Apotheosis Chapter 970

The latest chapter of the refining of God, the ninth and seventy-seven chapters of desperate pain, floating astronomy
    Locked with Heavenly Venerate, Luo Zheng naturally won't do this unless it's a brain pumping.

    However, through A'Fu's explanation, Luo Zheng immediately understood that the Death Shackle is indeed not small, and that the strength is almost the same as that of his own. As long as he is locked by the Death Shackle, he can't escape.

    Compared to the Roaring Order, this Death Shackle is quite practical for Luo Zheng. After all, the lock is not locked, and the decision of the lock is in the hands of Luo Zheng…

    After stuffing the Death Shackle into the Xumi Ring, Luo Zheng was not in a hurry to crush the remaining pieces, but he was more eager to catch the cultivation technique that the Master had just taught!

    Master directly infused the cultivation technique into the mind of Luo Zheng. This set of cultivation technique was created by the Master. The name is naturally taken by his old man. It is called “Primordial Chaos Secret Technique”, which is added after the primal chaos. The word "secret" is so naming that it is suspected of being lazy.

    However, it is like the strength of Martial Artist, it does not depend on the name of Martial Artist. The cultivation technique is strong and weak, and naturally it is not the name of the cultivation technique.

    Luo Zheng has some hidden concerns about the cultivator cultivation technique. After all, the Mansion Lord is only a deduction. He himself has no cultivation, but the world road is like this. If there are many people on a road, it is natural to go, but this is The benefits of the end of the road have long been divided.

    At this moment, Luo Zheng's path is perhaps a road that has never come before. If anyone is allowed to go through it, who knows what can be found at the end?

    Luo Zheng slowly condensed True Essence in Dantian according to the method recorded in the cultivation technique. The Qi of Primal Chaos, which had disappeared from the scene, suddenly jumped up and down in his Dantian. At this time. Luo Zheng understands what is called pain!

    At the moment when the pain came, the blood on Luo Zheng's face suddenly disappeared. His face was pale like a piece of white paper. The whole person could not move in the same place. He even disappeared from the instinct of barking… …

    "What happened?"Seeing that Husband entered the book, it seemed to have some legacy, and the faces of the three women were also happy. Just suddenly, Luo Zheng's face became so bad that Ning Yudie asked nervously.

    This pain came from Dantian, like a rough scythe, constantly glaring at Luo Zheng's Dantian. Dantian is the most important place of the Martial Artist. How sensitive is it here? This pain is transmitted and stimulates every nerve of Luo Zheng.

    Xi Youqin was also the first to step forward and looked at Luo Zheng nervously and asked: "Luo Zheng, are you very upset?"

    Luo Zheng did not answer, but just turned his eyes and fainted.

    He really wants to faint, as long as he wakes up for a breath, it is hell for him…

    The three women saw Luo Zheng like this, and their faces were all changed, surrounded by Luo Zheng.

    "Husband! What happend to you?

    "How can I faint…"

    "wū wū wū wū ……

    As for Book Immortal, he took a glimpse of Luo Zheng and said: "It just fainted, about…It hurts too much. ”

    After a long time, Luo Zheng woke up, but the pain was like a shadow, followed by Luo Zheng "wake up", this time Luo Zheng issued a screaming sound, once again turned his eyes, and fainted.

    It is not that Luo Zheng's willpower is not enough. This pain has already surpassed the limit of human endurance. In Dantian, the original True Essence is contained, and can it be converted into other foreign objects?

    Too much pain, Luo Zheng's body started the self-protection mechanism, forcing Luo Zheng to faint.

    Seeing Luo Zheng like this, the three women are also speechless and worried…

    They are completely unclear, what happened to Luo Zheng, how could it be so painful?

    After a long time, Luo Zheng woke up again, but this time Luo Zheng still couldn't say a word, but this time it took longer to wake up than the second time. The second time he woke up, he just insisted on a breath. The time, the third time I woke up, I insisted on five or six breaths of time and fainted again.

    For the fourth time, Luo Zheng insisted on twenty breaths of time and mourned for countless times.

