Apotheosis Chapter 971

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The latest chapter of the refining of God, the ninth seventy-one chapter Qi of Primal Chaos, floating astronomy     The pain can make people go crazy, last for so long, and it is so high-intensity torture, Luo Zheng is not crazy, it is his perseverance.

    After the pain suddenly disappeared, Luo Zheng's really felt like crazy, it was very happy and crazy...

    After half a year, I finally passed this pain.

    Xi Youqin and Ning Yudie are not clear, the pain has disappeared. This time, Luo Zheng climbed up and Xi Youqin's fingers trembled. Ning Yudie asked next: "Husband feels better?" ”

    Luo Zheng shook his head slightly, his face suddenly changed, and then he said with a very uncomfortable expression: "I, I am afraid I can't pass it..."

    Ning Yudie and Xi Youqin's faces suddenly changed, and not far away, Su Lingyun, who had been holding the peace symbol for the Luo Zheng, also hurriedly threw away the safety symbol in his hand and ran towards it.

    The three women's expressions were so tight that they were surrounded by Luo Zheng. At this time, Luo Zheng's hands were on the show, and they immediately put the three women together in their arms. They only heard Xi Youqin and Su Lingyun screaming, Luo Zheng It was a burst of laughter, holding them up to the sky, jumping directly from the patio in the Ice Palace, floating into the air!

    Seeing Luo Zheng like this, the three women still don't know Luo Zheng. This should be cured.

    Su Lingyun's face was full of joy, and she was braced in her arms by Luo Zheng. She was still a bit shy. As for Xi Youqin, she used Luo Zheng with a powder punch, and Luo Zheng was too bad. Ning Yudie screamed at Luo Zheng with anger and anger, and the cold qi with the body was bursting out.

    Hey! I am frozen! ”Xi Youqin said dissatisfied.

    The three women were held by Luo Zheng, and the three of them were crowded together. Ning Yudie released the cold qi, which naturally attracted Su Lingyun and Xi Youqin.

    Ning Yudie snorted and his body was like a smart fish, drilled out of Luo Zheng's arms and returned to his own Ice Palace.

    In these few months, the three women were considered to be safe, but after Luo Zheng's recovery, it was suddenly the original form, and the jelousy between the women was at best suppressed, and it was impossible to eliminate.

    Luo Zheng also only had a bitter smile, that is, letting Xi Youqin and Su Lingyun go, he just went into the Ice Palace and comforted Ning Yudie...

    At night, after bathing and changing clothes, Luo Zheng sat alone on a platform in the Cloud Palace. In the midst of this extreme pain, Luo Zheng did not know what changed in his Dantian, comforting Ning Yudie. For a long time, she was made to laugh, and Luo Zheng was quite helpless.

    Now Luo Zheng has taken the time and naturally wants to investigate the changes he has with the body.

    After sitting cross-legged, Luo Zheng put his own feelings into Dantian, and when he entered the state of internal vision, his face showed a surprise.

    Previously Luo Zheng's Dantian was filled with True Essence after liquefaction, and Luo Zheng's True Essence was special. The True Essence after liquefaction was very sticky, but now it is found that True Essence in Dantian is completely Disappeared!

    He didn't even have a trace of True Essence with the body, and replaced it with a gray Qi of Primal Chaos.

    We did it Really use Qi of Primal Chaos instead of True Essence? ”Luo Zheng murmured.

    At this time, Azure Dragon said: "Qi of Primal Chaos ... he he, the man beyond the heavenly Dao, actually did, to Dantian to seize the World's good fortune, supply himself cultivation, but u Niverse among the rules of iron, even heavenly venerate can not jump this shackles, did not think Luo Zheng you cultivation such a wonderful cultivation technique, it is difficult to pre- , "said Azure Dragon also can't help shaking his head.

    At this time, Luo Zheng reveals the color of doubt. “But according to the level of Martial Artist cultivation, Life and Death Realm liquefies True Essence, Divine Sea Realm opens up a deep sea, and Divine Extremity Realm is solidified True Essence, shaping with the the Body lifeform ......This Qi of Primal Chaos replaced True Essence, how about me..."

