Apotheosis Chapter 3594

Lei’Sha’s right hand is slamming Luo Zheng’s neck, and the thunder naturally comes to Luo Zheng’s body.

There are a large number of thunders in the vast Thunder matrix, and these thunders are squeezed together in a grayish white liquid state.

There is nothing in this liquid thunder that is thrown in and will be melted by it.

Luo Zheng fleshly body began to change under the influence of liquid thunder, and the surface once again grew a round bubble, releasing a green slurry, followed by Luo Zheng from the head to the tail with a layer of metallic color!

This layer of metallic color completely separates the thunder.


Lei’Sha snorted.

The energy in the entire Thunder matrix is ​​more intense.

The liquid thunder gathered in it is wrapped in small triangles. These triangles are polished and drilled on the surface of Luo Zheng. The lustrous skin of Luo Zheng is slightly cracked, slit and gradually broken.

“Origin God Blood can’t stop it?” Luo Zheng in his mind was shocked.

After all, starting with the Origin God Blood, Luo Zheng saw the myriad possibilities of Origin God Blood, and each of them might be so powerful.

Luo Zheng was surprised, and Lei’Sha was even more surprised!

He couldn’t figure out what the metal color on the Luo Zheng fleshly body was. His unfavorable Thunder almost lost its effect on Luo Zheng.

Now in order to break the Luo Zheng fleshly body, I have to use the polar ray…

This thunder fragment is a thing from heaven to earth, and this breaks through the Luo Zheng fleshly body, which makes Lei’Sha breathe a sigh of relief.

By relying on the thunder, he can polish Luo Zheng alive!

Just as the Luo Zheng fleshly body was torn open, the Luo Zheng fleshly body was suddenly smashed out of Luo Zheng’s wound. The thing had empty eyes and a strange big mouth. After the empty eyes appeared, it was still Staring at yourself.

“This is…” Lei’Sha’s pupil is slightly enlarged.

At this moment, he understood that the unpleasant feeling came from.


This brat is shackled!

Lei’Sha is one of the highest levels of Origin Spirit Civilization. The understanding of 自然 is far better than the average person. Naturally, I understand that this thing is terrible.

One can come out and two white hands are rolled on Lei’Sha.


After the two hands wrap around the body of Lei’Sha, they form a white film that wraps the Lei’Sha tightly.

Lei’Sha wrapped in white film was panicked.

He encouraged the fleshly body of the thunder and the smashing crystal.

Extremely smashed crystals can almost destroy everything that he wants to destroy, and it can be impacted on the body of the cockroach without any effect.

Those tiny triangular fragments could not polish even a crack on the white film.

“Hey, hey.”

As two strange sounds erupted, the surface of the white film wrapped around Lei’Sha showed a pair of empty eyes, while splitting an inverted mouth, and the inverted mouth showed a condolence smile.

Next, the white film began to shrink, shrinking a little, and squeezing from the direction of all sides.

On the other hand, A’Huo and the rumor saw the inexplicable embarrassment, and called out at the same time.

Who can think of just taking a walk in the road of mourning, Luo Zheng was shackled.

“The white vengeance is the one in the road of mourning. I don’t know if Lei’Sha can hold it,” A’Huo said cautiously.

Although A’Huo is holding a watching attitude, Lei’Sha, but at the time she believed that Lei’Sha would not fall, she was worried about the situation.

“It’s just that you can’t hold it,” said the adverb within the body. He said that he really hopes that Lei’Sha fallen will be replaced.

Origin Spirit Civilization Stayed in Three Clear Heaven for a long time, and the understanding of 诡谲 is naturally more profound than the general other shore lifeform.

These crickets are all special spirits, and are divided into three levels according to their strength and harm, namely, vengeance, resentment and hate.

Enemy is the lowest level of shackles. These cockroaches are usually concentrated in fixed positions. They will act according to their own purposes. They are not aggressive, unless there are foreign objects provoke them, or something that causes them to be interested. .

Judging from the behavior of “Luo Zheng”, when Lei’Sha took the initiative to attack it, it was just a thought to escape.

But after the “Luo Zheng” lingered on the transparent ball of light, it was obviously interested in Lei’Sha…

Now it’s for Lee’Sha take action, it’s probably for two reasons.


The white film formed by the enamel continues to shrink, and the weird face on the white film is deformed by shrinkage and looks even more strange.

Originally, Lei’Sha had a height of five feet. The white film quickly contracted from five feet to two feet, then one foot, five feet…

Lei’Sha itself is Thunder Spirit, but its shape has been maintained for countless years, and now it is hard to be collapsed by the condensed white membrane.

Even if the shape of Lei’Sha collapses, the white film still does not give up, and continues to condense.

Three feet…

One foot…

Five inches…

Three inches…

After a while, the white film actually condensed into a very small form, of course, the face that appeared on the white film disappeared.

When the white film shrinks to an inch size, it actually appears square.

Luo Zheng and Yuanshi Heavenly Venerate staring at this square is strange. Could it be that the condensed Lei’Sha becomes a cube?

Soon they saw the answer.

The white film was slowly squeezed, and a square Little Shi head was squeezed out. The square Little Shi had some cracks on the surface.

Previously, the energy of Lei’Sha’s transparent ball of light came from the square’s Little Shi head, which was slammed by Luo Zheng again and again. The energy in the stone was exhausted and the transparent ball of light shield naturally collapsed.

The white film almost completely squeezes everything, leaving the square Little Shi head.

“I know,” said Yuanly Venerate, suddenly saying, “Before you manipulated your fleshly body on the transparent ball of light, it is not Lei’Sha, but the square stone on Lei’Sha. It looks like this. The stuff is…”

“What is the use of this stuff?” Luo Zheng yelled.

Things that can cause embarrassment are of course not everything.

“gū gū 咕…”

The remaining white films flow like liquid water, and then slowly condense into a form, revealing the weird face again, the inverted mouth is more powerful, and the sound is loud…


A sorrowful grief can cause great damage to all lifeforms.

Winged King entire group and the black people’s entire group have no time to ruin the hearing, and suddenly suffer severe pain.

Fortunately, the mourning sound lasts only a little while.

Luo Zheng’s part of the body slowly retracted into Luo Zheng’s body, of course, along with the little square stone also brought into Luo Zheng within the body.

Now the fleshly body is not controlled by Luo Zheng’s, and the square stone is drilled with the body Luo Zheng.

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