The latest chapter of the smelting into the gods, the preparation of the second thousand and twenty-two chapters, floating astronomy
    After Sword Clan occupied the Similar Tree, he did not know the existence of the skeleton.

    Let Sword Clan explore a little bit and finally find the skeleton at the bottom of the Similar Tree, I am afraid to go through a longer period of time…

    Maybe ten God Era, maybe 10,000 God Era, maybe it will never be found.

    Although True God and even Saints have got rid of the shackles of time, they have become eternal lifeforms.

    But if the God Domain crashes, then the eternal thing, I am afraid it will disappear in a flash…

    Suddenly, a Giant Insect emerged from the Similar Tree, inexplicably raging for a while, and then being killed by Saints. This matter is very inexplicable from any angle. #_#67356

    According to the sanskrit deciphered by Luo Xiao and Turtle-Dove Saint, the answer was quickly reached.

    The Giant Insect was originally a skeleton deliberately designed to let Sword Clan living on the Similar Tree discover his presence.

    When they figured out the intention of the skeleton, they also understood that the person who is looking for the legacy of the skeleton can only be True God.

    And such True God requires extraordinary insight into the True Meaning of Dao…

    However, the race in God Domain doesn't have much understanding of True Meaning of Dao.

    After Sword Clan thought about it, he started to expand "Dao Discussion".

    They can't test the understanding of True God's True Meaning of Dao…

    You can only use the Spirit Sword True Meaning to test the acuity of True God. These tests are actually helpless.

    "Unfortunately Sword Clan, really wasted too much, too much time…"Yu Taibai said that there is a hint of blame.

    The time of a God Era is long and terrible.

    Among so many God Eras, Sword Clan is actually very embarrassing to inherit the legacy of the skeleton, even though it holds the "Dao Discussion".

    They don't want people outside of Sword Clan to get the legacy of the skeleton.

    Sword Clan has been tested internally for countless times…No True God is eligible for access.

    Until the last Dao Discussion, Sword Clan is still doing it!

    On the surface, all of True God in their God Domain participate in the Dao Discussion, and they also welcome the geniuses in the Giants.

    But in fact it is quite contradictory…#6.7356

    Probably the attitude is that we can't get Sword Clan, so no one wants to get it.

    Until now.

    Yu Taibai lets Sword Clan understand the importance of legacy.

    If you go on like this, everyone will be finished!

    Hearing Yu Taibai's blame, Jian Wuhen just smiled twice. "I am the holy Sword Clan. I naturally think about the interests of my family. How can I watch such an important legacy and be in the hands of outsiders?"

    Yu Taibai did not appreciate it. He said: "From the scale of primal chaos, we are all sitting on a boat."

    "So this time, our Sword Clan will go all out to help Luo Xiao's little girl get legacy," Jian Wuhen he he laughs, watching him lean on the old and the old, not as a person as Saint's consciousness…

    Luo Yan smiled slightly, and the face was filled with confidence. She only listened to her. "Reassured, this time Yan'er will live up to expectations!"

    “Hope is so,” said Jian Wuhen, nodding.

    Looking at Luo Yan's self-confidence, Luo Zheng is full of emotion.

    With this girl's talent, maybe it won't take long to step into the Great Perfection realm.

    Yu Taibai and Jian Wuhen pin their hopes on her, and they should do their best to be a brother, and help the sister to get the legacy…



    The trajectory of the sun running in God Domain is very strange.

    The big fireball that was enough to burn everything, rising from the Learning Mulberry Tree Divine Wood, flew in the sky of the God Domain at an extremely fast speed.

    Within an hour, you can span hundreds of small domains, span the entire God Domain within twelve hours, and finally fall to the edge of the West Extremity Similar Tree.

    Standing on the heights of Sword God City, you can see that the sky on the west side is stained with blood. The red rays of the rays of light are like a dagger. Even if they look at True God, they feel double. It hurts.

    It is said that every time the sun falls from the west, the roots of the edge of the Similar Tree are burned out.

    But within a day, the Similar Tree grows numerous roots and is firmly rooted in the sea…

    Incineration, growth, incineration, regrowth…

    Cycles, how many days the God Domain has, how many days this wonderful state lasts.

    The Top-rank True Gods who were screened in the second round were selected.

    From the number of people who participated in the Dao Discussion, many True Gods have noticed that the significance of the Dao Discussion is very different this time.

    In the previous Dao Discussion, Top-rank True God, selected from Grassroot True God, is only fifty or sixty people at most.

    But the number of people this time is over 100!

    In addition to these grassroots True God, Floating Island Giants younger generations have also entered Sword Clan's Floating Island.

    Through the transmission array in Sword Clan Floating Island, they can reach Sword God City in a short time…

    "Brother, do I really have a little nephew?"Luo Yan stared at Luo Zheng with a pair of big eyes and it seemed that she was very interested in this topic.

    “Nature is,” Luo Zheng replied.

    Oh…Luo Yan said with a sigh of relief: "I don't know what to meet with the little sister-in-law."

    Luo Zheng snorted, the little greedy ghost is coming, but I am afraid that Luo Yan will be blackmailed by him.

    "Hey, I wanted Big Senior Brother to take me to Whirlpool Forest, but Big Senior Brother said it was too risky, not to mention I have been cultivating. What is the true meaning heart technique…"Luo Yan shook his head, seemingly sorry because he couldn't see the little sister-in-law.

    Yu Taibai's true meaning heart technique, which was left in Thoughtless Spirit Mountain, was originally reserved for Luo Zheng's.

    However, he did not wait for Luo Zheng, and the last heavy load fell on Luo Yan.

    After asking about Luo Zheng about her little sister-in-law, Luo Yan quickly transferred her interest to sister-in-law.

    “Brother, Yan'er now has a few sister-in-laws?”

    "Which one do you like the most…"

    "Which one do you think is the most beautiful?"

    Mmm…What is the ratio with Yan'er? ”

    This question, asked Luo Zheng to take the golden flower, I do not know how to answer.

    After answering the light and replied, Sword Clan finally came back again…

    In the main hall of the central part of Sword God City, many people have gathered.

    The elites of the various Giants, as well as the Top-rank True Gods selected from the grassroots True God, are gathered here.

    In the eyes of most Top-rank True God, there is a touch of excitement.

    Under the leadership of Yu Taibai, Luo Zheng and Luo Yan also stepped into this spacious main hall.

    At the moment when the three of them entered it, countless eyes cast on them, and the slightly noisy environment in the hall suddenly quieted down.

    Most of the participants in this temple must have known Yu Taibai. Of course, they also know Luo Zheng…

    Nanshuang Hua stood on the edge of the main hall and talked with other Top-rank True Gods. When he saw Luo Yan, his eyes suddenly glowed. "Look, the strange woman I said is her. ! I don't know which first-line family, if it wasn't for her, I was afraid that I couldn't pass the second round of screening. I will say hello in the past! He he ! ”

    Nanshuang Hua did not notice the strange atmosphere in the main hall and walked toward Luo Yan. ^_^67356

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