The black round hole just sucked in Luo Zheng, and the two Immortal Realm hands separated, and the black round hole disappeared.

The two Immortal Realm powerhouse, which looks exactly the same, immediately showed a winner’s smile.

Then a thin spider silk appeared behind the two Immortal Realm. This spider silk was entwined on the ground, gathering, and soon formed a fleshly body. It was just a spider silk entangled Luo Zheng’s name. Immortal Realm.

Fuxi, Nuwa, Eastern Sovereign, etc., who had been hit by the seven-six-six-seven, just woke up to see this scene, his face changed dramatically, and Luo Zheng disappeared with the black ball.

“Who are you?” Eastern Sovereign asked quietly.

The three Immortal Realm heard such a question and actually made a mocking laugh.

“Who are you asking us?”

“Even we don’t know…”

“Probably because I haven’t been there for a long time in Clear Heaven, the wastes of Highest Clear Heaven have forgotten, haha, it seems that this time we have to make another name!”

The three Immortal Realm are very sophisticated.

Tianyan rock vines, they are not in the eyes.

The five races of Human Race, Immortal Realm, are equally unappealing.

Just now Sudden attack, the only goal is Luo Zheng. Now that Luo Zheng has been solved, others seem to have no threat to them.

“Great tone!” Old Ying said solemnly.

The eyes of Sheng Tian Rat King and the big beans kept flashing. After a while, it suddenly cried. “Hey, I remember, three of them are immortal hunters!”

Victory Mouse King reminded me that Fuxi, Nuwa and others suddenly remembered the identity of these people.

The Immortal Hunter is a team of Immortal Realm.

In the Three Clear Heaven, in addition to Origin Spirit Civilization and Void Clan can have a place in it, immortal hunters can be counted.

These immortal hunters have never had a bottom line and a position, neither relying on Void Clan nor joining Origin Spirit Civilization.

There are more than 20 immortal hunters, all of which are well-known figures in Immortal Realm. They are extremely combative. They are said to have fought with Void Clan. Although they were defeated by the Grandmaster of Heaven, they still escaped from Void Clan. The degree of power is evident.

Because immortal hunters have no position and bottom line, as long as they look at things, they will take action and rob, and they are all very active. They have been active all these years.

Later, the immortal hunters were successively chased by the different race, and there was a big battle in the Qingshan Mountain of Highest Clear Heaven. The loss was heavy and only three people fled.

And these three are also the strongest of the immortal hunters!

Those different races hate tooth itch, but can take these three people helpless.

The three immortal hunters later found a way to open the channel. After going to Clear Heaven, Highest Clear Heaven calmed down a bit.

Nuwa, Fuxi, Eastern Sovereign, etc. became Immortal Realm. When entering Highest Clear Heaven, three immortal hunters have entered Clear Heaven. They have never seen it before, but they have heard the legend of “immortal hunter”.

As the king of Ear-Mouse Clan, Sheng Tian Mouse is like to collect and exchange all kinds of information everywhere, and know the most thorough of these immortal hunters.

Wan did not expect that today will be met by several of them…

Victory Mouse thought about it and said to the three Immortal Realm archers, “The three are from Peaceful-Elegant Heaven, and I am equivalent to Immortal Realm. Why should we take action on us?”

In fact, the difference between Immortal Realm and Immortal Realm is not small. In the case of Peaceful-Elegant Heaven, there is a former Dominion rank Civilization, and there is also a foreign race born in the other side, not to mention End, Law, Void, etc. The distinction of morality.

Immortal Realm is just a realm, not an identity, and there is not much mutual recognition.

However, most Immortal Realm are struggling in Three Clear Heaven. They are ultimately people from one place and generally help each other unless they are from hostile forces.

The three immortal hunters and their innocence and innocence, the victory of the king of the mouse will move their minds, want to know the emotions.

The Immortal Realm, who turned into a gossamer, made a sharp smile. “You have no enmity with us, but Origin Spirit Civilization has a hatred with you.”

“So the famous immortal hunter, who is also famous for the Origin Spirit Civilization?” continued.

The pair of twin Immortal Realm had a casual smile on his face. When he heard this, his face suddenly became serious. One of Immortal Realm screamed, “What nonsense? We will trust them! But it is Origin.” Spirit Civilization’s reward for the ‘Bone of the Broken Bone’ is our must-have, and we naturally want to come and win you!”

Another twin, Immortal Realm, went on to say, “I encourage you to give up resistance and you can suffer less. Maybe Origin Spirit Civilization won’t kill you.”

“What are they doing with their nonsense? These people are the targets that are marked, killing is,” Immortal Realm behind the twins was impatient. His hands were swayed and turned into countless fine spiders fluttering in the wind.

Luo Zheng was entangled in this silk, and then fell into the black round hole without resistance. This spider silk is not as simple as the surface.

Fuxi, Nuwa, Eastern Sovereign and Old Ying are all flickering in the eyes, with the body’s energy flowing, they naturally won’t wait.

Even the Tianyan rock vines continue to extend the spiked vines underground. Its life is still in the hands of Luo Zheng, even if it is for himself to fight with the three immortal hunters.

Only Victory Mouse King did not have the impulse to do so, but continued to say, “I know that you are the blood crow of the Yi people, the two brothers of the blood lion, the entire Yi people lost their lives in the hands of Origin Spirit Civilization, your brothers and the Origin Spirit Civilization has a genocidality, why bother now and help, and help Origin Spirit Civilization to suppress us?”

The brothers in this twin are blood crows, the younger brothers are blood lions, and the Immortal Realm behind them is called the blood wolf. These names are taken after joining the immortal hunter.

Referring to the painful past, the blood crow and the blood lion eyes flashed a sense of hatred, but the blood crow said, “We just want to get the broken soul, and the hatred of Origin Spirit Civilization will soon settle the accounts. Help me talk about the abuse!”

Sheng Tian Mouse King has already prepared the rhetoric. “The Yi people were also a powerful civilization that dominated the party. It is said that in order to complete the End, the tens of billions of clansman blood sacrifices were sacrificed. In the end, it was a failure. I heard that I could admire the extreme. I never thought about clansman. Now, to this point, to help Origin Spirit Civilization suppress End hope, this is not what it is to help?”

“More nonsense!”

The blood wolf shakes his hands, and the spider’s silk in the sky will be entangled in the crowd.

At this time, the blood crow suddenly reached out and grabbed the blood wolf’s shoulder. He smiled and asked, “I hope to finish End? Just by you?”

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