    Azure Dragon shook his head and said: "This kind of thing has never happened. It is beyond my understanding. How can I answer with you?"

    Don't say that Azure Dragon can't go back to Luo Zheng. I am afraid that even the Mansion Lord who performed the "Primordial Chaos Secret Technique" can't answer Luo Zheng's question because he didn't cultivate this "Primordial Chaos Secret Technique". The cultivation technique is entirely derived from the deduction. In the future, Luo Zheng will be able to take a step. I am afraid that even the whole world will say no.

    However, Azure Dragon followed up and said: "Despite the Qi of Primal Chaos, it is something that exists outside the universe. It is extremely dangerous for all lifeforms in the universe. All the legends are primal chaos. You can be included in Dantian, it will not be ordinary, but is this Qi of Primal Chaos really able to replace True Essence?"

    Martial Artist trains True Essence in Dantian to drive the cultivation technique...

    The True Essence of Luo Zheng within the body has completely disappeared, but the Qi of Primal Chaos, which is the cultivation technique of Luo Zheng, has not been adapted at all.

    When I heard the question from Azure Dragon, Luo Zheng's heart was a slight jump, and Azure Dragon said it makes sense!

    Thinking of this, Luo Zheng suddenly runs Dantian. According to Luo Zheng's past operation mode, the True Essence with the body is extracted from the body by the meridians. However, the natural extraction is not True Essence, but Qi of Primal Chaos ......

    When the Qi of Primal Chaos walked through their own meridians, suddenly there was a sharp pain.


    Luo Zheng under his teeth, his face showed a few grief and anger, and it took him half a year to squat. Now this pain has shifted his position and began to test his own meridians?

    Fortunately, this pain lasted only a few short periods of time and quickly faded. Then Luo Zheng was running True Essence, and a gentle wave toward the front was a majestic Qi of Primal Chaos from his palm. The madness came out.

    "Law of Fire..."

    Luo Zheng has not cultivated the cultivation technique, but simply activating the Law of Fire is very easy for him.


    Originally in the dark, all the clouds, the Martial Artists of Cloud Palace are of course cultivation, and most of the Cloud Sea City has fallen into a deep sleep.

    At this time, a violent explosion suddenly sounded, which awakened the sleeping people. At the same time, they were staring at the window... obviously or three days, just after the husband More, how suddenly is it dawning?

    As long as you look up, everyone will see a huge sun appearing above the sky, and the surroundings will be white!

    Luo Zheng is just a fireball based on the first layer of Law of Fire. He is absolutely not thinking that the power will be so big that it spreads around the fireball and is finally given by the round "Light of Surplus Water". It is included, so from the outside, nature is like a round sun.

    "Good, great power..."Luo Zheng's face is also unpredictable.

    Fortunately, his fireball was shot toward the sky. The lingering flame ignited many places in the Cloud Palace, but it did not hurt people. After one or two breaths after the flame burst, the time disappeared. Many people in the harmful Cloud Palace came out to fight the fire...

    Primal chaos yin and yang, yin and yang all things, Luo Zheng fell into meditation.

    The other Martial Artist cultivation True Essence is the creation of the world, and Luo Zheng is not taking advantage of the world, but the creation of primal chaos...

    Just now He just ignited the rules of the fire system through the Qi of Primal Chaos. If the means of the Master in the "Primordial Chaos Secret Technique" is displayed, isn't the power more terrifying? And as Luo Zheng becomes more proficient with the Qi of Primal Chaos, he is not necessarily limited to the Master's deduction.

    After all, the Master promoted "Primordial Chaos Secret Technique", but he himself did not have cultivation, and Luo Zheng has now completely replaced the True Essence with the body by Qi of Primal Chaos, and later he jumped out of the limitations of the Master. Homemade cultivation technique.

    Thinking of this, how is Luo Zheng not excited? Although no one has passed by this road, Luo Zheng is destined to be difficult if he walks on his own. He believes that once this road is broken, I am afraid that it will open up a new era...

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