Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 883


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At this moment, above the dish-shaped Helios, blood rushes and gathers, toward the axis of the entire world, and climbing upwards along the rays of light giant tower of Pubulus.

Like the Tower of Babel that used to go up against the gods.

The obsession that has been inherited for thousands of years has reappeared from this moment. The fruit of countless Alchemy teachers’ yearn for something even in dreams is right in front of them, toward the sky, toward that aloof and remote sun wheel.

Pubulius, no, all the Alchemy divisions above Helios, the souls who sank into hell, those who passed away without doing anything, and those unwilling and painful wills, reach out Own palm.

Even after a long period of change, this achievement has gradually lost its meaning.

But the mountain is there.

Following the path left by the gods, Master Alchemy, once again initiated the climb!


On the tower of rays of light, the drinking Master Alchemy stiffened, sighed, raised his head and drank the last drop of sweetness.

“What a pity…”

He whispered softly, closed his eyes, and turned silently into fly ash.

His strength is exhausted, but the next Publius raised his pupils again, dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety, and threw himself into the torrent, until this too hot flame burned with him. Exhausted.

Then, the next one.

The next one…

Countless spirits that have splintered out carrying the same obsession, thrown into the furnace, laid the foundation of the tower with their own ashes, and made the big bloody hand up, up, and up.

Until the end, regardless of the burning of the sun, firmly hold the proof of the emptiness of the gods!

An inch by inch, drag it down.

It’s like a hungry and thirsty god who swallows it.

“Great Spirit of God, I will offer you all the’sacrifice’——”

Pubulius is burning.

In the flames, he kept throwing his split self into the furnace, grinning and laughing wildly.

“——Please, mourn for me!”



At that moment, at the scene of the Doudizhu Tournament under the heart of the Everfreezing Furnace, the skeleton movement of holding cards stopped.

It seems confused.

“It seems…something…is not right…”

It slowly lifted its skull covered with paper strips, looked towards the blood light connecting to heaven penetrating the earth, and finally felt that gravity and calling came from the center.

Involuntarily, being pulled, off the ground, floating, flying towards the sky.


It exclaimed: “I’m going to soar!”

Huai Shi reacted and quickly stretched out his hand, Rope of Sorrow stretched out, entangled in his skeleton, and grabbed it.

Behemoth also opened his mouth and bit his head, trying to fix it in place.

But the attraction of the same origin is too huge to stop it.

Quickly, its arm burst into a gap, and then the greater trochanter fell out of its body, flying into the sky first. Immediately afterwards, the entire skeleton shattered under the restraint, turned into fragments and dust, and flew quickly towards the giant tower of the rays of light.

When Huai Shi reacted, the skeleton had completely fallen apart and disappeared.

The only thing left in place is a thin strand of Elementium.

Like a phantom.

Only a translucent skull remained, braving the flames of Elementium faintly, as if suddenly turning from a skeleton to a ghost.

I lost consciousness and entered a state of dementia.

“Ababa Ababa Ababa…”

“what the hell?!”

Huai Shi scratched his head, puzzled. While trying to maintain the last Elementium of the skeleton, he heard the reminder behind him.

“It is useless for you to do this.”

The old voice said, “Pubulius has recovered all his splinters, and it has lost its foundation…Don’t you have a wine? Soak it in and keep it intact. If you continue to toss like this, I’m afraid It really fell apart.”

With a reminder, Huai Shi moved quickly.

Move out my water tank, and cautiously put the skull in it.

Looking at it spinning around like a goldfish in the purified wine, Huai Shi couldn’t help but feel sad. Well, it’s really soaking in wine this time.

As Elementium essence, the spirit wine has the effect of maintaining all broken souls. But it looks like being in formalin.

“Why don’t you just die like this?”

Huai Shi whispered worriedly.

“The wine will maintain its existence. As long as you can retrieve what was taken by Publius, your friend will be able to restore it.”

The person who does not belong here has come to a conclusion.

