Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 884


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Two hundred and ten years ago, Publius, who was born in Helios, met Garland from the present.

This may be the intersection of their destinies.

Unfortunately, not at all rising winds, scudding clouds, and no two sides will look at each other and know at first sight that the other party is their enemy. It was just a simple encounter.

The Alchemy division from the present land came to Helios, and the Alchemy division from Helios welcomed them with great hospitality and bid farewell to the previous group of guests.

It started. From now on, they have spent 70 years together.

For Publius, Garland, the current Alchemy teacher, is too boring, reserved, and meaningless.

For Garland, such an overriding existence like Publius is a real alien in the Holy Land of the Alchemy division, chattering and troublesome.

It can be said that the two look alike.

However, in order to study the cooperation of the subject and the direction of each other’s expertise, the two sides had to maintain a peaceful and close relationship on the surface, and even secretly had some cross-line cooperation.

As Inheritor, the holy name of the family of blessings, Garland violated the ban of the previous chief and secretly shared the current books he carried with Publius.

Pubulius gave back to the mystery of Helios.

Both parties take what they need.

A good deal.

But at the same time it became more and more like a mockery of fate.

Obviously born in a Holy Land like Helios, he inherited the bloodline of the Olympus gods, and at the same time he was unattainable by ordinary people, but Publius did not want to stay in Helios so dry and monotonous In places, dreams are yearning for the prosperity of the present.

The Alchemy division who came from the present situation is limited by a short time, his own identity, strict prohibition, and there is no way to spy on the true inheritance of Helios…

It’s like two frogs meet in the dark. The frog at the bottom of the well wants to go to the outside world, but the frogs outside the world want to stay in the well in their dreams.

They all live in their own hell and others’ heaven at the same time.

So they made an agreement.

The last transaction is concluded…

“——We performed the [Eleusis Secret Apparatus].”

Galland calmly explained: “Although it is the authority stolen from Hecate, it points to the realm of Demeter, the mother of The Four Seasons…In other words, it is’reversal of gains and losses. ‘.”

Under the witness and presiding of the mutual friend Hedi, they exchanged the price in fate.

The difference from others is…

They exchanged twice!

“The ‘lost’ was exchanged once, and the ‘income’ was exchanged once—”

Garland calmly told Huai Shi, “It’s not just a simple exchange of identities, but a complete exchange with destiny, talent, and soul…”

Using the secret instrument as a transit, at the same time, from both the positive and negative directions, the full exchange of consciousness, soul, body, and even destiny is realized.

From then on, Publius became Garland, and Garland… became Publius!


During meditation, Huai Shi suddenly realized that something was wrong: If only the body is exchanged, the soul will not be able to escape the law of Helios, but if even the soul and consciousness are exchanged…

How do you know who you are?

Only a memory?

If an apple has the shape of an orange, the structure of an orange, the taste of an orange, and even the shelf life and taste are exactly the same as an orange, then it should be an orange!

It’s almost like the ship of Theseus.

After the two ships have replaced their decks, rails, sails, equipment, and crew, etc., apart from the replacement record and a piece of illusory memory, what is the difference between this and no replacement!

“Since this is the case, why do you say that you were once Publius? Maybe, you are just Garland with the memory of Publius!”

“This is Alchemy, isn’t it, Huai Shi?”

For the first time, a smile appeared on Garland’s solemn face, so calm, but it made his heart cold: “If you have something you have to give up, but sometimes, the important thing is not what you get, but what you lose. What.”

Is it the golden iron or the piece of iron?

Fan Tie doesn’t care!

As long as you can become Golden!

Philosophical speculation is never important in Alchemy. The so-called replacement is just a process, and the most important thing is the result.

For Publius, this is the greatest innovation and prison escape of his life.

Long before escaping from Moon Face Prison.

He has escaped from the fateful cage of Helios!

Since then, their fate has been misplaced, like two interlaced straight lines, after entangled and knotted with each other, continue in the original direction again.

What kind of entanglement happened in that tiny intersection? This is not important, what is important is that they get the results they want.

It is ridiculous that the Eleusis Secret Device was originally used by the devil and liar to steal the wealth and life of others, but it turned out that two Great Grandmasters were born.

Galander, who longs for Alchemy, has no inheritance, and Populius, who has inheritance, has no freedom. If they have never exchanged fate, they may not be able to achieve…

It’s ridiculous as if winning twice in a row.

Change a Great Grandmaster’s future for a Great Grandmaster’s future…

This wave is in-situ TP!

But after that, Huai Shi couldn’t help but have one’s hair stand on end: He finally realized the seriousness of this problem!

Interfering in fate with Alchemy is bound to follow Alchemy’s rules.

