Apotheosis Chapter 3593


Seeing these colorful lightning shrouded, Luo Zheng suddenly stopped, avoiding the lightning cage, and then suddenly jumped up and squatted on the transparent sphere.

He looked inside through the transparent ball.

Lei’Sha in the transparent ball also sees Luo Zheng’s face at close range.

Luo Zheng’s eyes are all white, without pupils.

This Muran’s face did not convey any feelings, and Luo Zheng seemed to spy on Lei’Sha’s inner thoughts.

An uncomfortable feeling came from Lei’Sha’s heart, which was caused by the unique aura, but Lei’Sha did not think of this.

“Get out!”

Lei’Sha reached out and pushed gently toward Luo Zheng.


Luo Zheng’s position, a terrible thunder light burst, this thunder light is enough to blast Luo Zheng.

Luo Zheng’s movement is very fast. Like a dexterous monkey, he gently shuns the thunder light and then re-attaches it on the transparent ball of light surface in the air. Above, I still stare at Lei’Sha with the white pupils.

I seem to be very interested in Lei’Sha.


Lei’Sha reached out and pushed again, and another thunder light exploded.

Luo Zheng still avoids the thunder light and flies back.

“crackling, bang, oh…”

After Lei’Sha drove many times, he simply slammed his arms.


The multicolored Thunder suddenly wrapped the transparent ball of light so that at least Luo Zheng would not dare to lie on the transparent ball of light.

Luo Zheng is still here…

With a moment in his hands and feet on his feet, the colorful thunder suddenly burned Luo Zheng’s hands and feet.

Luo Zheng’s current fleshly body has been strengthened by the Origin God Blood, and the usual means are hard to hurt, but Lei’Sha is not a general character after all, and his trump card is naturally extremely terrifying.

He looked down at his hands and feet.

After realizing that the fleshly body was injured, it had to sacrifice his body and wrap his hands and feet.

Before I opened my mouth, Luo Zheng’s hands and feet on the surface of the coke were suddenly filled with round bubbles. After the bubbles broke, green mud was poured out from them, and the green slurry was immersed in coke-like hands and feet. The hands and feet are quickly healed, and the hands and feet are covered with metallic color.

The colorful Thunder walked up the Luo Zheng’s metal hands and feet, and it hurts no more!

Luo Zheng In the white eyes without eyes, the strange colors are revealed.

It is not completely unconscious, but its consciousness is not fully awakened.

Since its possession, he has been acting in accordance with the subconscious.

It knows where it is going, and knows that it is necessary to repel everything that prevents you from being a lifeform. But who you are, what you want to do, it can’t remember.

In the mind, Luo Zheng and Yuanshi Heavenly Venerate saw this scene as silent.

Origin God Blood is not willing to work as if it is dead, and is not willing to expel the cockroach from the body, but once the fleshly body is fatally hurt, Origin God Blood is the first time to repair…

“He seems to be very interested in Lei’Sha,” Luo Zheng said.

Yuanly Heavenly Venerate nodded, “It is true.”

You still have to control the Luo Zheng fleshly body. You can’t know what to play with Lei’Sha on the transparent ball of light.


After immunizing the colorful Thunder attack, the interest in Lei’Sha seems to be more than just a snoop. It controls the Luo Zheng fleshly body and punches a punch on the transparent ball of light.

To kill Lei’Sha, you must first break this transparent ball of light.

The power to pull out this punch is no small feat, but the transparent ball of light is just a shock, blocking Luo Zheng’s fist.


Luo Zheng took another punch.

The punch was from top to bottom, and the transparent sphere suddenly fell like a meteor from the air. The “boom” was embed on the ground.

Lei’Sha is very angry now, but he didn’t want to be trifling a human being.

“Hey, hey, hehe…”

Luo Zheng is like crazy, and the fists are constantly squatting on the transparent ball of light.

On the side of Lei’Sha, there is a gray stone that is slammed on the side of the body. It is only the size of the thumb. When Luo Zheng slams, the gray stone will flash a faint glow.

The energy of the transparent ball of light comes entirely from this square stone. When the energy in the square stone is exhausted, the transparent ball of light will naturally collapse.

The other side.

A’Huo and the boundary watched this scene silently.

“Lei’Sha is a light enemy,” said the line.

A’Huo’s face also showed a smirk of smile. “With his character, this is inevitable.”

“Even if the enemy is not so bad, it is really waste, I want to replace him,” the boundary said suddenly.

The language has not been mixed with any feelings before, because it brings together other Origin Spirit Race people, each sentence is a collection of numerous Origin Spirit Race human intent knowledge.

Now the way the language speaks has completely changed. It is obviously the boundary with the body. An Origin Spirit Race person speaks alone.

“Is it a remark?” A’Huo said with a smile. “You are not qualified. Unless Lei’Sha is dead, Eye Spirit will let you out.”

The Origin Spirit Race with the body of the body also has strength and weakness. The weaker is the ordinary Origin Spirit Race, but there is also a very strong presence. One is one of them.

“I hope,” said the words of the body within the body.

Although Lei’Sha is very passive, they don’t think that Lei’Sha will lose, and certainly not more.

“Hey, hey, hehe…”

After Luo Zheng took out more than 20 punches, Lei’Sha’s square stone hanging around him suddenly faded, and a thin crack appeared on the surface, and the transparent sphere also shattered.


Lei’Sha, the transparent ball with the body, was ready for a long time. He suddenly reached out with one hand and grabbed Luo Zheng’s neck. “Over the years, you are the first person to break the shield, then let you Look at my strength…”

“Matrix thunder crack!”


At this moment, countless thunders were lowered in the sky.

The Thunder were beaten at the top of the tower and formed a circle of thunder light at the top of the tower.

There is a circle of thunder light at the top of each tower, and the number of round thunder lights in the hundreds of millions of towers is afraid of millions.

This circular thunder light is connected to each other by lightning, forming a huge Thunder matrix between them.


As the Thunder matrix continues to decline, the cyan floating soil on the surface of Tashan is destroyed, revealing a new metallic color.

“Be careful!”

“Avoid these lightning!”

“Don’t be near Tashan!”

Winged King entire group, and the black people in the rear have begun to avoid.

This two groups of people before and after found each other’s existence, did not communicate with each other, but did not release hostility, both sides maintained a certain distance.

“The grip of the matrix!” Lei’Sha snarled.

All the thunder in the huge Thunder matrix began to gather in the right hand of Lei’Sha.

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