Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 933


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Three hours ago, Las Vegas, the center of the city, the largest and most brilliant casino hotel in the entire city-the top floor of the Empire Star.

After the elevator was turned on, the youngster with a solemn expression hurried through the corridor and opened the door.

Behind the door, in the highest part of the city, there was silence, only the monotonous ticking sound of life-sustaining equipment echoed in the air.

Behind the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, every delicate hair was completely shown in the busy city, like blood flowing in the pulse, right in front of you. But behind the curtains, on the raised hospital bed, among the countless cables, there was only one dying old man.

The youngster slowed down subconsciously, paused for a while, adjusted his collar, then walked forward and lowered his head: “father, I’m back.”

The old man stared out the window blankly, and suddenly asked: “William, where is he?”

“Two hours ago, Russell and the others got on the plane and flew directly to Las Vegas.” William bowed his head and reported calmly: “Following your instructions, the six leaders have been summoned and they are ready. “

Elderly nodded and looked at her side.

The accompanying doctor nodded, opened the side box, and lifted Elderly’s right hand. As the medicine was injected, Elderly’s face also showed a sickly blood.

He gasped violently and coughed.


William took a step forward excitedly, but stopped again, lowering his head angrily.

“What are you panicking? It’s just some medicine.”

The old man laughed hoarsely and stared at his face: “You are also 25 years old this year, William, it’s really fast to think about it. Being the only child in the family, isn’t it uncomfortable?”

William lowered his head without answering.

“The burden is not easy. Carry it well.”

The old man waved his hand: “I have one, a gift for you.”

He motioned to his son to open the box in front of the bed. Inside the box was a hideous iron light.

Scratched revolver and six bullets.

That vicissitudes of life weapon is carefully cared for, even after so many years, it still maintains its best condition, every part and every screw is flawless.

Just like the mass-produced goods sold in gun shops that can be seen everywhere in this city, it is not a precious brand, but everyone in this city should know whose gun it is.

It has been with its owner for 79 years, following him from a nobody to become the uncompromising overlord of this city.

After witnessing many storms and countless deaths, its owner no longer needs it to demonstrate authority, but everyone is more and more in awe of it.

“Take it.”

The old man said: “It’s yours.”

William was stunned, afraid to reach out.

After hesitating for a long time, he finally took it out of the box. But then, his wrist was squeezed tightly, so hard, like iron tongs, almost crushed his skeleton, not allowing him to break free.

“After a while, when you meet, you have to take it with you.”

The old man raised his pupils and stared at his son who was close at hand. The muddy pupils of his eyes seemed to be filled with hot lava, as if to burn the enemy’s soul.

Order every word.

“Remember, William, I only say these words once…”

The old man whispered hoarsely: “If I don’t allow you, you can’t speak. If someone else speaks in front of me, you will kill him with my gun.

If someone offends my guest, then you have to take it to kill his wife, parents, brother, and child. No dog is allowed to stay!

Even if the speaker is your Uncles, it’s the same, understand! “


William shook his head blankly, unable to understand: “Really, is this really necessary? He has only one person, and we can make him pay any price as long as you want! We can also move the sky…”


The old man roared, his hoarse voice was like thunder, “My city, is it your turn?!”

Tear his eardrums brutally, and ask questions above his soul, so that William no longer had the courage to argue and refute, and bowed his head in horror.

“Very well, that’s it, William.”

The old man coughed violently, but his expression became relieved: “Dismiss all the hands you assigned, keep it like this, lower your head, look at your feet, don’t look into his eyes, and don’t hide your fear… …You are a good child, William, but too young, you have to listen to me.”

He slowly released his hand, unable to hide his aging and weakness, and leaned on the bed.

For a long time, William asked feebly: “From your point of view, father, is there no chance of us winning at all?”

“Fools, what’s the use of ‘victory’?”

The old man was amused: “If you want to win, can you pay enough?

You want to be the enemy of the craziest idealists in the world-not afraid of the destruction of the body, not afraid of the amount of sacrifice, not caring about the tragic consequences, but there are opponents with power… You, have thought about the consequences ? “

In the long silence, William fell silent.

There is nothing to say.

“Don’t worry, Russell will retire in case of difficulty, William.”

The old man whispered hoarsely: “One day, you will get everything you deserve.”

