Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 885


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The darkness that surging like an ink color seemed endless, and after regaining control of the situation, the countless hells raised on Helios naturally returned to his hands, turning them into enough to completely wipe out everything The opponent’s frenzy.

“They are here, moved towards here!”

Rachel screamed, subconsciously stepped back a few steps, and returned to Garland, hoping that the existence of the Great Grandmaster would give him a little sense of security.

But Garland still did not move, but looked at Huai Shi quietly, waiting for his actions.

Huai Shi does not at all.

Just stand still.

Let Heidi’s Legion approach quickly, as if he didn’t care about those things at all.

Just nodded.

“Oh.” He said, “I see.”

Huai Shi said he knows, is there anything else?

No more?

Then can you be quiet?

Stop calling.

Krachel is still screaming.

Huai Shi sighed, raised his hand, covering his ears, even if he stopped crying in panic, he didn’t let go.

Because behind him, the projection core of the Hometown of Dusk, the top of the heart of the permafrost…In the ever-burning Alchemy Fire, an indifferent eye slowly opened.

Looking down, looked towards the ground below.

Then, a ray of hot rays of light sprayed out from the pupils of the eyes, accompanied by the roar of countless steel tremors, turning into the fiery glow of connecting to heaven penetrating the earth.

In an instant, sweeping, passing by the endless dark tide.

rays of light dissipated.

Immediately afterwards, terrifying flames rose from the earth, and the terrifying high temperature spread and turned into a distorted wall of fire, and a tragic gap was plowed in the Ten Thousand Armies between the fingers.

The stench and darkness rose into the dark sky shrouded by the stars, quickly disappearing without a trace.

After that, more stars rose on the earth, more steel, more burning light.

Along with the overturning of countless steel buildings, the war module was activated, and the anti-aircraft artillery towered like a forest, slanted at the sky, bursting into flames.

When those giant crossbow-like artillery shells fell toward the earth and turned into a rainstorm of steel, the curse from the distant hell spread to all directions.

Blood rain, Foehn wind, precipitation tide, Elementium shrinking, toxic air, life decay…

To reproduce the true hell and the true despair here.

The eternal Hometown of Dusk, the culmination of the disaster created by the thirteen kings of foundry in the past, is here!

Hedi is never the only one who occupies the right place.

Even if you lose the sun-forge, under the maintenance of the Great Grandmaster Mikhail and the manipulation of the sun-forge’s Inheritor Huai Shi, Hometown of Dusk still shows its once hideous appearance!

Even though what came here was only a scale grab, as long as there was enough energy supply, it was still an out-and-out war machine.

Now, death and destruction dropping from the sky!

After losing its eternal power, it still retains the power of terror that once set off in the battle of the worlds.

Not to mention the subsequent reconstruction of the Heavenly Hell Fortress and maintenance from the Great Grandmaster…

“Is this the Hometown of Dusk of the Founder? The name is not in vain, even if it is damaged, there is such an amazing defensive power……”

Garland lifts the head, admiring the black smoke rising from the countless chimneys in front of him, the roaring steel and the mechanical operation that seems to be able to transform the entire world…

“It turned the entire world into its own matrix and secret instrument? Although it is a hellish technology, it also has considerable merits and is really desirable.”

“If you want to discuss technology, you can speak slowly later.”

Huai Shi cast his gaze coldly: “I have shown my sincerity, Mr. Garland, now it’s your turn.”

Garland shook his head: “I don’t have the convenience of Hometown of Dusk, nor the martial arts achievement that can be mentioned on equal terms with the King of Danbo. All I can give is a little insignificant help.” /p>

Speaking, he looked towards Rachel on the side.

Rachel’s expression became tangled, still holding up the box in her hand, stepping forward, and sending it to Huai Shi.

“What is this? The trick of hiding the sword in fish intestines? How about replacing it with a map?”

There is no need to open it at all. Huai Shi can feel what is in the box, the metal breath and outline, and the appearance of a sword just by looking at it.

When the box is opened, it reveals its vicissitudes of life.

But when Huai Shi reached out and picked it up, he couldn’t feel the weight at all, like a phantom, but the miracle contained in it was genuine.

The color of the blade is constantly changing, like a rainbow. But the tip of the sword has obvious traces of recasting, exuding a breath of majesty and cold and severe.

“What is this?” Huai Shi asked.

“The Sword of Existence, The Sword of Golden, The Sword of Joy.”

Galland said: “This is an imitation I made based on the sabre of the Roman Emperor Charlemagne, but it also has the same power and authority as Charlemagne himself.”

“The legendary sacred sword is enough to order the Sun, Moon and Stars to operate and move mountains and rivers?”

Huai Shi frowned: “But it’s not in the real world, what use is it for you to make it?!”

Give yourself an on-site remote control in the boundless space?

The remote control of the previous generation version!

