Every lifeform that can enter Clear Heaven has a unique approach.

It’s no surprise that Fuxi and Nuwa have mastered the tools that Origin Spirit Civilization has never mastered.

The defensive action action was again volleyed, marking an area in the North of Highest Clear Heaven, and immediately said, “Since they go to the North, they will pass through here.”

A’Huo stared at him, “the site of the Asian airspace.”

“What do you mean?” asked Lei’Sha.

“To send people to scare the Asian lifeform, this area will be completely banned,” the rumor said, “if the lifeform of Yakong is closed, the road to the North is left.” One place, purple wind gorge.”

When I heard the words of the circle, A’Huo estimated it with a sigh of relief, and immediately said, “Is the purple wind gorge going to wind up?”

“Yes,” the old saying is still in a voiceless voice. “Yes, the ninety-ninth day is a ten-day, and this is the beginning of the past.”

“If the wind is blowing, they will be blocked in the purple wind gorge. Although Luo Zheng is powerful, I can face many foreign race sieges in Highest Clear Heaven. I am afraid that it is fierce!” A’Huo’s eyes gradually light up.

“haha haha ​​……” the line of words laughed.

“If you are proud, please don’t make such a laugh.” Lei’Sha rěn wú kě rěn said.

The language is not an individual, but those who use the Origin Spirit Race to express their feelings make Lei’Sha very tormented.


There is a wide passage on the lower left side of Shuangyu Mountain.

This channel connects the North of Highest Clear Heaven and is called the silent path by the different races.

Silence is very safe, as long as you follow the rules here, you will not be attacked and there will be no danger.

But just like the name of the silent road, you must remain absolutely quiet after the silent road, do not make any noise.

Quiet, is the biggest rule here.

In the silent path, there are some fist-sized lifeforms. These lifeforms are shaped like jellyfish. They look like cotton wadding. They are light and nothing, and they wander in all corners of the silent road.

These white flocs are the sub-empty people.

The wisdom of the Yakong people is extremely low. They use space as food and never connect with the outside world. It is difficult for the outside world to arrest or interfere with them.

Some even assert that the Akong people themselves are not lifeforms, they are another form of space.

The biggest shortcoming of the Akong people is their timidity. Once there is a loud noise that will alarm the sub-empty people, they will transform into a form that changes from a cotton-like shape to a spatial form.

Their spatial form is not so cute. The special spatial form is squeezed together. Many different races have been crushed into mud, and only a small number of people can live alive and walk out of the silent path after angering the Asians.

After the command was issued, six different races came to the silent path.

They remained absolutely quiet and swiftly passed along the silent path.

At intervals, they placed a silver tube on the ground and did not know how many roots were placed along the way.

When they walked through the complete silent path, the head of the different race reached out and slid a little on the end of the round tube, and the silver tube suddenly gave a shrill whistling!

“call out–”

In the dozens of silent roads, it was extremely quiet, and the whistling sound that suddenly came out was particularly bright.

“buzzz ……”

Above the silver round tube, a group of white floc-like sub-clansman slammed, and the floc-like body began to swell, turning into a milky white space that swelled in all directions.

Ten times, thousands of times, a million times…

A huge white space swells in all directions, and the expansive space hits the six different races directly, slamming them out.

At the same time, the silver round tubes placed in the silent path were whistling.

The unusually quiet silence of the plank road became so noisy that almost all of the sub-clansmans were surprised, and the body began to swell and become its own spatial form.

Huge spaces squeeze each other, merge…

It looks like a myriad of “bubbles” stacked together to form a peculiar golden color.

After the six different races got up from the ground, they saw this scene with a lingering fear.

If they are still in the silent path, they will be directly squeezed into bolognese by these space bubbles.

After the shock of the Asian air clansman became such a state, it will last for a month, that is to say, the silent road will be closed for one month, and the task assigned to them by the boundary is completed.


“Hey, hey, hehe…”

The celestial rock vines, like snakes, drilled into the ground and sneaked into the ground. The soil along the way was destroyed by it.

Luo Zheng looked back through the “Eye of the Sky” and his brows were close.

Tianyan rock vines have superior mobility and speed, but those different races are not slow. The number of different races gathered in a short period of time is increasing.

These different races hang all the way behind, and they can’t catch up in one and a half.

But if the Luo Zheng entire group encounters a blockade, it will form a situation…

“How long will it take to get to the North?” Luo Zheng asked.

Nuwa pushed forget about it and said, “Not far away, there should be more than a hundred thousand miles, as long as you can pass the silent road.”

“Then speed up,” Luo Zheng said to Tianyanyan.

Tianyinyan vines passed a message to Luo Zheng complaining, “It is already the fastest!”

Luo Zheng just coldly snorted, the eyes of the rock and the vines trembled slightly, and the madness of pressing their own power accelerated the two-point speed.

However, when the Tianyan rock vine accelerated the sprint, the sound of “砰” came and hit an invisible space wall.

Luo Zheng, Fuxi, Nuwa and others also slammed into the space wall under huge inertia.

It is reasonable to say that with the powerful perceptive power of the people, it is impossible to detect the space wall in front of it, and now it is so hard to hit it.

However, everyone in the room is Immortal Realm, and this impact is no problem.

While Luo Zheng stood still, his brow wrinkled and his hands swung towards the space wall.


The space wall is broken.

Just after smashing the wall of space, a phantom of the shadows swept to Luo Zheng, who was an Immortal Realm from Peaceful-Elegant Heaven!

Luo Zheng didn’t want to think about it.

Within Highest Clear Heaven, no one can stop him from punching, even Immortal Realm.

I didn’t expect the other party not to evade, but actually shot a shot at Luo Zheng!

“Looking for death?” Luo Zheng thought.

In the blink of an eye, he suddenly felt the other hand’s palm soft, and the fist had no focus at the past!

“he he ……”

The man made a dry laugh, and the whole person’s body collapsed into a spider’s body, and Luo Zheng was wrapped in a layer.

Luo Zheng wants to struggle, but the silk is thin and soft, but it is constantly!

At the same time, two people appeared on the ground. These two people look exactly the same, they are also the birth, they are also Immortal Realm!

They held their hands face to face, and there was a black round hole in the middle of the circle. The circular hole broke out and attracted Luo Zheng.

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