Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 934


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No matter who it is, when’money’ is presented in front of eyes on such a terrifying scale, it is inevitable that there will be momentary astonishment and instinctive impulse.

In the silence, Huai Shi’s face sank as water without any expression.

The slightest remain unmoved.

But secretly, but can’t help thinking about it.

Involuntarily started to calculate: how to break through the defense and security on the ground, how many people and what tools are needed to successfully take away such an injustice, how to plan, how to convene manpower, how to find The weakness of defense, how to get in and out from under the nose of the American army, and even how to launder money and divide the spoils in the end……

By the time he brought back the slippery thoughts, he had already missed the opportunity to express.

On the contrary, Russell blew his whistle, making no secret of his admiration, and sighed sincerely.

“Is this the financial resources of Las Vegas? It is really spectacular…In other words, how much does it cost?”

He turned around and asked.

“A total of 1,300 tons of Golden, 210 tons of Elementium Crystal, 400 tons of net gold, apart from this, here, there is also a key to the vault of Bank of America.

All Border Relics that flowed out on the black market that year were among them. “

In the wheelchair, Douglas reached out, took a box from his subordinates, and offered them with both hands: “I know why you are here, Mr. Russell-we have no intention of defending what happened back then, but we are willing to pay for it The price.”

He said, “Double return!”

In this way, with your head down and your hands held high, you respectfully offer the assets and price you took away: “As long as you are willing to nodded, at this moment, here, everything will belong to you. And pull Vegas will be your eternal friends.

In any dispute, if you appear on the other side, we will a strategic withdrawal and will never be your enemy! “

Russell smiled.

Head down, looked at the box, and flicked the ashes.

But he didn’t take it.

“It’s really interesting, Douglas. Whether it’s you or this World, it will always surprise me.”

He sighed softly: “It has been seventy years. I never knew your name seventy years ago. After seventy years, you have stood in front of me and made a statement with me.

This World has become so fast, so many years have passed, the Americas have changed from the wilderness to the Five Constants, Utopia has gone from birth to fall, and Las Vegas has become a city of desire from a desert without birds , Technology is advancing, the times are developing, and inflation is expanding. Every day is completely different from yesterday, and tomorrow is different from today.

Everything is progressing and growing, and so are you.

But it’s just as if we are still staying in the past, immersed in the afterglow of the past, it is difficult to face the painful future…”

In the dead silence, no one responded.

Only the old man’s laughter became more playful.

“Seventy years ago, you usurped Utopia’s reserves and robbed of the wealth we accumulated. Based on this, you won the family business and assets of Novartis.

Now seventy years have passed, and I came here, but you told me-don’t be angry, we didn’t mean it, we plan to repay the principal? In order to avoid you complaining, we can also double! “

“It’s like I’m a beggar who came here!”

His incredibly low hair asked: “To what extent am I down? You want to embarrass me so much?”

In the long silence, no one responded, only Douglas gasping under his oxygen mask.

For a long time, the old man in the wheelchair responded hoarsely: “We are showing our sincerity, Mr. Russell, no one here dares to humiliate you.”

“No, you are actually doing this, right?”

Russell shook his head and sneered: “It’s just that the way you humiliate makes you feel polite-it’s not actually the case, right?

Douglas, you have to understand that I am here not for your friendship or your sincerity. “

He said word by word: “I just want to get back what we deserve.”

“You can open a bid code.”

Douglas raised his pupils, his fading eyes seemed to burn with flames: “This is the reason why I am here today. No matter what compensation you want, we can talk about it.”

Russell chuckled softly: “In other words, are you ready for ‘negotiation’?”

“We will do our best to put an end to disputes and no bad peace, Mr. Russell.” Douglas did not flinch, and answered calmly: “The difference is whether you are willing to talk.”

“Of course, why don’t you want to? It’s a peaceful time now. Wouldn’t I be outraged by myself and kill in the present situation?”

Russell grinned and mocked: “Douglas, you want to negotiate, then I can negotiate for you, but the object of your negotiation is not me.”

He paused slightly, looking behind him.

Not far away, Huai Shi, who was leaning against the door and taking a selfie with Jinshan, froze.

“What the hell?” He was shocked and lost his voice.

“Eastern Xia people say Master has something to do with discipline clothes, right?” Russell happily blew the cigar smoke: “How about you replacing me?”


Huai Shi felt his head swell rapidly.

Like a whole balloon.

Big head!

Co-author, did you say that the debut is this one!

How unfathomable mystery arranged me again!

“Don’t look resisting, Huai Shi, isn’t this something you should do as an assistant and secretary? Now that you think about it, you haven’t done it once. It’s a bit too negligent.”

Russell enthusiastically proposed, “Since I happened to meet this time, I will leave it to you.”

As if finally remembering his responsibilities as a Teacher, Russell looked not too big, like a devil urging him in his ears.

“It just so happens that there is a bit of use for me as a Teacher… as a social practice class, how about it!”

“It feels very troublesome to rip and tear on both sides!”

