The Blood Raven and the Blood Lion were not born on the other side, but were born in Primal Chaos World.

The Dai is the Dominion rank Civilization in the primordial chaos of the 733rd, and the blood crow and the blood lion are the left arm of the most powerhouse of the Yi people.

As the singer said, the Yi is a very bloody race.

In order to complete the Dao of End, the blood sacrificed most of the 寇clansman, but the most powerhouse of the Yi people still failed, and only the residual 寇clansman broke into the other side.

Even when they arrived at the other side, the Yi people did their part to support Dao of End. They inevitably stood on the opposite side of Origin Spirit Civilization. Finally, the most powerhouse of the Yi people was killed by Eye Spirit, and the remaining 寇clansman was also cleaned up. The blood crow and the blood lion are two brothers.

寇Clansman’s obsession with Dao of End is very deep, but after becoming an immortal hunter, the blood crow and the blood lion have no hope for End. These years are not mentioned in Three Clear Heaven.

Sheng Tian Rat King suddenly said that they are the hope of completing End, the blood crow seems to hear a big joke.

“So, you are the lifeform in the current primordial chaos?” asked the blood lion on the side.

“Yes,” Victory Mouse nodded.

The blood crow asked in a sigh of relief. “The end of this round of primordial chaos is almost coming. I don’t know how you are prepared. The most powerhouse among you, how much?”

Sheng Tian Rat King thought about it and shook his head. “I don’t know…”


The blood crow once again made a sharp smile. “I waited a little for the primordial chaos after I entered Clear Heaven, but I also knew that this round of primordial chaos did not even give birth to Dominion rank Influence. It depends on you, or End hope?”

Complete the Dao of End and do a lot of preparation…

After the birth of Dominion rank Civilization, there is no other force in the entire primordial chaos to fight against it. The entire civilization can calm down to complete the Dao of End.

Now the major Super Influences in the primordial chaos are mutually restrained and strangled. In this case, how can you prepare Dao of End?

The blood crow is so questionable, the victory of the Rat King can not answer.

He asked very much…

So far, the preparation for Dao of End is almost zero.

What are their hopes…

At this time, Nuwa’s eyes on the vines flashed, and the lips were lightly opened. “Our Human Race is not Dominion rank Influence, but the A’Huo of Origin Spirit Civilization and the Grandmaster of Heaven of Void Clan came and died for us. ”

When I heard Nuwa, the blood crow, the blood lion and the blood wolf had a glimmer of light in their eyes.

A’Huo and Grandmaster of Heaven are the top powerhouses on the other side. Does Human Race really have such a great ability?

The blood crow is sneering. “There is nothing in the air, let me talk nonsense, how can I believe?”

These things are not seen by the eyes, and naturally it is hard to believe.

“If this is not the case, why should Origin Spirit Civilization do everything in its power to encircle us? Don’t hesitate to pay for the broken soul?” Nuwa asked again.

The blood crow and the blood lion looked at each other, which is indeed a doubt.

In the eyes of three immortal hunters, this task is simply not like words.

The only thing that can be seen in this entire group is the huge human being.

The immortal hunter has long robbed an ice mirror from other foreign races, and the Origin Spirit Civilization released the mission through the ice mirror. The three of them also had a detailed understanding. This huge human fleshly body is indeed strong, actually in the phoenix forest. Kill the black monster inside.

With the knowledge of the phoenixes by the immortal hunters, Luo Zheng must be a fleshly body that is stronger than Blackmont.

Light is a fleshly body powerful, immortal hunters are not afraid, without the suppression of blazing maple, the three of them use the divine ability to easily kill Luo Zheng.

It turns out that it is really easy. Luo Zheng can’t wait to return to the “black day” of blood crows and blood lions.

So a Human Race team, why should you make Origin Spirit Civilization go to war?

The reward of the broken bones, almost mobilizing the entire race of the Highest Clear Heaven…

“Walk around a big circle, but I want to let you go, don’t think too much, kill them!”


Those spiders slammed and rushed over to Fuxi, Nuwa, Eastern Sovereign and others.

Seeing that the battle can’t be avoided, the orange light in the eyes of Eastern Sovereign flashed, and a golden sword rays of light greatly rises.

Old Ying’s hand, holding it in the hand is a bone sword that is not amazing, but she has a mysterious trend when she swings the bone sword.

Fuxi, Nuwa, Victory Mouse and others also spurred bloodline…

Since this battle can not be avoided, they are self-defeating!


Numerous green spiked vines grew from the ground, and there was still a flat land here. The blink of an eye has become a jungle of vines. The sky-eye rock vines also attacked with several people.

When the battle was about to happen, the blood crow and the blood lion suddenly felt a shock in the chest, and then two black semicircles appeared out of thin air.

The blood crows and blood lions and brothers saw the black half of their chests and were completely shocked…

Even the blood wolf that had already started, temporarily stopped, and looked at the two black days with incomprehensible eyes.

The black day divine ability is the blood crow, blood lion’s unique bloodline divine ability.

When the two face to face, they can sacrifice a complete black day.

The Black Day is an incomprehensible world. Any god trapped inside will be cleaned up in the dark world, and there is no possibility of survival.

And the most important feature of the black day is that you can’t escape. Once the blood crow is separated from the blood lion, the exit is gone!

No one can climb out of an exit that doesn’t exist…

Once in Clear Heaven, three immortal hunters suffered from the undead “green bones”.

It is said that the entire Clear Heaven ninety-nine green bones have never died. They have been wandering aimlessly on Clear Heaven. I don’t know how many lifeforms, Olive Spirit Civilization and Void Clan can handle these lifeforms. I can only turn around and run.

But two of the “green bones” have never appeared after being swallowed up by the black day. They are really worn out by the black day…

Even the “green bones” can not escape this robbery, how can Luo Zheng escape?

After the blood crows and blood lions engulfed Luo Zheng in the dark, they decided that Luo Zheng was dead, and he was too lazy to investigate.

Who knows that such a weird thing will happen in the Black Day?

“What happened?” asked the blood wolf.

“No, I don’t know, I haven’t seen half of the black day, it’s impossible…”

The voice of the blood crow did not fall. From the black day in front of him, he climbed out a strange thing, and it was actually a half-black body!

In the half of the black lion in front of the blood lion, the other half of the body, the two half of the body is struggling to climb out from the dark.

The movements of the two half bodies are completely coordinated. They are simply one person, but there is an invisible space in the middle to isolate them.

As the half body climbed out, the two halves of the black day produced an irresistible gravitational pull, dragging the two brothers to life.

Then the black day became a whole, and the two half bodies were also closed into a complete person.

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