When Huai Shi turned his head, he saw the old man with a cane, the uninvited guest who came here…


I couldn’t help but frowned.

“Great Grandmaster, why are you here again?” he asked, “Are you here to impose punishment on me, an arrogant who violated the contract?”

Beside Huai Shi, Behemoth raised his paw, licked the sharp blade, and sparks shot.

The look in his eyes became dangerous.

Behind Garland, Rachel looked pale and couldn’t help taking a step back.

“Why scare people, Huai Shi.”

Garland said coldly: “Although you have successfully won a lot of time, now, the front of the gods has been out of control. When Publius really pulls that sun wheel into his matrix, he will become a new one. The Sun God of Helios, the true master of Helios-if we want to stop him, we must join hands. In terms of reason and interest, it is the only choice for you and me.”


Huai Shi was amused, “I sold it so thoroughly at the beginning, but now I’m back to talk about cooperation. Is the thickness of the Great Grandmaster’s skin a bit too exaggerated?”

“I admit that the fragmentation of the landmarks was intentional, but isn’t this part of our transaction?”

Garland is still calm, without any guilty conscience: “It doesn’t make any sense to return to the son of Leviathan, Rachel is the proof.

Leviathan after being infiltrated by Publius is more dangerous than Helios. All those who are not on the contract have no way to escape, but I saved you. “

“Where is the key?” Huai Shi sneered: “Helios saved me by putting me in your name?”

“Isn’t this what you asked for?”

Garland asked back: “I even confirmed your purpose to you again and again, you want to get the crystal of light, but without my authority, you can’t enter the core of Helios.

I have reminded you of the risks–

From the very beginning, it was stated in the contract that ‘the two parties must not deliberately inflict harm’, and this one is still valid now, Huai Shi. “

In his hands, is the old contract.

The top clause still glows with rays of light, proving its authenticity and effectiveness.

“You can say that I took advantage of the loopholes or deceived you, after all, from the very beginning, we never had any trust, did we?”

Garland said: “But now, if we want to prevent the situation from getting worse, we must work together. This time I will not use a contract to give you any bondage. All relics, even any of my belongings can be given to you.

If you are still dissatisfied with me, it doesn’t matter if you want to betray, but I believe that we are each other’s only choice over the current Helios. “

“That’s right, well said. It’s a pity that I’m not interested in your bad check at all.”

Huai Shi is still cold and unmoved.

“But you also won’t allow the believers of the piper to reach a conspiracy in front of your eyes, do you?” Garland said: “Our interests are the same, we don’t need to be friends, we just have common enemies That’s it.”

He said, “Even if there is only this, I believe that we already have the basis for joining forces.”

In the silence, Huai Shi looked at him silently without speaking.

For a long time, he laughed mockingly.

He has to admit that this old man has grasped his bottom line and already knows his choice well. Compared to Alchemy, Garland may be more suitable to be an intermediary or broker.

Always give reasons that people cannot refuse.

Always grasp the situation, always insight into the most important places, and always control the rhythm.

Always turn the other people around.

Always succeed.

“I have to admit that what you said is very reasonable, your proposal is very wise, your determination is admirable, and you successfully convinced me.”

Huai Shi raised his hand and applauded in admiration, but his eyes did not move.

Just looked at him calmly.

Tell the old man in front of you.

“I can form an alliance with you, Your Excellency Great Grandmaster, just like the last time. But I don’t need your empty checks and promises, nor do I need you to answer any questions and mysteries of Alchemy for me—”

He said, “I only have one question. I need you to answer me directly.”

Amid the roar of heaven falls and earth rends in the distance, Huai Shi stared at the old man in front of him and asked each word: “Now, in front of me, the Great Grandmaster who wants to form an alliance with me…

Is it “Pubulius” or “Galland”? “

At that moment, a lightning hating water rose in his hand, Behemoth raised his scarlet eyes behind him, and did not hide his hunger and desire for food.

Whether it is the Elementium incarnation behind them, the paradise guards, or even the lizardman Legion.

