Apocalyptic Forecast Chapter 999

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Sunshine, Beach, Immortal, and JINLING’S Behading King.

When wearing a big floral trouser shirt, it is the scene when it comes to the two legs and long hair.

Looking at the Huai Shi in front of him and his hands in his hands, Raymond’s breath is shaking, the hands and feet are cold, tears are coming soon.

What is this world?

What is the truck driver to do if you will be satisfied.

Bullying me a cursed Pitiful Person, your humanity! Your conscience!

Say a good meal, say good warm hospitality, say good guests at home?

The big meal is a broken meal, and the warmth is to be a violent, and is it a madam?

It is rare to come to a holiday, and it is rare to be invited. Two hosted happiness overlap, should … what should be?

he forgot later …


he is anger, “My meal!”

“This is only five o’clock, what is the monkey?”

huai shi low-end look at the time, the ring behind Patted: “Come on, you will move, you will feed you after you have finished eating.”


Raymond’s mouth, I always feel that this is not right.

But the food is currently, like the radish in front of the scorpion, and instantly attracted his heart.

It is only forced to pull the big flower shirt and the flower pants, only wearing the trend T-shirts and shorts inside, and strived to Huai Shi.

“What are you waiting for!” He urged: “I have a good time, I have been hungry!”

Huai Shi has been detained for a while and slowly shook his head.

“You are not too enough.” He said, “This Time recommended to bring your dragon.”


Raymond’s expression is twitching: “You can’t look down on me, do you want to play? This is not playing, huai shi.”

Although Raymond itselfself is not inferior to any other order, Road of Eternal can be a gold player, the more stronger the standard.

Duo Yuan knows that there is two things that have horses are completely two things. Is Even more How is Knight?

from the Very Beginning, this road is a destruction tool created for war.

Do not hesitate to build a lot of firepower to achieve the largest DESTRUCTIVE POWER.

Even if Raymond is dragging hundreds of loans, as long as the truck is in the hand, the latter supply is supplied, and it is not a problem with dozens of kilometers.

He can’t understand HUAI SHI wants to do it.

The kind of pair is meaningless.

“For example, there is an overhead classroom, you will know once.”

huai shi reached out, launched the panel of the frame, after entering the adjustment parameters, the tattoo was shrouded by a piece of while light, and the overlay was completed.

then, Raymond has just selected the whole body armor, doubles the big ax, after the body, ready to rush to a wave of pigs, see, Huai Shi lifts his hand.

It is like a heavy iron, and the blue glow is liter, and it is clear, like the sea surface of Calm and Tranquil is covered by dark clouds, and the silk is twinkling.

RainStorm is coming.

When dozens of meters, Huai SHI’s 阿 阿 阿, 响 响 响 响 响,

is like tens of thousands of Thunder simultaneously fell.

ravaged in Between Heaven and Earth’s RainStorm suddenly fall, the horrible madness is a bunch, and the guidelines of Ah, come forward.

It is simply like a huge heavyweight dragonara that is required to be transported in the legend, in the guns of the black cave, Raymond is stiff in the land, Have One’s Hair Stand on End.

The blasting storm is wrapped in horror, instantly, and swallowed him.

I have to come and see the earth crack, crash, and the endless dust is flying on the sky.

then, Raymond is black in front of him.

entered the third person’s perspective.

Only a huge crack of dozens of meters from the ground, like the land of the earth, so that opens the two sides, the straight extension, instant, extends to this fictional world.

and his body has become a pink pigment, apply every part of the canyon crack …

skeleton doesn’t exist.

is just a blow, it will blow him!

“What is this?”

Reborn Raymond stagnant, unborn: “Do you give Mao’s Sea Calming Divine Needle? I exercise, your ticket is a bit big!”

“When you come, do you see Fu Canguang?”

huai shi sigh: “If you don’t see it, don’t, don’t finish these, don’t come, do you hurry, Dragon Dragon?”

“I don’t believe, then …”


Raymond is gone.

this time huai shi is very intimately controlled the distance of the storm, only blowing him half a body in an instant, leaving the head in the air, letting him appreciate his free fall.

“Well, I believe, I believe, wait!”

Raymond Eyes Huai Shi once again lifted Afang, scared three meters high, jumping out of the ring and turning out his car key. I only heard a drip, the truck parked on the road slammed the fence, a huge body, stopped on the beach, close to the ring.

Next, the high beam lights up, two light bulbs seem to be the eyes of Giant Dragon, look at their own drivers: “WDNMD, Laozi is still with people, and I am looking for people to give you. You can’t do it? Give you the chance, you don’t use it, don’t you eat! Don’t worry about him … “

So familiar with fragrant greetings, the corner of Huai Shi begins twitching.

It seems that the Beelzebub relationship is quite very good. After getting to Danbo, the Red Dragon opened the Wireless Electronics platform, and the skilled mutual greetings on both sides …

“No, you can’t do it, forget it … Beelzebub odor why you are a little later, wait for me to finish, you have a good fruit, don’t run!”

