Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 886


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Didn’t expect this time Garland didn’t write a bad check. Instead, the discount was given out, completely for nothing, which made Huai Shi a little unbelievable.

“Leave it to me?”


Garland asked back: “I can’t let you do Alchemy, let me be an old bastard who is like a company battlefield to command it?”

“It’s not…it’s not impossible.”

It’s not the first time that Great Grandmaster doesn’t speak human words. Huai Shi has already rich experience and didn’t give Garland a chance to come back. Then he asked: “Then what if I want to contact you?” p>

“…just find Rachel.”

After Garland was silent for a moment, he glanced at the Alchemy teacher in the cowering behind him: “He will contact me, do you have any other questions?”

Huai Shi shook his head, then he turned and left.

But Rachel, who was left in place, took a step subconsciously and called him: “Great…Great Grandmaster…”

Garland looked back and looked over.

Krachel was stunned, several times, and then stopped talking, and finally lowered her head, just asking: “Is there anything else to tell me?”

“No more, you can do it yourself.”

Garland withdrew his gaze indifferently, disappeared, only Rachel was still stunned and wilted. Soon, I noticed Huai Shi’s interesting gaze.

“I always feel that there is a friend deal between you that I don’t know.” Huai Shi squeezed his chin and asked curiously: “Is it convenient to talk about it?”

“It has nothing to do with you!”

Rachel glared at him and wanted to say something, but after seeing the pile of weird things behind Huai Shi, she suddenly lost the courage, found a corner and squatted casually.

Huai Shi and the giant dog of friendship beside him looked at each other in blank dismay and heard a loud roar from afar.

The earth is shaking slightly.

Huai Shi’s thoughts turned and he returned to the throne of the sun-caster. Lifting his eyes, he saw the huge silhouette coming out of the smoke and fire.


Those rickety and thin silhouettes are so huge that when they staggered forward, the entire land of Helios trembles.

No, I seem to have known each other before, in which hell I have seen…

When the flames dissipated, an incomplete halo hovering over their heads slowly emerged.

The naked and skinny giants hung collars pierced into their necks, as if tortured, they staggered forward under the pull of countless chains.

Dripping blood.

On their backs, there are still traces of broken wings.

Like a legendary angel fell under the control of the devil, tortured and plunged into madness.

Unconsciously swinging his arms, opening his mouth in the invisible nightmare, roaring, but there is no sound. Only the sound like a real tide spread.

1000 meters apart, it faintly shook the outer wall of Hometown of Dusk.

As a follower of the kings of hell, Gala has long been accustomed to wars, and personally participated in and commanded many tragic fights.

At this moment, after seeing Hometown of Dusk’s artillery cover attack, I made a countermeasure without hesitation. On the one hand, the density of the hell swarm was dispersed, and the skirmish line tactics were adopted to reduce the damage of artillery fire. Then, the fog was stirred to cover The battlefield obscures one’s own existence.

Soon, in the thick fog, siege weapons appeared on the scene.

Those huge monsters with their wings torn apart, like distorted angels, are still singing and praising the gods silently against their halo.

Even if their gods have already fallen into hell, even if they themselves have been deformed into crazy monsters.

The artillery fire of dropping from the sky fell within the range of the Abyss carol, and then quietly turned into iron dust, fell from the sky and fell on the ground, and it was corrupted into poisonous dust.

Like the rain of copper green.

Under the blessing of the deformed angel, the crowd of hell is slowly advancing, like squirming black spots, squeezing closer to the edge of Hometown of Dusk.

Above the heart of the permafrost furnace, the giant eyes in Alchemy Fire opened again, and scarlet-red light gushed out.

Swipe in an instant.

The long distance passed in an instant, the invisible sound was cut apart, and there was a strange sound like a burst of blisters. The blazing light beam left deep burn marks on the shells of three or four distorted angels, and cut off the head of an angel.

The head fell to the ground like a boulder, but the lips were still opening and closing, singing silently.

The body without its head is still forward.

Even after the chain was broken, the speed was incredible.

The angel who lost control trampled on his allies, dancing frantically, and leaped straight toward the Hometown of Dusk.

Countless gunfire shrouded it, smashing the huge body, but the riddled limbs were still swaying forward.