If there is gain, there will be loss, disaster and miracle have two sides.

Since the exchange of fortunes resulted in the emergence of two Great Grandmasters, it must be accompanied by a price!

“But what is the price?”

“Destiny itself is the price, Huai Shi, isn’t it?”

Garland seemed to be smiling, so mocking, “I am’Garland’. What I get is everything that Garland had originally enjoyed, reputation, ability, expertise, experience, bloodline…

And ‘Pubulius’, what he gets, belongs to the future of Pubulius.

Starting hundreds of years ago, it has been destined for the future—that is, what you see now, now. “

Along with his words, the blood-colored flames in the distance rose into the sky.

Finally, clinging to the edge of the sun wheel.

Touched the boundaries of the gods.

Hold tight!

The hurricane swept over Helios, and amidst the roaring wind, there was a loud laugh to be wild with joy.

He finally reached the edge of the “dream”!

Grabbing the destiny that belongs to “I”!

Even this fate, this dream, this oneself… are just fakes exchanged from others!

From the very beginning, the existence named Publius is the result of the deliberate work of the Alchemy masters on Helios.

The ‘miracle’ created by genetics, Elementium, hell bloodline, and the mystery of fate!

It can be said that he himself was born specifically for Alchemy!

Specially in order to satisfy the taboo prayers and goals of the Alchemy masters of Helios, the final result…

This is a secret that should be concealed before the exchange.

It’s like the signs of Garland’s autoblood fever and the many Dark Inheritances of the blessing family.

But after learning about it, both parties did not at all hesitate.

It’s like Publius doesn’t care.

In this regard, the former Garland was so sweet!

“The so-called life, no matter how colorful, no matter how colorful, no matter how to rebuke Heaven and Earth, is just a short hundred years of time. You can go with your finger… When you come, you have nothing, and when you go, you can go silently. Finally, even a handful of ashes cannot be kept.

Too embarrassed. Compared with his creation, Master Alchemy is too pitiful and too humble. “

The former Garland asked, “Don’t you feel unwilling?”

He said, “I want to be an eternal thing!”

“But there is no long-lasting thing in this world. The so-called life is like this. As long as the life is wonderful enough, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the end.”

Pubulius shook his head, “You know, even Spiritual God cannot be eternal.”

“Then become a Spiritual God first!”

Garland said flatly, “One day, I can reach immortality…”

“So, make an exchange, Publius.”

The Alchemy master took his hand, his eyes lit up with a fanatical light, “In this way, I can get immortality, and you can get freedom!”

At that moment, Publius realized that maybe he was more worthy of what the name Publius represents than himself.

No, maybe, he came for this!

This is his fate…

At the same time, this is the price he will bear.

So Publius became Galand, and Galand became Publius.

Since then, it has been a long time.

They are walking on the road that once belonged to others, chasing the results of their own yearn for something even in dreams, no matter the hardship, torture and anxiety, even if they are trapped in a cage or in a mire unable to extricate themselves, they are exhausted for themselves His choice paid the price, but he never regretted that day’s transaction.

Until now.

“But what about you?” Huai Shi asked back, “what’s your price?”

“My share has already been paid off, Huai Shi. My bill is earlier than his, although it may not be much lighter…” Garland looked at him meaningfully.” Now, it’s your time.”

Huai Shi shook his head indifferently: “I never owe you anything, nor have I prayed to fate for what I should not get.”

“Perhaps? But is this really the case?”

Garland said nonchalantly: “In Helios, the connection between cause and effect is far superior to other places.

The fate here is the vector in the closed flask. When a vector appears, a reverse vector will inevitably appear to be balanced.

This is the True Essence of Alchemy.

You came to Helios for your own desires. In the end, you stood on the opposite side of Publius. Isn’t this the same as your price for each other? “

“You will gain a lot, and you will lose a lot–“

So, it is a meaningful retelling of the prophecy from the old priest Ima, “But if you want to get more, or want to lose less, the solution is right in front of you.”

Along with his words, there was a constant roar in the hurricane’s roar.

Rachel’s face suddenly paled.

Because the horrible shadow has emerged from the high bone tower. Under Hedi’s dispatch, in the darkness that the rays of light can’t illuminate, countless deformed spirits and Abyssal Sedimentation have bred hells It spreads towards all directions without any difference.

The first person to bear the brunt is Huai Shi, who has already been entered into the kill list!

In front of the surging army of hell, Galajan was on Golden and Bone war chariot, staring at the surging core in the distance. When the sickle in his hand was lifted, countless hideous shadows behind him roared, turned into a torrent, and came toward here.

On the throne of the sun-forge, Huai Shi raised his eyes.