All beings looked towards here indifferently.

Waiting for his answer.

The answer that can determine whether it is an enemy or a friend.

Behind the old man, Rachel was already stunned and dull.

Looking blankly at the old man on the side and Huai Shi on the opposite side.

No idea…what are they talking about!

“Who are you anyway?”

Huai Shi looked at the old man indifferently: “Your Excellency Great Grandmaster, answer me: Which one are you?!”

“I am Garland, Garland Van Herman.”

The old Great Grandmaster held up his palm and raised the contract again: “Do you have any questions about my identity? Huai Shi, or do you think Publius can impersonate me?”

Huai Shi chuckled softly: “Ah, I can rest assured that Publius may not be able to pretend to be Garland, but Garland…may not be able to pretend to be Publius, right?”

He paused and asked curiously: “But, would you be convenient to show the inheritance of the Blessed Herman family? It is said that a drop of blood can expel all poisons and evil miracles… Aiya, Forget that you have blood fever, what a coincidence, isn’t it?”

Huai Shi shrugged sympathetically: “Legendary’s bloodline was destroyed by Alchemy’s stubborn illness. It’s a shame that God treats you so differently, it’s embarrassing!”

Garland was silent, did not speak, and at the same time… did not refute.

“until now, I am very curious about one thing.”

Huai Shi held on to hate water and smiled more happily: “About, the rules and regulations on Helios…

In order to defend the technology and power left behind by the gods, all Alchemy teachers born on Helios cannot leave for life.

Alchemy teachers from outside can only stay for 70 years-either 70 years later they are dead because they know too much, or they leave Helios without knowing anything, and accept the precepts, never telling them. Things above Helios.

Garland Old Mister, you are an Outsider, you come and go freely… But how did Publius leave Helios? ! “

Garland did not speak, but beside him, Rachel couldn’t help frowning: “The Trifling Order, for the Great Grandmaster, is naturally easy and simple to break. There is always a way to get around.”

“Yes, everyone thinks so.”

Huai Shi nodded, “But there is another possibility, isn’t it?”

He stared at the old man in front of him, and asked again: “If…for Publius, there is simply no rule that cannot leave?”

Why, as the prisoner of Helios, Publius can come and go freely?

Why, the bones of Publius, think they belong to the Hermann family?

Why, Garland Great Grandmaster is so familiar with Helios…

Too many doubts and inconsistencies.

Until now, Huai Shi couldn’t figure out what was going on.

He reviewed Alchemy’s principle once again-there must be a sacrifice.

“Someone reminded me that the so-called costs and results are also interchangeable–sometimes, the focus is not on what is gained, but what is lost.”

Huai Shi stared at the old man in front of him, “And you, what have you lost, Your Excellency Great Grandmaster.”

Garland did not speak.

And Huai Shi, has found the answer.

“After eliminating all impossible answers, there is only one truth.”

Huai Shi raised his finger, pointed at the old man in front of him, and announced with a vigor:

“——Pubulius is your biological son, right!”

Deadly still.

The silence of death came suddenly, and everyone was stunned and dumbfounded. Even the old man who maintained a calm look until now was stunned.

Garland: “…”

Rachel: “…”

Behemoth: “…”

Beside, the angry incarnation sipped to the ground in disdain.

The inference is too stupid.

And sympathetic incarnation nodded in agreement: one said one, indeed.

Even Behemoth couldn’t help showing a look of disgust.

“cough cough, sorry, I just missed the word… let’s do it again.”

Huai Shi coughed awkwardly, tried to squeeze out a serious expression, and raised his finger again: “After removing all impossible answers, really…”

“No more testing, Huai Shi, no more fooling around with Profound Void.”

Garland interrupted his side attack and told him without any concealment: “Since you have seen the temple of Hecate, that many young ones already have the answer in their heart?”

“Just like you think…”

He answered frankly:

“——Before I became ‘Galander Van Herman’, my name was ‘Publicius August’.’