Straightly hit the metal high wall, and continuously shook the cracks above it, and unexpectedly hardened the self-repair of the high wall, and forcibly tore a crack.

The foul-smelling plasma flowed, and Wo filled the hell mass below, and another round of distortion was born.

The defense of Hometown of Dusk was torn open a gap.

The empty door opens wide.

Huai Shi frowned. The huge eyes of the heart of the Everfreezing Furnace are burning divine nature to attack. It consumes too much, and it costs four or five points to buy a limited edition Huai Shi.

It’s really not cost-effective to deal with this thing.

But now, with Garland’s gift package, it is not without restraint.

He lifts the head, looked towards his side.

Pointing to the distorted angel approaching quickly in the distance, “Can you catch that thing and come back alive?”

Paladin one-knee kneels, covered in steel, said: “It’s easy to kill, but it’s difficult to catch it alive. We don’t at all deal with that opponent’s tool.”

“How about adding this?”

Huai Shi took out Rope of Sorrow and passed it.

Paladin raised both hands to take it, and said flatly: “I will not let you down!”

“Very good.”

Huai Shi nodded, “Then let me see the bravery of Charlemagne’s Knights.”

Paladin got up, and after leaving a herald, turned and left.

Soon, a high-pitched horn burst out of the dense array beneath the heart of the Everfreezing Furnace. The iron light spread, and in the high-pitched sound of countless steel friction, the flag was raised again.

It’s just that this time is no longer the banner of Charlemagne, but the banner of corrupt dreams that represents the authority of Senior Controller Of Life!

Without Huai Shi’s order, the members of the overwhelming majority Knight regiment have already gone to the high wall to assist the city defense, and in front of the huge gap, a line of cavalry shrouded in heavy armor is ready to go, and iron hoofs trample on the ground. , Sparks burst.

Staring indifferently at the dark tide surging in the distance, a hurricane with fluttering ashes penetrated through the cracks, bringing harsh screams and calls.

Strickenly speechless, like frozen ice.

When Paladin named Roland stepped on his horse and pointed forward, the frozen frost cracked in an instant, and the mighty iron stream rushed out from the roar to the battlefield beyond the crack!

Those icy armor shone on the sun wheel in the Original Dark Universe, glowing with a bright and solemn glow.

There was no roar, no roar, or even any sound from under the armor. When the banner was raised, Legendary’s Paladins drove their horses into this battlefield full of fog and flames.

Above the golden and bone war chariot, Gala’s pupils slightly lifted, and the right hand waved down.

So dozens of poets behind him picked up the bone flute and began to play a sharp noise.

Among the Chinese army, dozens of huge iron cages tremble violently, as if there is some huge monster struggling violently inside. Soon, when the gate is opened, there will be creeping distortion. The spirit creeps out of it.

The weird and twisted limbs chewed their guards, and the sharp bone spurs were soon covered with sweet food. Under the urging of the flute and the edict, they soon lifted from the blood. the head, looking at the Knights galloping out of the rift.

The neigh bursts.

The huge deformed species swelled again, and threw it towards the Knight regiment.

The billowing fishy wind assaults the senses.

In the up ahead of the Charlemagne Knight regiment, the leading Paladin Roland indifferently lifted the heavy lance beside the saddle and squeezed it tightly. The sound of steel rubbing behind him continued to burst.

The silent Knight has pulled out his weapon, squeezed the reins, and speeded up. The iron hoof sparks from the ground, and the galloping roar becomes more and more high.

Without any hesitation, he aimed at the Nativity Spirits ahead.

The eyes behind the armor did not waver.

Only seeing the tide of iron light and black approaching quickly, at the moment when they were about to touch, Roland suddenly burst out with a high-pitched roar.

It’s like thunder.

The brilliant golden light circulated from the Knight regiment. In an instant, the speed of the entire iron stream accelerated again. With the earthquake of the earth, fire light rose from their bodies.

The red steel was burning, and a dark scorch was plowed from the ground.

The flames burned and turned into a torrent, spreading to both sides.

I only saw the dark body fluids bursting like rain.

The cone-shaped array blatantly protrudes, like a hot knife through butter, tearing the aberrations in front of them, and going upstream again!

