Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 963


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It seems that the video is playing in the middle, and the mute button is suddenly pressed.

Everything has lost its voice.

Only one can see the continuous dropping from the sky one after another, the bright light that converges, silently, even the loud noise is shrunk in the destruction within that inch, and what is set off after that is a thousand ways sweeping All around the frenzy.

The air wave surged, and countless white snow swayed painfully in the wind, forming a new round of storm, blowing in all directions, pulling everything on the ground roughly and throwing it away.

The world trembled under the invisible bow like a resonance box. What followed was a full and exciting hell echo.

After layers of cover, the hut in the forest at the foot of the mountain subconsciously tried to hold Anna behind him, but Yuan Yuan and Anna pressed him to the ground first, crawling.

Only the pain and spasm of the earth can feel the terrible aftermath from afar, through the constantly cracking bunker, one can see the corner of the cruel destruction.

In the melting ice and snow, the hut in the forest sucked a mouthful of cold water, coughing violently.

What is this special?

teacher, have you also been hacked?

Where did you get the Astronomical Society’s space-based orbital weapon code?

This is going to enter Trench Prison, okay!

Even if he knows that this kind of probability is extremely small, he can think of his own teacher’s extensive and weird relationship. He actually feels as if, as if, as if, but has several points of possibility? !

But soon, such absurd conjecture was erased by him himself.

Behind the bunker, the three people looked at each other in blank dismay and saw the horror in each other’s eyes.

At this moment, what Yuan Yuan felt was the majestic rhythm of Heaven and Earth. What the hut in the woods experienced was the cruel cooking of the entire Heaven and Earth in a cauldron, and Anna smelled It’s all kinds of malice born out of constant change, mutual intensification, and qualitative change…

When everything merges into one, what is born is such a terrifying sight.

At that moment, what Woodman in the reflection understood was a chill from the heart.

Such a tyrannical control of Heaven and Earth, the means to condense everything under the same axis-if it hadn’t been the news of his death, he almost suspected that Ying Fangzhou was reborn.

But now, the same destruction of Tongying Fangzhou is coming again!

“Is Disaster Musician’s trick again?”

Lu Bai Yan’s within both eyes appeared bloody.

It’s like being lit by fire from the sky.

The projection of the crown of sorrow appeared in an instant, and the surging ink quickly rose and spread, blocking the stream of destruction in front of it. Ink colors burst out constantly.

The dark ocean boiled quickly under the piercing of light.

Following Lu Bai’s order, it rose again and swelled up, like an injured wild beast, hissed in anger, swallowing all destruction.

Immediately afterwards, the invisible large pen was dipped in thick ink, and it quickly depicted countless outlines from the sky above the sky, like thousands of mountains and rivers emerging from the thick ink, turning into a heavy barrier.

The Doomsday Painter of the Muse Club!

At this moment, the scene of hell engraved in the soul once again reappeared. The beauty of eternity in the paintings collided with the fleeting destruction, which set off a new round of intense changes.

When the dancing ink finally dissipated, the countless butterflies had become extremely sparse.

On the track that no longer exists, there is no longer a trace of the train.

Among the burning ruins, Lu Bai Yan lowered his head expressionlessly, and saw the charred cuffs and the scratches on his arms.

apart from this, intact!

On his head, the projection of the ancient crown reappeared.

Then, the sparse butterfly group expanded again, and the endless ink colors spread out in all directions!

“The crown of national sorrow.”

In the Vice Principal office of Ivory Tower, Russell’s projection watched the scene coming from the scene and sighed softly: “It is indeed the authority of the Road to Questions to Heaven. The blessing of the Road to Questions to Heaven is too exaggerated.

As a symbol of the Road to Questions to Heaven and the Divine Seal specially designed for the future Eastern Monarch, Guoshang does not adhere to the situation of the crown, but exists in the form of books that record events.

Its role is not complicated, no, it can even be called simple and rude.

In addition to the protection of the user itself, the enhancement of the divine nature, and the sustenance of a series of Questions to Heaven modifiers, it has only one function.

——That is, by consuming the correction value, the Stigma that Ascender has given to the large group, all, to the first level!

In other words, as long as you wear the Crown of Sorrow, you can have a large group that exceeds your limit one step in advance.

If Huai Shi is a Senior Controller Of Life, only three Stigmas of Junior Controller Of Life can be allocated, and at the same time, three Stigmas of Junior Controller Of Life can be allocated three Mountain Ghosts separately…

Then Lu Bai Yan can get the treatment of Eastern Monarch ahead of time, and assign three Stigma of Senior Controller Of Life down!

Then derive from these three Senior Controllers Of Life… not only is a large group more than twice that of Huai Shi out of thin air, but also has two battle strengths of the same level!

Even as a large group, the combat effectiveness is generally inferior to Ascender, but at this moment Huai Shi is not facing a Fourth Order.

But three Fourth Orders!

This is the most terrifying place of the Crown of Sorrow, which triples the original human-sea tactics on the road to Questions to Heaven!

And now, Lu Bai Yan has finally made it real!

At this moment, when the long prologue finally came to an end, under the majestic sea of ​​ink, Lu Bai Yan moved forward step by step, resisting countless shelling.

Toward hell!

When the series of terrorist bombardments finally ended, the earth was devastated.

