Apotheosis Chapter 3863

within black great hall, Cthulhu true body has received reminders from the outposts.

“Have you seen me first?” Cthulhu has some depression. Grandmaster of Heaven next door smiled, “I remember more than 300 rounds of primal chaos Era, when there was a double land of Beginning Life, and End’s needle destroyed the first land of Beginning Life, and then the second one, one after one, but not one.

Exceptions. ”

They naturally do not know that End’s needle can be manipulated.

For Mother World, it was purely because the landlord felt Mother World was a good liar.

Sentinel Cthulhu’s repeated release of “fantasy visions” has also raised the vigilance of the landlords, and there are people in Mother World who have the power of the deep air, but that’s just one mentality, not much in the eyes of the landlords.

But Luo Zheng is now in possession of the Skywalks, with full force in the depths and more difficult in the eyes of the landlords.

“What are you going to do with it?” The chill song says,

Cthulhu’s face is sunk, and he suddenly looks forward to saying to the chill song, “What is your creepy body, undying and unextinguished?”

“without compromising the coordinates since then, and without breaking the light, it is not possible to cause harm to the creepy body,” the cold song is arrogant.

“How are you doing for me?” Cthulhu suddenly suggested.

“What’s the plan?”

Cthulhu has a strange smile on his face, “Give the landlord a present, not let it look at me lightly.”

The needle continues to be prolonged, and the needle itself is like a crazy bamboo that will not stop without destroying the target.

While the needle grows fast, the road from the primal chaos side to Mother World is not close, and only half of the time has passed.

Jade Platform.

Luo Zheng brought everyone together to discuss the response.

Luo Nian, Hua Tianming, bitter trees, scandals, Yuanshi Tianzun, Old Monarch Taishang, etc., have only one piece of Qi Soul and three major Primordial Chaos Ancient God clone.

Despite End’s proximity, the atmosphere is not depressed.

This primal chaos round, whose power should be stronger than End, will not be difficult to follow that needle.

“dad, End has come, let me fight!” Luo Nian has taken the initiative.

In his body, he spreads a force of ignorance.

This force is pure and powerful, and the other Immortal Realm powerhouse is far from being able to reach three major Primordial Chaos Ancient God.

Luo Zheng saw Luo Nian’s depressed battle plan, and he said, “Nianer is indeed our big help, but now you can’t take action.”

“Why?” Luo Nian is somewhat ignorant, and he thinks he has proven himself to father.

“Because that needle is not for us,” Luo Zheng says, “It’s for Mother World.”

Hear that, Jade Platform is more relaxed.

“Save the trouble…”

“Let’s just watch it change.”

“That needle is directed at Mother World, enough for Cthulhu to drink a pot.”

Nuwa’s immense swelling, and he said, “Cthulhu can take End and, with his personality, he’s afraid he’ll have a moth, and we all have to be careful!”

Although Cthulhu had previously been working with Luo Zheng, Cthulhu’s words were never credible.

Fuxi agrees that “Cthulhu must be defensed, but even more vigilant is the landlord, who will take action when Mother World is struck, and we’re afraid we can’t sit on top of a mountain to watch the tigers fight…”

Cthulhu is disgusting, but his destructive power is not a landlord like terrifying.

It is important that Cthulhu do not have the idea and ability to downgrade the world, and even if Cthulhu finally wins, he will not really destroy everything as the bird Spirit King wishes.

Luo Zheng nodded nodded, “We can only wait until the needle arrives and if Cthulhu is hostile, we can’t take action to help each other.”

Each set of primal chaos has a different civilization, and the approach to that needle is very different.

There was an accurate prediction of where the needle was born, where great array was placed on the walls of primal chaos in advance, in order to seal the needle outside primal chaos, to extinguish the needle in the springs and to end it with failure.

There are also civilizations who chose to nest and set up a path of Barrier, which is blocking that growing needle and still fails… some of the methods taken by human civilization 707, who insist on land of Beginning Life as much as most civilizations, and rely on the strongest Paramita Faith Project, bringing forces together on one’s ancestors and resisting one’s flesh.

On the needle, the results will still not fail.

Since then, the last thousand rounds of primal chaos Era have produced all sorts of strange civilizations, and the way to fight that needle is even more costly and never successful.

By contrast, the lifeforms in the primal chaos Era were not prepared at all until the needle approached, and three land of Beginning Life remained silent.

Two days later, that needle appeared at 5 10 Million Li, Mother World, and was approaching the air speed…

“Coming, coming!”

The whistle Cthulhu showed excitement on his face, shaking the black chain into hua hua.

One stick of incense’s time, the needle has arrived at three 10 Million Li.

Another stick of incense time, 10 Million Li from Mother World.

5 million miles…

1 000 miles

500,000 miles

100,000 Li

At this distance, it is true that the outpost Cthulhu was able to observe with fleshly body.

The forefront of this needle is very detailed, as if it were an embroidery needle, but the overall course of the needle was actually consistent with the mother’s World diameter, so the “needle” was not a crossroad of Mother World, but a dilapidation that would confuse everything in Mother World.

50,000 miles…

Ten thousand miles…

three thousand miles

So big a thing on this distance is actually tight together.

“Don’t you want to take action?” The whistle Cthulhu’s stirring.

“Why not?” Luo Zheng Mundo said.


six-followers of the Germans have a glimmer of eyes, and he can’t understand the response in Mother World, saying, with low voice, “Will you give up resistance and wait for death?”

When the needle enters a thousand miles, it suddenly leads to a space fluctuation.

Cold songs appear in front of the needle.

Compared to the giant needle, the little chill song is almost invisible.

But it doesn’t have any fear on its face, and it builds wings on its head.


The needle is stuck in the body, from behind it.

The cold song took action did not block this needle, but was driven by the needle.

If you look at Mother World, the cold song says with a smile, “Let’s do it!”

“Wu Wu Wu…”

Strange voices are released from the cold song in the body.

A black hole was released from the chill song in the body and expanded at odd speed, from one person to the mother World.

The needle that had hit Mother World was drilled into a huge black hole.

“Wu Wu Wu…”

At the same time, a white hole appeared on the other side of Mother World. The white hole has also been extended to the size of Mother World in a short period of time, and the white hole is in the direction of the funeral.

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