Apotheosis Chapter 2627

The latest chapter of the smelting of God, the release of the 2,627th chapter, floating astronomy
    After killing the Great Eating Monster Flower, the dust storm of a hundred miles disappeared.

    Luo Zheng looked at the distance, and there was still a rolling dust outside the hundred miles…

    “It seems that this so-called Summoning Fog Venerable is more than one in Red Yang Wasteland, but it exists everywhere. The scope of this Summoning Fog Venerable is only a hundred miles. If I continue to move forward, I am afraid I will fall into other Summoning Fog. Venerable's space in Illusion…"

    Luo Zheng said that his eyes fell on the flute on the ground. He reached out and volleyed. The flute hovered on the ground and was caught in his hand. "What flute of asylum should be? It was also her edit, but this flute can indeed break the Space Illusion Array of Summoning Fog Venerable, which is also a tool used by sand citizens to lie to True God, but I want to get out of this desert, I am afraid I have to rely on this. Flute."

    Luo Zheng just said, the sound of 9527 came immediately. "The analysis is completely correct. He he, it seems that this puzzle is still difficult."

    When I heard 9527, Luo Zheng's eyebrows glimpsed. "You know from the beginning?"

    "Of course, this Summoning Fog Venerable's real name is Great Eating Monster Flower, which is a kind of Monster Plant, but its space Illusion does have its own uniqueness," 9527 said.

    "Then you tell me not early?"Luo Zheng asked.

    9527 Continued he he said with a smile: "It's just to let you feel the maliciousness of Mother World. It's no worse than God Domain and Mother World. The dangers are everywhere."

    Luo Zheng squatted for a while, eventually turned a blind eye and only spit out two words: "Intelligence!"

    But one thing 9527 is correct. The entire God Domain is, after all, the world that Chi You built for Nine Li, so the most dangerous places in the God Domain are concentrated in Forbidden Land, and the threat outside Forbidden Land is not big. There is hardly any ominous creature present.

    Mother World is much more cruel than the God Domain, there is no Forbidden Land, but Forbidden Land is everywhere.

    Luo Zheng has just been surrounded by these sand citizens, but there is still a general understanding of Red Yang Wasteland at the time of communication. This Mo Di is true and false, but the direction of identification should be correct.

    After confirming the direction, Luo Zheng took the flute and headed for the north.

    In a short while, Luo Zheng once again got into the sandstorm.

    When he was caught in a sandstorm, he was sure to fall into the space Illusion again. This space Illusion must have been arranged by another Great Eating Monster Flower.

    Luo Zheng put the flute on his mouth and gently blew it. As the melodious flute spread, the yellow sand swept away from the sides.

    This flute can easily break the Space Illusion Array, or the Great Eating Monster Flower, in order for the sand citizen to take the initiative to help them prey, will naturally give in because of the flute, which is between the sand citizen and the Great Eating Monster Flower. A tacit understanding.

    Luo Zheng can also directly find the Great Eating Monster Flower in this space Illusion and crush it, but I don't know how many Great Eating Monster Flower in Red Yang Wasteland, he didn't have much time to eradicate it.

    Just as Luo Zheng was blowing the flute, he saw a woman in black lying on the sand dunes in the distance.

    As Luo Zheng approached, she saw that the black woman’s leg was injured.

    The woman in black also felt the presence of Luo Zheng's. The long eyelashes were next to the eyes, and the lips were slightly moving. When she was planning to ask for help, she noticed the flute in Luo Zheng's hand and her face changed.

    Luo Zheng stared at the black woman with a hint of sneer, the Profound Thunder Dao Accumulation in her hand, and a trace of thunder light has begun to brew.

    The woman in black saw it, her face was pale, and she suddenly climbed up from the sand dunes, and even ran away with the roll…

    This black woman is obviously another sand citizen, lying here is also intended to deceive the lost True God, but after seeing the flute seized by Luo Zheng, she instantly realized that this fellow could not be her prey.

    Luo Zheng did not pursue this woman. He still played the flute and went away.

    All the way to the north, Luo Zheng on the road has encountered more than a dozen sand citizen, these sand citizen deceptive means are similar, either a group of refugees, or a lonely woman.

    Just three or four hours after the sandstorm, Luo Zheng finally saw a trace of green clothing in the dim desert, some low green shrubs dotted in the desert.

    Going further north, there are more and more green shrubs. After crossing a clear river, Red Yang Wasteland ends here. On the other side of the river is a brown land, and in the distance there is a huge city. Standing tall.

    "That should be what Ming Wei said of Heaven Fortified City," Luo Zheng looked at.

    Luo Zheng didn't enter Heaven Fortified City for the first time. He found a hidden place and launched an Illusion Array. He sat down and turned into an internal avatar into the Internal Body World.

    He originally agreed to Cthulhu and released Cthulhu the first time after entering Mother World.

    However, after entering World World, Luo Zheng immediately fell into the Red Yang Wasteland, naturally it is impossible to throw Cthulhu in that place.

    Cthulhu was uneasy in these days, and he was afraid that Luo Zheng would "forgotten" him deliberately.

    After cultivating successfully Great Perfection True God, Merging Dao Energy before Cthulhu needs to be re-applied because his previously integrated Dao Accumulation is not a completion.

    Although it is necessary to re-Merging Dao, the order of fusion of Divine Dao has not changed. The speed of Cthulhu re-Merging Dao is not slow, but perhaps because of the restlessness, I hope that I can leave the world as soon as possible, maybe he is deliberate. In the process of Merging Dao, accidents often occur.

    The completion-rank's Merging Dao Energy exploded, but the power was good. Although there was no smoke on the ridiculous continent, the good end of the continent was almost blasted by him.

    Just as Luo Zheng appeared in front of him, Cthulhu's eyes suddenly lit up, suddenly got up and stared at Luo Zheng and said, "I, can I go out?"

    Luo Zheng looked at Cthulhu's eagerness and smiled. "Don't let you go out, you're afraid to take the world apart!"

    Cthulhu smiled embarrassedly.

    "Don't go to say goodbye to your family?"Luo Zheng asked.

    “No,” Cthulhu shook his head with great certainty.

    "Well, you relax," Luo Zheng said as he reached for Cthulhu.

    Cthulhu felt an invisible force stunned himself. Under the traction of that power, Cthulhu felt that he was constantly rising and rising again…

    Passing through the blue sky and white clouds, and flying over the Nine Star, flying towards the deepest path of the world.

    Soon after, he only felt the world around him spinning around, the whole person had fallen to the ground, and a brand new world was in front of him.


    1. agreed. author not really good at character development. his concept of cultivation and upper world are pretty good. but for lou zheng who is supposed to be tactical and intelligent, seems sometimes he doesnt think 😂

  1. I hope Cthulhu will kill some of Lou Zheng’s friends so that Lou Zheng realizes that not everything that is initially evil can become good, just because of a few words.

    want to see how lou zheng reacts when his friend is killed by something he let go .hehehe

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