Huai Shi shook his head flatly, he might as well have a talent show at that time.

“Forget it, I am not good at this superficial skill.”

“That’s the job given to the subordinates. They don’t have the responsibility and ability to bear the consequences, so they can only beat it in small amounts, and they must deduct a few cents of profit. It’s like bargaining for cabbage. .”

Russell shook his head and said seriously: “But what I want to teach you is not this kind, and it will not be so troublesome. It will be more direct, preserve dignity and dignity for both parties, and at the same time, be more straightforward and refreshing.

As a leader, how to correctly express one’s own attitude is part of the responsibility. You should start learning, Huai Shi. “

Speaking, he spread his hands and suggested:

“Let’s start now, how about?”

In the silence, Huai Shi’s eyes twitched for a long time.

Sigh helplessly, all arrangements have been made home, what else can he do?

Huai Shi, slightly nodded.

It was just a momentary trance, and he realized that he was actually in the center of Jinshan, among countless Golden guards, and even the long tables and seats in front of him were made of metal that was enough to redeem the soul.

In the majestic treasure house of gold and jade in glorious splendor, the two sides are divided into two sides with a long table.

Huai Shi sits at the front, some novelty adapting to this focal point of ten thousands feeling.

On the Golden recliner behind him, Russell raised his hand, crushed the cigar in his hand, and began to talk about the first point of today’s lecture.

“First of all, before the negotiation begins, you need to explain to the other party what you are coming for.”

He asked the students in front of him as if he was teaching the child how to solve the problem by hand, “Huai Shi, what is our purpose?”

“Recycling assets?”

Huai Shi is a little uncertain.

“Too general, you need to set a scope and goal, and you also need to draw a bottom line for yourself.”

Russell reminded: “There is something you can fight for and something you can give up. Only if you want to understand this, you will not be led by the nose.”

“How do you decide this?” Huai Shi was confused.

Russell waved his hand indifferently and didn’t care: “You want to come by yourself, always try.”

“Ten times return?”


Russell laughed: “It’s really easy for you to get it done, Huai Shi. The price is too low. If we do this, we will definitely be treated as a country guy.”

Huai Shi thought for a while and asked seriously: “What if our purpose is to take everything away?”

“You can try it.”

Russell propped his chin, full of expectation: “Maybe it will work.”

On the opposite side of the long table, Douglas is expressionless, but behind him, the representatives of the Casino League are already pale.

Why don’t they understand?

Russell simply never cared about the outcome of the negotiation.

This old bastard, regards this place as a kindergarten, puts power as a toy, and puts it into the hands of the little child, admiring the appearance of his waving power.

He just came to bring students to class!

And they are the cheap models hanging on Russell’s blackboard, the flasks and measuring cups in chemistry class, the ‘teaching tools’ used to explain theorems!

“Enough!” someone sullenly roared, “Mr. Russell, don’t you have any sincerity!”

No one responded.

Only Douglas gave him a cold look.

William nodded, stretched his hand into his arms, took the pistol, and pulled it out, but the action stopped abruptly.

It’s like…suddenly pressing the pause button.

Stiff in place.

unable to move even a little bit.

Only one pair of eyes were filled with confusion.

“Aiya, suddenly occurance, Huai Shi-someone is here to disrupt the situation.”

Russell said with emotion: “In fact, there are often unexpected situations in negotiations. For example, it is difficult for the other party to suppress internal differences, causing some people to deliberately create accidents, and then intend to affect the process and results of the negotiation.”

He paused, like a teacher asking questions, and asked Huai Shi: “If it were you, what would you do?”

“Is it me?” Huai Shi asked.

“Yes, it’s you. Now it’s you, Huai Shi, don’t care about my opinion. Whether it succeeds or fails, it’s just a practical assessment, or the kind that is now selling.

Russell said patiently: “Do whatever you want, it doesn’t matter.”

Huai Shi thought for a moment and shrugged: “To be honest, I don’t like idiots pretending to be foolish and stirring up water.”

He said, “I will cut off his head.”

“It’s too rough, Huai Shi, for lack of grace and tolerance, one point deducted.”

Russell shook his head, feeling helpless for the student’s rude behavior style, “But since you say that, cut off his head—”

He lifted his finger and knocked on the Golden on the armrest.

A mock verdict of the death penalty was issued.

In an instant, the sluggish opponent had stiffened in place, empty above his neck.

But he didn’t die at all, he didn’t even shed a drop of blood.

As if it was just hidden by something terrifying.

He raised his hand blankly and touched the top of his empty neck, as if shouting in horror, but he could not hear the sound and did not understand what was going on.

Aimless rushes in panic.

In the end, the person who responded was dragged down.

Until now, William finally regained consciousness.

But he looked at the old man at the end of the long table, but he didn’t have the courage to pull out the weapon.

Douglas’ eyes drooped, as if he didn’t care about it.

“Then, after you have announced your intention, you can enter the Second Stage next.”

Russell spread his hands and happily received: “Now, you can show your strength and capital, Huai Shi.”