The most primordial and roughest potential energy impact brings the most tragic and intuitive effect. Wherever it goes, all flesh and blood become mud, like countless hammers, all split up and in pieces.

Under the protection of the brilliant golden light, no one was hurt.

The gunfire of Hometown of Dusk was just right to pursue, covering the front torn by Knight, burying everything in flames and decay.

And Roland at the forefront has already rushed into the singing of the deformed angel.

The inaudible singing reverberated in the air like a tsunami, but the invisible tsunami was torn apart by the intrusive cavalry, and the Charlemagne Paladins who suddenly spread out to the sides from hell like blades Plowing in the crowd, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood crushed all opponents.

The Rope of Sorrow stretches endlessly, from between their cavalry, quickly entangled and entangled the deformed angel’s limbs.

The huge monster staggering forward lowered his head, raised his palm, and patted it down towards the ground.

Roland has already drew out his saber, towards the monster, cut it out!

In an instant, the dazzling iron light flashed away, and then a huge arm fell to the ground in a bloody gush. After passing by like a tide from both sides, the chain shrank in an instant, tied to the body of the deformed angel as the Knights pulled it hard, and tightened again.

In the roar, the deformed angel knelt to the ground, trying to prop up his body, but it was difficult to break free.

Roland opened his mouth and shouted loudly. The two divided cavalrymen joined again. After going around a large circle, they dragged the chains and the heavy prey, and returned toward the crack in the Hometown of Dusk.

The slowly closing fissure stopped repairing, and then, it opened quickly like a gate. Under the control of Huai Shi, countless heavy steel buildings reversed, and one huge winch rose from it. .

When Roland hung the chain on it, it spun quickly, bursting out countless sparks.

Under the huge power provided by the heart of the permafrost, the winch began to shrink quickly, pulling the struggling distortion angel, and quickly tore it towards the interior of the Hometown of Dusk.

In that straight path, countless steels reversed, revealing the huge structure under the heart of the permafrost furnace. With the opening of layers of gates, the dazzling firelight emerged from the deepest part of the darkness.

The melted molten steel gathered into an ocean, creating waves in the agitation, stinging everyone’s eyes.

More and more fetters were wrapped around the limbs of the deformed angel, pulling on it, sinking every inch of it into the boiling iron slurry. Only the tragic neighing echoed in the ears of the hell crowd, bringing a biting chill.

Such a cruel way of execution…

What’s the point?

Above the war chariot, Gala was taken aback for a moment, and looked up towards the top of the heart of the Everfreezing Furnace.

On the throne of the sun-forge, Huai Shi is also looking at him.


The lips closed silently.

Across a long distance, praise was conveyed word by word.

“Your monster is very good–“

At that moment, a harsher scream came from the iron slurry and spread.

It’s like being swallowed by endless despair, what kind of encounter is unimaginable that makes it scream like that.

In the furnace, the angel’s halo burst every inch, and the scarred face twitched violently, but it was completely covered by the molten iron that came alive.

Casting, start!

Until now, Gala ‘read’ the second half of the sentence clearly from Huai Shi’s mouth.

“——Unfortunately, it is mine now!”

A ten thousand zhang wave suddenly appeared in the sea of ​​molten steel, and then, the outline of a huge monster climbed out of it. Countless boiling molten iron spilled like heavy rain.

The giant made of the enemy’s divinity has spread wings that can cover the entire ocean of molten steel!

It is still the combination of [Nirvana Transmutation] and [Bioregeneration]!

But this time is no longer my Elementium armament, but a siege weapon from the enemy. At the fingertips, the object is completely decomposed by boiling molten steel, and then recast with a change of posture.

The huge mechanical Insect that once entrenched in the underground realm of Hometown of Dusk, the mechanical giant cast by the changer, reappears on Helios.

In the midst of the hurricane, steel moths the size of buildings stirred their wings and rose into the sky, hovering in the eternal dim light of Hometown of Dusk.

Wherever I pass, dark clouds spread, lightning is brewing…

“Is it so cool? Then another one!”

Huai Shi pointed to the distance, then turned around and ordered Paladin: “I want the biggest one.”

“As you wish.”

Roland nodded.