The muddy eye pupils quietly overlook the city outside the window.

Like a dying beast gazing at his country.

“Until then, I will not let anyone take it away.”



When he walked down the door, Huai Shi’s body suddenly tightened for a moment.


Because what you see in front of you is not the feasting and feasting of Las Vegas, but a military base with layers of barbed wire and machine guns.

For an instant, Huai Shi thought that the other party was doing some trick of ‘strayed into the White Tiger Festival Hall’.

You can react immediately. With Russell, the ten thousand-year-old Bastard, where is there any old man who dares to display one’s slight skill before an expert?

Besides, no matter how underestimated he is, one of the few is also a special military attaché of the Astronomical Society, not to mention the White Tiger festival hall, even if he rushed into the central decision-making room of the Government Bureau and jumped repeatedly 300 times, as long as he does not die, It is definitely the most comprehensive, most serious, and top-notch internal court package.

As long as there is such a little bit of trickery, the inspectors of 800 elevated floors are digging through them with a magnifying glass.

Where should I worry about this?

He chuckled and shook his head, looking around all around.

Just before seeing the opening door, those few people who were surprisingly old.

They have sparse white hair and thin body. Some are on canes, some are supported by people, and some are still in wheelchairs with oxygen masks.

It’s like waiting for a long time, but without the slightest impatience.

When Huai Shi and Russell got out of the car, they took the initiative to usher in, accompanied by their children and medical staff.

“Meeting for the first time, Lord Russell.”

The old man in the wheelchair made a hoarse voice: “On behalf of the Las Vegas Business League, I greet you.”

“How do you call it?” Russell lowered his head and asked.


The old man suppressed the urge to cough and said: “Just call me Douglas.”

“Okay, Douglas.”

Russell nodded, stepped over the wheelchair in front of him, and looked all around: “Do you use military bases in Las Vegas to receive guests?”

“If you are here as a guest, we will definitely welcome Supreme. The entire Las Vegas will be your friends. You will enjoy the honorable Supreme treatment everywhere you go. If anyone dares to offend you, then He is the enemy of all of us, and I can guarantee that.”

Douglas gasped and asked hoarsely, “But you didn’t come for this, did you? I believe that being open and honest is a good thing for both of us.”

Russell’s eyebrows are raised slightly, never expecting the other party to be so open.

But quickly, I became puzzled again.

“If you want to be hostile, just relying on such a base in front of you is not enough?” He said, “With your wealth, at least four or five Fifth Orders can be hired, grit your teeth, maybe You can still buy the Natural Enemy of Tyre to fight for you.”

“Haha, you laughed. For someone like you, what are these people in front of you.” Douglas laughed to himself: “Please rest assured, no matter what, today we will not show any disrespect and Rude.”

He patted the armrest of the wheelchair, signaled the attendant behind him to turn around, and walked forward: “Please follow me.”

In front of him, the gates of the military base opened one after another, countless defenses withdrew from the center, and the gate opened wide.

After walking into it, Huai Shi discovered that this is simply not an ordinary base. On both sides of the long runway, among the open hangars, there are rows of fighter jets under supervision.

Across the training ground of in a frenzy, you can also see the missile launching position in the distance…

And they are going deep underground.

Riding in a vehicle, passing through a deep tunnel, and going down for a long time after cultivation, a huge door appeared under the fortifications sufficient to defend against a nuclear bomb attack.

Just before the iron gate, Douglas panted weakly in the wheelchair, raising his fingers.

Soon, a subordinate stepped forward, entered the password, verified the iris and fingerprint, and the Elementium and 3rd-layer keys were removed, and the door burst open.

Countless cold spotlights shone from under the ceiling, making the brilliant golden light swept like a torrent, assaults the senses.

Huai Shi’s eyes were stung by the dazzling golden light, and she couldn’t help but squinted.

held breath cold air.

The Golden Sea.

It was an uncompromising golden ocean.

Countless trapezoid-shaped gold bars are piled up into hills, towering in the underground warehouses, reflecting the trembling and brilliant light.

There are no cumbersome diamonds, and no lie-like bonds. What gathers here at this moment is the currency that has been used since ancient times.

The horrible wealth that is enough to be the same as the state-level reserve mention on equal terms!