Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 881


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Half an hour ago, on the other side of Helios, the misty giant tower and the blood-colored bone tower were facing away like rays of light.

Just like the war and duel between gods and demons.

The sloppy man leaned on his chair, drank wine with a headache, as one of the splits of Publius, representing the existence of the soul of the Great Grandmaster.

On the opposite side of him is Hedi with a calm expression.

not at all with swords drawn and bows bent.

There is no killing intent between each other.

“It’s so fast, Hedi, it seems that those third-rate goods are not useless.”

The drinking teacher Alchemy casually evaluated his former colleagues, condescending, but without mockery and arrogance.

Just calmly tell the truth.

Even the translucent spirits beside Hedi had no objection.

Those who play with their lips are destined to miss Alchemy’s True Essence. Alchemy teachers who have reached this level are not sure where their limits are?

For the Great Grandmaster of aloof and remote, it is no different from garbage.

It doesn’t make sense because he got angry because he told the truth.

Dead to death.

With their abilities, after gathering all the wisdom, what can be reached is such a limit-under the support of Hades’s temple, it has difficultly interfered with the operation of the [Defense Before God] secret instrument The duel between Hedi and Publius was advanced ten rounds.

This is still under the active cooperation of Publius.

“Be patient, Publius.” Heidi said, “It takes some time to get things done.”

With his words, the door under the tower burst open.

Amidst the rush of blood, a silhouette covered in gorgeous gold ornaments walked out slowly, with two curved sickle blades slung around his waist, and scarlet eyes glancing at the opponent in front of him.

On the other end of the battlefield, the silent burly giant.


The sound of gold and iron interlaced suddenly burst out, sparks leaped out of in the sky, and the high-pitched steel neighing spread in a moment.

Gala’s hand has pulled out a sickle at some point, and Hercules is still completely motionless, just silently looking at the opponent who provokes him.

Silently, a gap appeared on the sickle blade, making Jia Luo’s eyes gloomy.

She put away the weapon.

Just sipped unpleasantly, “The second-rate goods made by God are really useless.”

I don’t know if he is talking about his weapon or the opponent on the other side.

Even if Hedi had been warned in advance, but he still defied the taboos and provoked the enemy, but returned in vain. This made the death followers who were intoxicated by killing and blood especially unhappy.

Can’t go on a fight heartily.

It’s really not addictive.

Alchemy teacher this thing, huh…

In the silence, he slowly moved away, revealing the darkness behind him.

In that darkness, under the guard of countless monsters, a black veiled girl stood quietly, waiting silently.

Galuo hooked his finger, motioned the puppet with a shell to come forward, then pulled her arm and came forward.

Push her to the center of the field.

“Hurry up.” Gala urged to the other side anxiously.

Hercules raised his head and glanced at the top. After receiving a wave from Publius, he got up from the ground, slowly took off his weapon and shield and threw it in place.

Only a black box is left.

Step by step, come forward.

The strange atmosphere hidden in the box is so rich.

Even if it just exists, it distorts the scene of all around, and the darkness squirms, coiling around it, turning into a layer of mist drifting in the wind.

Laughter and crying like auditory hallucinations came from the dark fog.

Saturated with all disasters and chaos in the world.

The corner of Gala’s eyes jumped, as if he recognized what it was, he evaded one step unhappily, and then took another step, pinching his nose, unable to bear the ‘stinky’ left by the audience god.

In this way, Hercules stepped forward and put the small box into Pandora’s hand.

In an instant, all natural phenomenon disappeared.

It seems that all the illusions just now have never existed.

But the girl holding the box became alive, as if she had such a ray of life.

Obviously, it is just an artificial human created by the Alchemy division, attached to the empty shell of the Divine Seal, but at this moment, when the eyes under the black veil are flowing, they glow with an incredible look.

So alluring.

“Open it, [Pandora].”

Hedi’s eyes are drooping, and a fanatical rays of light emerge in the eyes: “To the gods who pay attention to this place, present this unique and unmatched sacrifice.”

He said: “This is your destiny–“

At that moment, under Alchemy-style commands and control, two completely different Divine Seals created by Great Grandmaster Publius and Helios chief Heti merged into one!

The humanoid relic named Pandora and the box named Disaster are combined into one, forming a horrible frenzy that reverses the trend and subverts all rules.

Under the veil, a harsh scream suddenly sounded.

Like a dying child and a woman giving birth, it contains pain and despair. If there is a substance that ravages every inch of eardrums, it makes Hercules step back and can hardly resist the poison of the soul in that voice. !