    The fifth time I woke up, Luo Zheng insisted on fifty breaths…

    The sixth time I wake up, I have a breath…

    Seventh time, a stick of incense…


    Anti-repeated fainting, repeated and renewed, Luo Zheng did not adapt to this pain, this pain is not human adaptation at all, but his perseverance to endure pain is rapidly increasing.

    After the tenth time, Luo Zheng shivered his lips and finally said a word, "We, let me first…Go back to Central Territory. ”Then I fainted again…

    Luo Zheng has the “Mountain (艮)” Command card. After getting this Command Token, it is equivalent to setting up a space node. It is quite convenient to return to Immortal Mansion, but now I don’t think much about Luo Zheng. Under extreme pain, concentration is a very difficult thing, and everything will be returned after returning to Central Territory.

    Since Luo Zheng said this, the three women naturally want to bring Luo Zheng back to Central Territory.

    This time Ning Yudie took a light shot and took out the puppet Flood Dragon that Luo Zheng and her teamed up.

    Luo Zheng woke up again, and after saying goodbye to A'Fu and Book Immortal, he took the puppet Flood Dragon with the three women, left the Immortal Mansion and returned to the Eastern Territory, from Ao Xiang in Nine Yin Mountain. Out…

    The valley in the Nine Yin Mountain is called Jade Dragon Valley. It was originally rumored that there was a dragon in the Jade Dragon Valley.

    When the puppet Flood Dragon left Nine Yin Mountain, many people in Guanghan County saw this scene. This is the legend of the dragon in Nine Yin Mountain!

    Since it is the dragon's lair, it is natural to be enshrined. If it is provoked by True Dragon, I am afraid that it will be condemned to all beings. Therefore, some Great Clans in Guanghan County have issued a ban, and no one can be close to Nine Yin Mountain!

    In this in the body of the puppet Flood Dragon, Luo Zheng is still constantly fainting, constantly waking up, in general, he fainted longer than the wake up time, often wake up only one or two 5 minutes of time, And fainting is a few hours.

    A few days later, Ning Yudie controlled the puppet Flood Dragon back to the Cloud Palace.

    She was ordered to prepare a chic residence for Su Lingyun, and then she was always in the Ice Palace, guarding Luo Zheng's.

    Time is fleeting, and between the blink of an eye, it is the past three months.

    During these three months, Luo Zheng is still constantly fainting and waking up constantly, which is a huge torture for anyone. Luo Zheng is no exception.

    This pain lasted for too long, and even Luo Zheng's mentality changed. He was extremely regretful. He knew that it would be so painful, and he did not cultivation. What is the "Primordial Chaos Secret Technique"…

    This is not to blame Luo Zheng for his lack of perseverance. Luo Zheng is not a god of omnipotence. Even though his Heart of Martial Dao is far stronger than the average person, even if his perseverance is far superior to ordinary people, this pain is not something that ordinary people can bear. Or it is beyond the limits of lifeform endurance, unless Luo Zheng is a stone to live with.

    Looking at Luo Zheng is so painful, how can the three women feel better?

    Ning Yudie is always guarded by Ice Palace, and other things in the Cloud Palace, she basically let Daoist Da Meng deal with it.

    As the pain lasts longer and longer, Luo Zheng wakes up longer and longer. This pain does not have the feeling of “numbness”. Every pain is transmitted, it is very clear, let Luo Zheng's head There is a feeling of wanting to burst, he is willing to wake up for a shorter time…

    On this day, Luo Zheng was awake, and when he woke up, he knew that he had to spend a few hours in the torment.

    But when he just woke up, he heard a pleasing sound of the piano. It was Xi Youqin who caress the strings on the side of the Ice Palace. The sound of the piano is soothing and gentle, just like the spring breeze, it can give people a sense of tranquility. a feeling of.

    Although the sound of the piano couldn't suppress the pain, but still let Luo Zheng feel better in his heart, he was struggling to get up, and Ning Yudie, who waited for countless days and nights, immediately came up to help Luo Zheng. Be careful……"

    But at this time, Luo Zheng suddenly discovered that the pain in Dantian completely disappeared, and the torture that lasted for nearly half a year suddenly disappeared!

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