Apotheosis Chapter 3864

After the white hole was formed, that needle came out of it straight.


needle itself is also spreading at a very high rate, and the pace of moving forward is not slow.

And the place of the funeral is not far from Mother World, and the eyes are open, and the “needle” calibre goes from the ground of the funeral.

Jade Platform Luo Zheng shot this shock out, and everyone can see it.

“This is the building of a space passage?” Desperate eyes and pearls say.

The black hole and the white hole are clearly the two sides of a space corridor.

Everyone on Jade Platform can easily build a space corridor and build a space corridor that allows the needle to pass without terrifying hearing, and Great Expert on that space channel can put Mother World directly in!

“This is a turning hole in ultraviolet,” Luo Zheng explained.

The black hole swallows all things to the hole, and it does not enter, and the white hole will return, and it will not enter.

When that needle entered the black hole, there was only one way out of the white hole.

“Cthulhu good method!” Nuwa exaggeration.

“Unknown who will pick up, the needle is fast!” The harsh tree says:

It is

true that the Cthulhu complex was built into the cave of return and that the needle quickly approached the place of burial.

If the landlord had been prepared in advance to thats the end of it, it was suddenly difficult for it to move out of the loop to change the direction of the needle.

300 li

100 li

10 li

One mile!


needle is to be stabbed in the ground of the funeral.

But there’s a needle in one place that stops, and stops stretching forward, as if there was a powerful giant who grabbed it. In the funeral, the forefront of the landlord had become deep red, he stopped the needle under a critical condition, and six showed a glimmer of anger in his eyes, and he didn’t expect Cthulhu to have a super-control, even though he didn’t think of evil.


gods will put him together in this case.

Almost buried.

The people on Jade Platform are also shocked by their faces.

“Why would the needle stop?”

“Is the needle not long enough?”

“No,” Nuwa’s eyes reveal strange eyes, “the needles are controlled, controlled by the landlords, and Mother World is the first target for the landlords!”

Nuwa’s speculation made others aware.


The whistle Cthulhu almost stares out of the eyeballs.


the same time, the Cthulhu true body’s face is very hard to see, and he almost immediately came up with the same arguments as Nuwa, which is outrageous. “This needle is really under the control of the landlords! My Cthulhu looks so cheating?”

If the needle ceases to extend, there will be no external power to push it forward, and it will now remain so unchanged.

After a couple of breathing hours…

A black spot appears on the surface of the burial ground, which rapidly spreads into a huge black hole.

This is a landlord who uses ultraviolet to create another turning hole, and the landlord will build black holes before he reaches out, and the French fiercely before it disappears around red on the plate, and the needle starts again!


This needle has no chance of destroying the place of burial, but one in a huge black hole, the other in the upper of the place of burial, the needle of the black hole drilling out of the white hole and moving moved towards Mother World again!

End’s needle has gone through numerous primal chaos, basically every second.

Stronger and special Paramita Faith Project cannot change its orbit.

But now this needle has been changed four consecutive directions and continues to be extended in distorted space.

Seeing needles heading towards Mother World, the gloomy of Cthulhu’s face disappears, instead of being excited.

He thinks the landlord can’t look at himself and do it on his own initiative to Mother World, so he will let the landlord regret his choice!


He’s a little wave of hands.

Super space polar again took out.


power in the deep sky is very strong, and the disadvantage drastically consumes energy.

Creating a turning hole that can be used for “needles” is a great drain for Cthulhu and requires a maniac manipulation of Mother World’s power.

Now the Cthulhu fights are immense, and naturally it doesn’t care about it.

A new round hole is resuming, with black and white holes basically simultaneously appearing, returning “needles”.

This is the third round hole.

The black hole admitted the needle, and the white hole threw the needle out again, and again went towards the ground of the funeral.

The landlord saw the needle again being pushed back, and six passed a cold mind in the eye, apparently realizing that fellow in Mother World was dare to call himself a board.

“I don’t know how powerful you are…”

“But trifling Mother World’s energy is enough for you to hog?”

“Go back to you!”


The landlord constructed the fourth round hole or returned the needle to Mother World.

Extreme energy is far from being used lightly by a three-digit spirit energy, so high frequency creates a turning hole, and Mother World’s energy will be rapidly depleted, and ultimately it will not be possible to escape the fate of collapse.

That’s what the landlords believe, so they give priority to Mother World.

By contrast, Luo Zheng is a lot more difficult, because Origin God Blood is capable of providing energy!

Cthulhu saw the “needle” again returned, eyebrows slightly frowned, and he turned in a direction that looked forward to the land of Beginning Life in the near future.

“Luo Zheng, you’re too leisure to help me with a far-reaching war!”

Cthulhu quickly took out the fifth round hole.

The black hole that goes back to the hole swallows the needle, while the white hole is on Luo Zhengs Land of Beginning Life.

Jade Platform, the crowd gathered to stare at the direction of the needle.


“needle” of four consecutive shifts seems to be so dramatic that a large object is carrying a needle in space, and the rest of the population’s stress is emotional.

This is End’s coming!

Destroying thousands of civilized terrifying ultimate weapon!

But they’re playing in the hands of their shares!

“Ah! White hole!”

Luo Nian saw the white hole flowing out against the land of Beginning Life.

Others are also nervous in their appearance.

If not addressed, this needle will hit the land of Beginning Life in several breathing times, and Li Mountain, Returning Ruins Cementery, these crumbling pieces of crumbling…

“Even so, Cthulhu finally kicked the ball,” as Luo Zheng had expected long ago.

Cthulhu was well aware of Luo Zhengs’ position and therefore offered to throw this hot hill to Luo Zheng.

Luo Zheng himself is ready, not panic, and he stretches his hand lightly, and a clone slowly floats up, and the power shifted in the circle of clone’s head is an ultraviolet.

The sixth round hole was manufactured by Luo Zheng.

The black hole swallowed the needle on a routine basis, but Luo Zheng did not return it to Cthulhu and again opened the white hole in the face of the place of burial.

A circle of “needles” and a real rush to the landlord!

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