The poison named “Hope”!

At this moment, two lines of blood and tears snaked down from Pandora’s eyes, and in her hands, the dark box was split every inch.

The taboos contained in the darkness burst out.

That is not disaster, nor terror, but a pure golden rays of light.

So bright, so brilliant, it seems as if all the beauty in the world has been exhausted, it is desirable. Just looking at it makes people want to dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety. It is difficult to restrain their greed.

Want to get, want to get.

It was an apple carved like a Golden!

At this moment, with Pandora’s movements, a terrifying flame rose from her body, burning every inch of her body and flesh with no opportunity, but she didn’t seem to feel the pain.

After the burning black veil, the first smile since birth appeared.

So happy, and so vicious.

——To the Rulers of aloof and remote, initiate revenge!

She finally made a sound, and the soft voice echoed above Helios, echoed through every inch of space, echoed in every temple, and performed the prologue that once caused the Deity chaos again!

“This meager offering is dedicated to the most beautiful Goddess——”

At that moment, Pandora was completely burnt.

Instead, the terrifying light emitted by the golden apple rose to the sky, tearing apart all mysteries, and enveloped the entire Helios.

The riots that were triggered were the riots that completely subverted the confrontation before God!

The love, hatred and resentment between the gods once again played out.

Countless high walls of mist dissipated, and all the bells in the temple rang again. The symbols of the gods living in harmony above Olympus suddenly became alienated and cold.

The balance was broken.

Under the once curse!

Hera, Hestia, Demeter, Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, Persephone, Hecate…Even the three Goddess, the nine muses Even all the Goddess of Olympus once caused an instinctive riot under the temptation of this golden apple.

They attacked each other, repelled each other, and tried their best to monopolize the meaningless rays of light.

This is the disaster that has survived in history, and has even been destined for a long time. It triggered the fuse of the huge war that swept the entire Mediterranean world.

After a hundred years of separation, it will be staged again in the vast space!

After a long period of planning and deliberation, the Great Grandmaster Publius finally launched a counterattack against the invaders—in a short while, [Defense in front of the gods], self-defeating!

“Then, challenge the gods again here–“

In the tower of rays of light, the prototype of the god running in the blazing light raised its eyes and whispered in a deep voice: “It’s like a hundred years ago…like it was two hundred years ago!”

After numerous failures and frustrations, a long period of imprisonment and torture, and endless humiliation and humiliation, I once again attacked the unattainable realm!

This is the destiny and dream inherited by countless Alchemy teachers for hundreds of years.

“One day, I will master the truth and be above the gods…”

At this moment, following his words, the big bloody hand tore through the secret of the confrontation in front of the gods, and stretched out his palm again toward the sun wheel above the sky.

And all the duels stopped.

The participants looked at each other in blank dismay blankly, not knowing what happened, only saw the blood in the field meandering towards the giant tower of rays of light.

Among them, Huai Shi was unconsciously restored to his human form.

“Mom, Tong Ji, come out and see God!”

Tong Ji not at all can go and see.

At some point, she has disappeared without a trace.

It was like falling into another sudden dream.

She did not resist, but complied with the call of that will, passed through the old time, and came to the hall of gold and jade in glorious splendor.

When she raised her eyes again, she was already sitting in the middle of the long table, like a sudden unexpected guest at a happy banquet, making the original laughter and pleasure disappear.

“Oh, I trust you have been well since we last met, everyone.”

Tong Ji raised his pupils and looked around at the fuzzy silhouette. Finally, looked towards the clearest old man at the top, smiling: “How are you all?”

At this moment, the burly old man with all white hair and beard is holding a wine glass, looking up nonchalantly, drinking it all.

“It’s all dead. I don’t know how many years of obsolete goods. What else is good and bad?”

The remnant once named ‘Zeus’ put down the wine glass indifferently, “It’s even more complicated to see the former enemy dancing in front of our grave.”

“Really, people are dead, why can’t you be more generous?” Tong Ji waved his hand indifferently, looking towards all around: “Don’t you give me a cup? So indifferent.”

“This is an Olympus banquet. Outsiders are not welcome.”

“It’s okay, I brought my own.”

Tong Ji flipped his hand, and a tea cup with a pink pig’s head appeared, and shook it triumphantly: “My contractor bought it for me, do you envy it?”

Suddenly, the blurry eyes around him became weird.

It’s like seeing a ghost.

The contractor?


Are you serious?

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