Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 962


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“I can see it.”

Yeats shook his head regretfully, pulled out the bookmark that broke at the same time, and threw it away: “How is the recovery? Do I need to bring another one?”

“No need.”

Lu Bai Yan rubbed his wrist and replied in a cold voice: “About 90%, that’s enough.”

After a long imprisonment, this is the first time I have experienced such ample feelings. The divine spirit is flourishing, Stigma runs smoothly, and at the same time, I also feel this resonance that is almost close at hand.

Another Senior Controller Of Life.

The one who replaced everything and took away all of his future.

“It’s so dazzling.”

He whispered softly: “It is so dazzling that it is hateful.”

Why can anyone still bloom rays of light after falling into hell?

“Go ahead, Yeats.” He said, “Isn’t the stage you want already in front of you?”

“One step forward, there is no turning back.” Yeats asked: “Have you thought about it?”

“I didn’t make a choice seventy years ago. Seventy years later, I have to live to understand. I never thought of turning around.”

Lu Bai’s inkstone was silent for a moment, then suddenly laughed out: “A spotless inkstone, even if it is white, is it useful?”

It’s just a display.

“Then, let’s start–“

Yeats smiled: “The journey of “To Byzantium”.”

At that moment, the pages of the book in his hand slowly unfolded, and the chapters written by the poet who had died out of the world surged out like flowing water.

And the silhouette of the man gradually became illusory, turned into countless flowing characters, and quickly spread.

The things from the Fallen Kingdom like Yeats, the soul, reveal their true meaning here.

——The poem from hell!

Distort the world in front of you.

“This is not the country of old man, youngsters embrace each other—”

In the sky, there was a hoarse murmur: “In the dying generation, birds sing in the trees. Swimming fish, beasts or birds, and Xiazhong praise, everything that is born and died…”

Call here, the arrival of ‘Hell’!

In an instant, the cold wind on the snowy field became more and more violent, and the horror roar rose from the distant crust, and the projection from hell surged behind the clouds, drawing the outline of countless huge monsters.

At the end of the mountains, the trace of the track was warped.

As Yeats disappeared, a huge door slowly emerged.

The stage like hell slowly opened, and the gate to the paradise beyond was opened.

In the snowy field full of corpses, the derailed train even roared like a beast-more viscous blood spurted out of the crack, and the low voice of skeleton growth continued to emerge.

In the end, like a living creature, countless eyes opened.

Once again, follow the tracks and start sending forward!

Towards hell…

The sound of the siren was like a sharp laugh, tearing everyone’s eardrums.

“Let me see how good you are, Huai Shi.”

Lu Bai Yan stood in front of the broken window, staring at his opponent coldly: “Or, do you plan to sit there and watch me leave like this?”

Among the mountains, in the flying wind and snow, the water in the furnace above the campfire boils again.

The sweet taste rises from it, which makes one’s forefinger moving.

“It smells so good.”

Raymond sniffed the fragrance and asked curiously: “What did you do?”

“The red cabbage soup I learned from a Russian priest a few days ago is simple and convenient. It is most suitable for picnics. It can’t be used to entertain guests who meet.”

Huai Shi sat on the chair, sighed towards the fingers, smiled and replied: “If you want a thick soup base, the secret is to cook slowly, control the temperature, and work slowly.”

He said, “Patience is a virtue–“

Following his words, strands of red steam rose from the pores and spread in the cold wind, bringing intoxicating warmth.

The bonfire burns more and more fiercely.

The sound of wooden blocks crackling in the flames overlapped in one place, blending into the increasingly turbulent wind, as if someone was roaring far away.

The roaring sound was faintly discernible in the wind and gradually spread.

The light of the fire became hot, but the color became pitch black, just like all the darkness in the world condensed into flames. The burning of impudent, tormenting the cauldron of hell, sublimated the calamity into new crystals.

So, the water mist flying in the wisp of air holes became more vivid and scarlet.

Like blood.

When the thunderous roar rose from the mountains, the wind and snow became denser and more violent. The Extreme Cold storm seemed to crawl on the ground, swirling and dancing with massive amounts of snow powder.

Finally, surrounded by the sweet fragrance spreading by the campfire, whizzed towards the world below.

So the pale color seemed to have been ignited by the wisp of steam, turning into blood red.

Between the sky covered by gray clouds and the frost-covered earth, that ray of blood quickly spreads and multiplies, like oil falling into a tank, staining the colorless wind with its own color .

at first is just a thin strand, but the further down, the killing intent that has been cooked for a long time in the heart becomes bigger.

In the end, under the stirring of the invisible spoon, the blizzard turned into a wave of tyrannical blood.

The crimson storm was ignited by the curse.

Everywhere I went, everything turned to black in the rage.