The screaming wind finally stopped. When the snow fell, he finally saw the gate leading to hell in the distance, and the silhouette that stood in front of the gate for some unknown time.

Standing with an axe in the wind and snow.

The fire at the corner of the mouth is extinguished.

Just like that, humming a vague ballad, gently tapping the beat on the handle of the axe, letting the distant melody flow in the wind.

Quiet and peaceful.

Werewolf is waiting quietly.

Sprinkle their own fighting dogs, let them force their prey to continuously show weak spots, running exhaustedly, and then shrink the surrounding circle a little bit, leaving only the last path.

Just like this, wait, the prey comes from the snare…

When the lone wolf with no retreat looked coldly, he lifted his face and showed a gentle smile.

“It looks like, I don’t need to introduce myself.”

Huai Shi looked at his appearance and sighed with emotion: “The preparation is so comprehensive…Is this really going to take me?”


Lu Bai Yan nodded coldly: “This World, do I need a second Senior Controller Of Life?”

“It’s a coincidence, I think so too.”

Huai Shi is nodded with empathy.

At that moment, their bold killing intents spread slowly in the agitation of Elementium, collided with each other, and burst into the sky in the sky with countless fragments of sparkles like sparks.

The destiny between Senior Controller Of Life collides with each other.

Divine agitation.

But for some reason, Huai Shi seems to be distracted. Outside of wandering around, I don’t know what he’s thinking… But, he suddenly asked: “By the way, what do you think of my crow?

Although it’s a bad thing, long time no see, it’s weird to think, do you have anything you want me to convey to you? “


Lu Bai Yan did not answer, disinclined to pay attention to.

He looks calm and cold.

It’s just that there was a moment of confusion that didn’t escape Huai Shi’s eyes.

I don’t understand what he’s talking about, or what he’s thinking about unfathomable mystery. Don’t understand why, his smile suddenly became so mocking.

It’s as if there are any rare treasures that I don’t know!

At that moment, the wind and snow were torn apart by the fiery flames.

The burning eyes are already close at hand!

Yu Step rushed forward, facing the Fourth Order Ascender in full heyday before him, the afterimage of Senior Controller Of Life slashed the blade, accompanied by a sigh of regret.

“——Then you, aren’t you, you are determined to lose?”


The empty wasteland seemed to usher in a crowd in an instant. It was obvious that neither of them had made the slightest move, but countless phantoms emerged from the wind and snow, and they were fleeting.

Along with the countless iron light, it is cruel and chilling, just like after a spring rain, countless swords grow under the ice and snow.

It is difficult to distinguish the silhouettes that flashed one by one, only the shadow torrent swept from behind them.

All the afterimages of the two Senior Controller Of Life were released in an instant, and as the Shadow Funeral flashed through the shuttle, between this not wide distance, a fight without retreat began.

Only a little bit of ink and broken iron pieces fell from the sky.

Soon, the afterimage released by Huai Shi was covered by more than ten times the torrent.

“Incarnation in the movie?”

Lu Bai Yan shook his head and raised his palm: “Huai Shi, 70 years ago, I was tired of playing with this set-you have to learn more!”

Following his words, in the surging ink, two silhouettes identical to Lu Bai’s inkstone emerged from both sides of him, the blessing of the crown of national sorrow reappeared, and the three Elementiums of the Fourth Order Senior Controller Of Life waved wildly Spread out.

Immediately afterwards, the deep voice overlapped and spread.

“Heaven’s style goes from horizontal, Yang is dead!”

That is the strength from the inheritance of Questions to Heaven. Huai Shi has never crossed the Fourth Order, and cannot be used or touched at all.

Combined with the crown of national sorrow, the memory belongs exclusively to this road.

——Divine Seal ·Questions to Heaven!

The ancient classics originated from Eastern Xia’s history, entrusting countless people’s confusion and expectations, after the combination of the miracles of the same world and the reflection of the gods, the resulting countless applications are almost all-inclusive.

The secret instrument unfolds!

There are vertical and horizontal patterns in the sky, and the yang will die if the yang is dispersed–

Everything has an order, and sometimes life is there. Once the Elementium, which represents life, dissipates, then only the end is ushered in!

At this moment, the dark waves gush out from the Guixu projection behind the Lu Bai inkstone, wherever it passes, all the afterimages of Huai Shi are wiped out, and the Elementium in it is also completely swallowed up, and all is attributed to the Lu Bai inkstone In the ruins!

Become his strength!

Under the blessing of the Crown of Sorrow, Senior Controller Of Life, who had grown to its limit, completely defeated the power of Huai Shi in such an easy way, and then began a cruel plunder!

But immediately, his face changed suddenly.

Involuntarily wide-eyed.

On both sides of him, two Senior Controller Of Life projections shook, and several tragic gaps appeared on his body.

The rays of light of steel emerged from it.

It is like the seeds of iron germinating from the flesh and blood, tearing the shell, and the scarlet blade formed by the overlapping of countless crow feathers pierced out of the shell——

Suddenly, wounded!

Lu Bai opened his mouth in sorrow, coughing up a ray of blood.

I saw Huai Shi’s pitying gaze.

After being closed for seventy years, is there something wrong with your brain?

The Demon Chef dare to eat anything, do you really think you are Guo Shouque?