Apotheosis Chapter 2273

The latest chapter of the smelting into the gods, the second two hundred and seventy-three chapters take the opportunity to absorb, floating astronomy     Seeing this huge flow of energy coming from all sides, Luo Zheng took the initiative.

    The Dao Accumulation in these energy streams can be completion-rank!

    Although Luo Zheng intends to visit all Dao Monument, it is a matter of the future…

    Every completion-rank divine ability can play a huge role, the power can not be underestimated, such a chance Luo Zheng naturally can not let go!


    Luo Zheng, standing in the center, has two golden rings on the edge of the double plaque.

    On the Immeasurable Ruler in his mind, more than 20 light spots were instantly ignited…

    "Five Elements Divine Dao ,completion…"

    "Spirit Wind Divine Dao, completion…"

    "Profound Earth Divine Dao, completion…"

    "Kill Divine Dao, completion…"

    These extremely compelling Dao Accumulations form a mark that quickly converges on the divine spark of the Luo Zheng Internal Body World through the Immeasurable Ruler.

    "Time is not enough…"

    Luo Zheng's speed of absorbing Divine Dao is fast, but before the energy flow quickly gathered, he just absorbed about half of Divine Dao…

    “God Karmic Fire Spirit Body !”

    Luo Zheng is currently in use, exhibiting the completion-rank divine ability in Five Elements Divine Dao.

    The Magnetic Essence Divine Mountain, which Luo Zheng discovered at Lower Realm, also mixed the Strength of Five Elements, so it was very strong.

    The God Karmic Fire Spirit Body combines the five Divine Dao spirits, the thick soil, the water, the Young Fire and the Aoki. This is not like the combination of nature in Magnetic Essence Divine Mountain, but the realization of the ultimate divine ability of Five Elements Divine Dao.

    Luo Zheng's fleshly body surface quickly emerged in five kinds of complex colors, plus Luo Zheng is now extremely powerful fleshly body, his body is beyond the imagination.


    At this moment, he is smashing the rush of these energy flows, absorbing the Dao Accumulation…

    Watching the huge energy flow shrink and shrink, some Great Perfection True God smiles on his face.

    Some people even ridiculed Mu Xuerong, although this woman is powerful, but after all, it is a girl.

    Luo Zheng But this is tolerant, why bother to drag to Dongfang Taiqing?

    Everyone takes action together, this brat is afraid that death can no longer die…

    "But this Great Perfection True God, why do we need so many people to do it, can you afford this brat?"

    "Isn't the above command to capture this person? Now he has no bones! ”


    These Great Perfection True God are full of faces, but there is no smile on the faces of Mu Xuerong, Fang Henshao and Tang Wan and Dongfang Taiqing.

    Luo Zheng has control of Jade Ruler's Seal on the side, and it is not so easy to kill.

    In particular, Dongfang Taiqing is staring at the energy flow, and his face is cautious.

    Those energy flows begin to decay rapidly after bursting out dazzling rays of light, leaving only a huge smog…67.356

    “Don't die,” Divine Sense of Dongfang Taiqing has sensed the existence of Luo Zheng's through the smoke. “You can use that Jade Ruler's Seal to erase a time. Within these breaths, you are immortal. Exist, even if Saint takes you there is no way, but…After these few breaths? Can you still avoid it? ”

    Just now Dongfang Taiqing didn't take action with other people, now is the time for him to start…

    "Star Gold Extinguishing Tribulation Palm !"

    "hu hu hu ……"

    In the eyes of everyone, the iron hand quickly soared.

    In the blink of an eye, it became a huge mountain, and it caught the past with the smoke.

    Other Great Perfection True God is quite strange to see Dongfang Taiqing's move.

    Luo Zheng, wrapped in this wide-ranging energy turbulence, is really difficult to escape. Just relying on pure energy flow, I am afraid that there will be no slag left in Luo Zheng. ……

    Dongfang Taiqing What is the meaning of taking action now?

    When Dongfang Taiqing's huge iron hand slammed into the smoke, a huge fist appeared suddenly from the smoke!

    "kuāng dāng !"

    With a loud bang, the huge fist had hit the palm of Dongfang Taiqing.

    This is like two giant mountains colliding together…

    Dongfang Taiqing's Star Gold Extinguishing Tribulation Palm is a completion-rank divine ability from Star Gold Divine Dao.

    Star Gold Divine Dao was originally fierce, and Dongfang Taiqing sacrificed his right hand for countless years, costing countless resources in the Dongfang Family…

    The terrifying power contained in this Star Gold Extinguishing Tribulation Palm, even a Sub Saint, should be handled with caution.

    Originally, he thought that Luo Zheng could avoid many of the attacks of Great Perfection True God with Jade Ruler's Seal, but he couldn't avoid him!

    This catch is enough to crush Luo Zheng…

    Dongfang Taiqing absolutely didn't expect Luo Zheng to have the ability to hit him hard.

    That huge hand is what is going on?

    Dongfang Taiqing is still immersed in doubts, and a huge force is passed back from the iron hand.

    This power is strong, Dongfang Taiqing can't resist at all, the whole person almost involuntarily flies away, or is directly flying by Luo Zheng.

    His iron hand is like a giant mountain, but the fleshly body is only six feet, which is insignificant. It looks like a huge iron hand flies away with Dongfang Taiqing…

    But now no one is paying attention to Dongfang Taiqing.

    All Great Perfection True God looked straight at the smog that was slowly dissipating.

    In this group of smoke, a huge outline slowly emerged.

    Luo Zheng has inspired the strength of Desolate God with the body, turned into a giant of more than 4,000 feet tall, standing in the sky, overlooking everyone.

    Compared with Luo Zheng, these Great Perfection True God are really small like ants…

    "This, what is this…"

    "How did his fleshly body become so huge!"

    "Good powerful power pressure! How did he do that! ”

    "In terms of power pressure, it is stronger than Saint…"

    The Great Perfection True Gods were all dumbfounded.

    The power of these Great Perfection True God from Luo Zheng within the body is actually the power of strength of Desolate God.

    It’s just that they have never seen the strength of Desolate God. Naturally, they mistakenly believe that it is the pressure of pure power. It is difficult to create such an imposing manner even if Saint drives 9 Star God Pillar…

    Hua Tianming in the distance saw this scene, and the eyebrows were also raised high. This time was also extremely surprising.

    Even if the imagination is so rich, Hua Tianming did not expect Luo Zheng to become such a giant…

    He has never heard of any divine ability in the God Domain that can make people bigger than the mountains, and Luo Zheng has greatly increased its power after the hugeization. This kind of means Hua Tianming is also incredible!

    I really don't know where you got this ability, Hua Tianming said softly in his heart.

    "There are people who stop me, kill them," Luo Zheng coldly said.

    After the huge Luo Zheng, even if it was just a soft voice, the sound was like a thunderstorm, which was exceptionally loud, and the Great Perfection True God binoculars were loud.

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