Returning to the deadly silence between Heaven and Earth, only the roar of the storm spread, and the scene of the doomsday came coldly on everyone’s heads.

Engulf everything.

At the foot of the mountain, the hut in the forest raised its head in amazement, feeling the horror, maliciousness and curse that surpassed my imagination in the storm. I couldn’t help it, shiver coldly——

It wasn’t because of the terrifying sight that I was trembling, but because I sensed the gap between myself and the teacher, and felt the deep frustration and horror.

It is impossible to imagine what kind of maliciousness must be exerted in the tormented cauldron to reconcile such a terrible curse from the countless disasters?

At this moment, a bloody storm is coming.

hiding the sky and covering the earth.

In between Heaven and Earth, only the violent wind roaring like a sword blade, countless cold light surging from the blood, swimming ferociously.

Everywhere I passed, all the land was cracked and all the barren forests fell apart.

The towering trees flew up along with the ice and snow, and were urged to be broken and cut. The countless green pine needles quickly became pitch black, turning into sparks and surging in them.

In an instant, swallowed the entire train.

Perish, rise from the cauldron, and drop from the sky again!

Countless high-pitched and ear-piercing sounds burst out from the storm, not only the railroad tracks falling apart under the ravages of the storm, but also one after another cracks constantly emerged on the hideous train, bloody spewing.

The stern cold light broke through the air, tore the hatch, flew past Lu Bai’s eyes, leaving a bloody red mark on his cheek.

The curse surged, seeping into the wound, deep into the bone marrow, and quickly disappeared without a trace.

The open wound squirmed, and a butterfly crawled out, slowly spreading its wings, and metamorphosing from the cocoon. On the black wings, black’s eyes were stained with scarlet.

The train quaked, and countless fragments fell off from it. In midair, it quickly shattered and turned into stone cocoons one after another, from which countless butterflies flew out and opened their wings.

Running against the bloody storm, rushed into the sky.

Like a fish back in water, soaring in the curse, quickly transforming itself, transforming the environment, and turning the curse that can kill everything into a nutrient pool for self-growth.

Under the will of Senior Controller Of Life, hell seems to be turned into a paradise.

The countless black butterflies are like ink, flowing slowly in the sky and the sky, wherever they go, they outline the traces of their tracks, turning the entire world into black and white, two colors.

It’s like a picture of hell drawn by splash ink.

That is the large group he has cultivated, and the ink butterfly has been transformed from the solidified hell essence!

At this moment, Heaven and Earth turned into white paper, and the train outlined by the wild thick ink ran violently, passing through the tyrannical bloody storm and galloping toward hell.

At that moment, a loud noise burst from in the sky!

The train shook suddenly.

A section of the carriage was cut off from the middle.

Then, the 2nd loud noise burst out, roaring from the side, tearing the surging butterfly sea, and violently opened the top of the carriage. Only a sharp iron light was left.

A paper knife roughly cut the freehand famous painting in front of me.

Everything is falling apart quickly.

In the same roar of shelling.

The wings of steel unfolded from the bloody storm, countless waves of crows hovered above the sky, and those hungry predators indifferently looked down at everything below their feet.

When Huai Shi raised his finger, an angry red light gathered from one of them. After the qualitative change of Elementium was attached, the crow roared and dived toward the ground.

Like a cannonball out of the chamber, rubbing the air, burning to crimson, carrying this solidified anger, dropping from the sky!

The dancing ink was crushed, causing ripples.

Immediately afterwards, the burning raven burst into pieces, spreading countless fragments, and once again shattered an entire carriage!

Soon, in The Cage of Lost Dreams, a strand of Elementium that came back was reborn. The excited crow rose from the deep water, and after shaking off the water droplets on his body, he squeezed to the front of the TV and began to watch the live companions. Provided to broadcast. Some of them got into the cage again and started to line up…

This roller coaster ride is exciting!

And when Huai Shi’s palm was raised again, hundreds of firelights rose from the rising of the crows-no longer the previous small fight of one serve and two.

Anger, sadness, compassion, virtue, pain, resentment…

Fully loaded.

The black and white world is torn apart by the surging rays of light, and the sky is also changing colors with Huai Shi’s mind, reconciling each other, and when the chaotic colors surging, everything is enveloped In the shadow of despair.

At this moment, when Huai Shi’s raised fingers slipped down among the mountains, thunder that penetrated Heaven and Earth burst out of the snow-covered Death World.


Since the return of Helios, this is the first time that Huai Shi has tried to spare no effort in the struggle-Elementium, which has become a god, has enveloped the entire snowy field with rays of light,

When the long homology was finally over, at the moment dropping from the sky gathered the anger from the entire ice and wasteland!

God, come!