Beelzebub smiles: “Dog Don’t!”

“Dog again!”

“… It’s okay, hurry!”

Raymond’s face, directly reached, grabbed the rear view mirror on the door, and the whole huge truck suddenly roared, countless parts turned the roll, and the Amond’s movement covered his body.

turning instantly, the truck’s head has been disappeared, only the carriage of the mounted weapon is left behind.

On the ring, Raymond has become a five meters high steel giant.

The car of fate, war form!

did not have the most large Skim Mode of DESTRUCTIVE POWER, but sacrificed a part of the DESTRUCTIVE POWER for adequate flexibility and the unparallerts of Defensive Power.

Summary, there is a huge shield to fly from the truck, fall into his hand. Then, heavy Long Halberd is in the tower shield, such as City Wall.

Long Halberd heavy spearhead burned into red, shrouded a layer of magnificent illway.


The high-tech sound of steel friction is intertwined, which has become a low sink voice of Raymond.

huai shi smiles, lifting hands, Afang!

Hurricane flutter!

Nail, Raymond Subconsciously’s great eyes, the entire giant is retracted behind the tower shield, but I can wait for a long time, but I only feel a wind blow.

After the energy meter fluctuates, it will instantly calm.

There is no alert at all!

When he lifted his eyes, when the eyes looked Towards, there was no Huai Shi’s figure, and the side officer was reported. Huai Shi has a sliding step, appearing on the side of the tower shield, Afu is emptied!

Raymond suddenly turned.

The Tim is still just a hurricane.

and Huai Shi, has wiped the side of the tower shield, step on the giant half-knee, and the Aku is aligned with the huge head of armor!

The roar is once again burst, countless steel fragments splash.

The winning louder has been divided.

What is going on?

“Are you?”

Red Dragon Angry: “You are playing!”

Raymond has finally returned to the taste.

“lying in the trough, you are me!”

Re-starting moment, he is angry: “Where is you!”

to the present, he finally reacted, Huai Shi, this dog, At first, he played him!

The Destructive Power of Aku is a horror, but after two consecutive Huai Shi, he finally missed the doubt that was ignored by himself: DESTRUCTIVE POWER exaggerated, only explains, Elementium consumes more Crazy!

The analyzer indicates that the Afu in his hand is the Stigma Relief of Xiang Monarch.

Questions to Heaven, one series of two branches, Senior Controller of Life, is a lot of people, people are in the tactics, and Yunzhong Monarch is the most famous?

blue! Many! Still blue!

From GHOST special water ghosts, the blue amount is doubled, and there is a huge rising space. Senior Controller of Life LEVEL 1 is a large number of large groups, but Yunzhong Monarch is a rising Level 1 is twice the blue amount!

Otherwise, how can it be returned to Xiang Monarch, and still can still form a huge monster like Tori?

I don’t want to have how much sea can make such fish?

Huai Shi is not the same.

He holds the Stigma relics of Xiang Monarch, even if you can use all your ability to use everything, he simply doesn’t have the blue amount of xiang monarch. Even if there is a fish tank of the sea, there is no water in the sea!

One hit itself, the crack stretches several dozen li, and even the DESTRUCTIVE POWER of Mountain Broken City is exaggerated, don’t forget, here is an overhead area …

Huai Shi just playing the drama is a whip to make all the blue to the light, saying that many souls and dilestones are done directly to explode him.

If it is not an overcast classroom, even if he has exploded Raymond, he may be seriously injured.

The result of refreshing the status after being separated from the winning and losing, and it was gave him a long time and did not find it.

“I persuade you, you don’t listen, and, I haven’t hidden.” Huai Shi smile, blinking: “Can we start again?”

“come, not coming!”

The steel giant waves, throws away the big shield, and then pulls out a big ax: “Today, let you teach the great wood!”

“not good meaning, I have opened Osiris …”

“Hello to rent!”

“But I have opened Osiris.”

“Everything is gone, how do you blow anyway, no one.”

“But I have opened Osiris, twice.”

“You are enough!”

Raymond is completely broken, the anger, the steel giant roar, and the Six Paths is sprayed behind, and the blazing is hovering.


The roar of the roar is burst into the place where the bomb is collided, and there is no damage to the Afang, but a gap is collapsed.

Ghost is that Raymond’s output frequency has not been lowered. This should be a building, it is, but Huai Shi, there is no back!

“This is a thing?”

Shocking truck driver all year round.

What did you do?

“锏, haven’t seen it? Eastern Xia’s heavy weapon, Warhammer and Wolf Fang Club, which are still useful to armor piercing with the Warhammer and Wolf Fang Clubs over Europe.”

huai shi calm explanation: “As an armor piercing weapon, itself has a certain weight and Impact is also very reasonable. Come, don’t care, our game continues.”

“is quick to get.”

he said: “It’s cold again.”