You can figure it out!

“Because you are not in the present, you can recreate it so easily, isn’t it?” Garland said, “Besides, its real effect is not to control the present, but to let the Charlemagne Knights take orders .”


Huai Shi smiled: “Where do I find Charlemagne Knight to come out? In the grave?”

Before the words fell, a brilliant flame emerged from behind Garland, an array of thousands of people walked out from in the sky, the flags fluttered, the iron light rolled up, countless wonderful horses raised their eyes, accompanied by The Paladins who descended from in the sky bowed their heads to the sword bearer in front of them.

Saying my loyalty.

At the very front, in the center of the 12 majestic and majestic Knights, there is a cold-faced middle-aged Knight stroking his chest and saluting: “Serve you, Emperor Your Majesty.”

“Charlemagne’s 12 Paladins, the handed down Paladin, and 3,100 members of the Knight group. This is all the Legion I made.

Now I forward them to you, Huai Shi. “

Garland knocked on his cane, causing the tower that belonged to him in the distance to roar. Suddenly, countless plots were merged into the heart of the permafrost.

Next there were countless cables that danced like snakes. They extended from the tower of Garland and connected to every external interface of Hometown of Dusk on their own. The continuous infusion was called The terrifying heat, like the inexhaustible power, made the flames in the heart of the Everfreezing Furnace more violent.

Behind Mikhail, Garland actually began to operate and modify the secret instrument of Hometown of Dusk on his own. Under Garland’s control, the land of Hometown of Dusk continued to rise, fall, shrink and shrink. Swell.

It’s like a constantly changing machine that is constantly evolving, changing its appearance in just a few minutes.

Among them, there are even a few patented secrets unique to the Stone Cauldron Society, which make the burning and forging of the permafrost furnace heart faster.

If it had been an ancient barrier high above the mountains that was difficult to conquer before, then at this moment, it has become a huge monster shrouded in clouds and fog that it is difficult to see the true outline.

The efficiency has increased by 10%. After the second, the energy consumption has been reduced by 20%!

“Mikhail is accustomed to the wide-area architecture, and is still negligent in the details of the operation-at such a long distance, the change is naturally delayed.” Garland commented lightly, “It is still too young .”


Someone’s sneer seemed to be heard in the wind, but there was nothing to refute. In front of the oldest Great Grandmasters in the whole country, who is not a young man?

Adding to the fact that the two sides have different expertise, there is nothing to say.

Garland has been focusing on Stigma forging for so many years, and it is natural to do fine work. But let him have his old arms and legs to preside over the super-wide area alchemy and group refinement trials?

After that, Garland’s finger clicked.

With the continuation of countless plots, his own tower appeared out of thin air in the realm of Hometown of Dusk.

The projection of Hometown of Dusk suddenly burst, countless iron lights burst out, and the originally faintly illusory outline suddenly became completely solidified.

With a Great Grandmaster who knows Helios as an important fulcrum, the Hometown of Dusk equivalent to at this moment is maintained by two Great Grandmasters, instantly rooted on Helios and indestructible.

After that, one tower after another rose from the ground.

Obviously with Mikhail’s permission, all the towers of the Alchemy divisions who signed a contract with Garland were moved from the raid of the hell crowd.

Immediately afterwards, they were unified and merged into the Hometown of Dusk in an instant, with layers of restraints and restrictions, and became an important fulcrum for the alchemy of the Mikhail group.

Suddenly, it became a state of being under the fence, and the Alchemy masters also had mixed feelings in their hearts. If you rely on Garland, you can comfort yourself that you are the Great Grandmaster after all.

But now they are replaced by Huai Shi…They can’t help it.

What else can you do with people under the eaves? If it doesn’t work, you can carry Hedi’s counterattack yourself, that many hells and distortion Legion, the gray will be raised for you……

Obviously, I have gotten Garland’s instructions in advance, and there is a contract. Everyone, a wise man submits to circumstances, it’s not bad if you can save your life. What else is a bicycle?

Without any instructions from Huai Shi, everyone accepted Mikhail’s matrix dispatch without any resistance and went into the operation of Hometown of Dusk.

Among the crowd, the old lady Yima supported the copper staff and signaled to Huai Shi slightly nodded, and then quickly disappeared under her own obelisk.

She looks a little better. Although she has more than a dozen spikes and secret instruments on her body, the symptoms of divine aberration have disappeared a lot.

She has achieved the purpose of coming to Helios, but she doesn’t know what the price has been.

In this way, in Huai Shi’s bewildered gaze, Garland threw almost all of his gains on Helios in one go. In addition to all his subordinates and plots, it also included a lot of Divinity.

No worries about Huai Shi’s backlash.

“Next, I will try my best to interfere with Publius’ secrets, and I will leave the rest to you.” Garland said at last: “If you decide anything, others will cooperate with you. Come to disturb me.”