The latest chapter of the smelting into the gods, the third two hundred and fourteen chapters of the poison, floating astronomy
    The rays of light, which contained terrifying power, fell straight down, and the shock wave turned into a circle visible to the naked eye, which swayed in all directions.

    The sky of rays of light penetrates the sky, forming a light pillar that runs through the Dark Territory!

    Before this circle spread, Luo Zheng had caught Feng Ge and flew away, and finally avoided the blow.

    Feng Ge hangs on Luo Zheng, his eyes are full of different colors. "What is that means, how can it be so powerful?"

    She and Pure Lord are both Pure One, but they don’t seem to understand these methods at all. The infinitely powerful skylight can drive at will, but there is no power at all…

    "You don't even know, how can I know?"Luo Zheng clung to Feng Ge and smiled.

    In the miss of a hit, Heaven Lord snorted, and the light wings behind it fluctuated. The huge body path flew over Luo Zheng, and the ray of light became a spiral pattern and gathered again from its chest.


    Feng Ge pointed out to the sky.

    Her voice just fell, and the light of the Heaven Lord's chest was again sprayed out.

    "Call ~~~~~~"

    When the light wave descended, the whole space shook a little and went straight to Luo Zheng.

    Luo Zheng can feel the terrifying pressure without looking back. Under his teeth, the thunder wing "crackling" is blasting, and the figure is accelerated again under the sway. The light wave falls behind Luo Zheng's again.


    The shock wave spreads rapidly, and countless Dark Territory substances are annihilated by the rays of light.

    Luo Zheng held Feng Ge in front and blocked the shock wave with his back. Under the impetus of the shock wave, the speed was greatly increased.

    The Heaven Lord’s light wings are closely followed.

    This chase, the Dark Territory lifeform along the way, but fell down.

    Once the light wave collapses, the shock wave is enough to annihilate the lifeform within a radius of ten miles, and the Heaven Lord's pair of light wings are constantly releasing the infinite sky.

    But wherever it passed, the Dark Territory material beneath it was eroded by a hard smash, and the pair of light wings were born in the Dark Territory and plowed a depth of more than 20 feet, more than 30 miles deep. Ditch, and this deep ditch is constantly extending.

    Luo Zheng is facing a lot of light in the sky.

    The power of this light wave may exceed the limit of Luo Zheng fleshly body. His fleshly body is not invincible. If Chaotic Source Spirit is too tired to repair, Luo Zheng will be seriously injured and will die!

    "Be careful on the left!"

    "On the right rear!"

    Feng Ge is a reminder of Luo Zheng.

    Just as Luo Zheng flew forward in front of the left and tried to avoid the light waves behind him, Heaven Lord suddenly turned over in the air and came to Luo Zheng's and opened his mouth.


    Its slender tongue flew toward Luo Zheng at a speed that could not be captured by the naked eye.

    Luo Zheng did not expect Heaven Lord to attack himself with his tongue. In his heart, he threw out Feng Ge directly. Even if he was involved in the Heaven Lord's mouth, the Heaven Lord might not be able to eat himself!

    However, Heaven Lord did not intend to take Luo Zheng into the entrance. The moment the tongue rolled over, like a tight whip, slammed on Luo Zheng.


    Under the defense, Luo Zheng flew backwards, and his reverse path just overlapped with the light wave falling behind him. This light wave was unbiased and squatted on Luo Zheng, enclosing Luo Zheng.


    The rays of light that bloomed in the light wave reflected the sky again.

    Heaven Lord squinted and stared at the rapidly spreading light below, slowly descending, revealing a cool color in his heart, and getting a Human Race brat to take great pains, which made it very dissatisfied.

    "Luo, Luo Zheng…This is not saved…"Ling Bi is full of distressed colors.

    Luo Yan said nothing, straight blankly looking down.

    The Feng Ge thrown out by Luo Zheng has just landed, and a pair of beautiful eyes are also extremely dignified, and there is a strong concern in the pupil.

    The light group faded after three or four breathing hours.

    There was a big pit in the place, and there was a strange thing at the bottom of the big pit.

    The thing looks like a human being, and the shape has changed dramatically. There is a thorn in the back, and the spike extends to the bottom and is a thick tail.

    "What is this, Luo Zheng?"Ling Bi asked with a strange face.

    "My brother…"Luo Yan staring at the monster is also very puzzled.

    Even Feng Ge has not seen the form of Luo Zheng, and his eyes are confused and confused.


    At the time of the Heaven Lord's horror, the monster's thick limbs suddenly bounced. .

    The Heaven Lord has already fallen above the big pit, not far from the monster.

    When the monster suddenly broke out, Heaven Lord suddenly rose into a sense of crisis. When he wanted to fly away, the monster had been attached to it and raised the tail behind him.


    This Heaven Lord is thick and fleshy. Luo Zheng used to throw the target spear and still can't break its skin, but the tail of this monster is instantly fading!

    In the eyes of Heaven Lord, there was finally a flustered color. It had a claw that slammed toward the monster, but the monster was extremely agile. After pulling out the tail, the body jumped again, and the black tail slammed and slammed. Pierce the neck of Heaven Lord.

    After piercing this note, the monster rushed down the back of Heaven Lord, passing by Luo Yan and Ling Bi, and wrapped around the Heaven Lord's abdomen, and then black needles.

    After three consecutive stabs, the monster left the Heaven Lord's body and landed on the ground.

    Soon, the Heaven Lord's fleshly body showed a very strange scene.

    Three points of green and ray of light, from the right chest of Heaven Lord, the neck and abdomen began to spread.

    The black leather pieces are softened, festered, and turned into green mud…

    "What is this, what is this poison…"

    Heaven Lord looks at the changes in the body, his face is full of ecstasy, it knows that his fleshly body is tyrannical, the poison of ordinary poison has no effect.

    It will push the infinite skylight to the maximum, trying to fill the energy in itself with the body.

    No amount of skylight is strong, nor can it help to dispel this toxin.

    "Call, call, call…"

    The Heaven Lord rolled in the air, jumped up and down, and crawled out a low roar.

    After these vain struggles lasted for a dozen breaths, it finally exhausted, and one fell from the air on the ground, and the white light that circulated on the light wings and the body surface quickly faded, and the aura disappeared in a flash. net.

    The darkness that was originally dispelled gradually descended. Unfortunately, when the darkness was not completely covered, Feng Ge waved again, a white light descended from the sky, illuminating the square hundred feet range, and most of the rays of light were gathered. That monster.

    She walked toward the monster who was lying on the ground and carefully asked, "You, are you Luo Zheng?"

    This monster is the same as Luo Zheng. The fleshly body is blurred and can't see the shape. It should also be in the form of fleshly body entering the other side. The difference between the shape and Luo Zheng's is too big.

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