and cute as you are, hahahaha.

If other Alchemy divisions are here, at most, you will find that the cost of your Alchemy has increased exponentially, and Alchemy has become uncontrollable. It is you who can match this place… No, it should be said that it is because of you that you can match this place, right?

In the mystery of the current confrontation between the gods, all Karma will be magnified thousands of times-you may be loved by Hecate’s divine love.

‘Everything is part of destiny,’ isn’t it? “

This is, [Reversal of Gains and Losses]!

Alchemy’s achievements and costs have been reversed.

An incredible exchange between Huai Shi as a result and Behemoth as a price!

Huai Shi seems to have vaguely caught something in his heart.

But I thought about it myself, but couldn’t think of it.

But I couldn’t help but let out a big sigh of relief-at best, it was just a limitation of the venue. Once the duel was over, it would naturally change back.

But the problem now is…

How to fight?

Huai Shi lifts the head, just to meet the eyes of ‘Huai Shi’.

Similar to the ferocious and cruel eyes of Behemoth, above the throne of the sun-shaker, a chilling cold light appeared in the eyes of the ‘Huai Shi’.

A strong fighting intent rises from between the two towers.

To stir the clouds.

At that moment, the war, the war began!


Twenty minutes later, on the battlefield, the paradise guard roared and roared at the lizard giant close at hand. The giant lizard waved his hand and gasped heavily. Behind it, the Ten Thousand Army array screamed hard.

“Seiya!” (Grab the landlord!)

“Seiya!!” (Don’t grab it!)

“Seiya!!!” (Double!)

“Seiya!!!” (Super doubled!)

Only the stunned skeleton sitting in the middle looked at the cards in his hand, scratching his moxi dry blonde hair, his face was already covered with foil strips.

——This game is so complicated, how to play it?

In this way, the exciting fifth round of Helios Landlord Tournament began again.

Beside, the incarnation panicked and squatted on the ground, glanced at the side with pity, and cast a glance, as if asking: Are you stupid?

The compassionate white deer gnawed on the poisonous weeds under his feet, and thought for a while, nodded.

I have a talk, it’s really stupid…

“I feel someone is scolding me?”

On the giant dragon tower, Huai Shi raised his paw and scratched the dog’s head, puzzled.

But after that, the action stopped in place, feeling a shock that swept the entire Helios.

The earth roars!

The terrifying loud noise, accompanied by bright light, rose up from the distant fog, and after tearing everything apart, it surged into the sky.

The countless blood-colored rays of light are like burning flames, converging with each other, turning into a squirming abstract hand, reaching out toward the darkness of the universe.

Little by little, challenge the hanging sun wheel again!

The natural phenomenon shrouded the entire Helios in an instant.

The upheaval, suddenly.

Huai Shi raised his head, dumbfounded, his tongue flicked out.

“Mom, Tong Ji, come out and see God!”

Tong Ji did not speak.

It’s just that the expression gradually became more subtle.

What is this?

It should be said… Is it really the Great Grandmaster?

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