Apotheosis Chapter 972

The latest chapter of the smelting of God, the ninth and seventy-two chapters of the law of obedience, floating astronomy
    The purpose of each person's cultivation Martial Dao is different.

    Some people use Martial Dao as a pedal, the purpose is to sway the world, some people are trying to get ahead, and they are proud of others, while others are trying to be beautiful…

    While Luo Zheng is obsessed with Martial Dao, the biggest motivation is the interest in deep in one's heart.

    When Luo Zheng was in the cultivation sword technique, he created the “Void Style”. The “Primordial Chaos Secret Technique” taught by the Master is like a successful starting point. However, relying on Luo Zheng himself, he is convinced. This road is hard, but I also believe that the scenery of this road is unique.

    This fireball alerted the people of Cloud Palace, but after learning that Luo Zheng was after the cultivation, everyone naturally had nothing to say.

    In fact, Luo Zheng's identity is still in the Cloud Palace, still a democracy of the Cloud Palace elite. After leaving the Cloud Palace, Luo Zheng has never dealt with this thing, but he is now the first person in Central Territory. It is the Husband of their Cloud Palace Palace Lord, whose status has been included in the transcendental order…

    Going back to the Eastern Territory, it was a redemption of Luo Zheng's wish, and everything that seemed to be in the Cloud Palace was not shocking.

    In addition to the cultivation, there are three beautiful women, this day is not so happy, of course, there are still some embarrassment between the three women…

    Xi Youqin continues to be heartless, and most of the time, besides teasing the Ancestral Dragon, it sticks to Luo Zheng's, as for cultivation…She seems to have no idea what cultivation is, so much time, plus the resources provided by Cloud Palace, it is reasonable to say that Xi Youqin's talent should have been promoted.

    However, Xi Youqin's cultivation base is still in the Divine Core Realm, and it is the Divine Core Realm early stage, meaning no progress.

    In fact, Luo Zheng still has some doubts about Xi Youqin. On the dual cultivation ceremony, what did the old man of Celestial Clan say to Xi Youqin? In order to find out the truth, Luo Zheng used the memory of World's Will, but the strange thing is that Luo Zheng could not find out.

    The old man is the Outsider. It is not the person in this Great Thousand World. It is normal to find out, and Xi Youqin is a native of Central Territory. It is a bit strange to find out. Luo Zheng can only speculate that the old man It is estimated that Great Divine Ability is directly blocked, resulting in the loss of Great Thousand World's memory.

    While Luo Zheng continued to search in World's Will, he found that Xi Youqin had disappeared from Cloud Palace that night. She should have entered Extreme Purple Realm. Why did she enter Extreme Purple Realm and happened in Extreme Purple Realm? What, Luo Zheng knows nothing, after all, the scope of memory is just this plane…

    This voyeur about Xi Youqin's privacy is not Luo Zheng's intention, but he knows that Xi Youqin is stupid in some respects. If it is deceiving, it would be a big disadvantage. When it comes to her privacy, Luo Zheng is not good. The opening was asked in person, and Xi Youqin had already taken precautions, and refused to let go, Luo Zheng did not have a good way.

    As for Su Lingyun and Ning Yudie, they are all very hardworking.

    In addition to dealing with the government affairs of Cloud Palace, Ning Yudie also used cultivation for other times. However, for Xi Youqin, she was very succinct next to Luo Zheng. Unfortunately, Xi Youqin is not a Cloud Palace disciple. Is it focused on cultivation? Her Ning Yudie can't control it either…

    What surprised Luo Zheng most was Su Lingyun.

    Su Lingyun after entering the Cloud Palace is the hardest! After selecting a cultivation technique from Immortal Mansion, she was immersed in the cultivation secret room of the Cloud Palace.

    In the half year when Luo Zheng was devastated by Qi of Primal Chaos, Su Lingyun's cultivation base jumped a few times directly from Illuminating Soul Realm 4th Layer to Illuminating Soul Realm 8th layer realm, and not long ago, Su Lingyun's cultivation base I have reached the extreme Illuminating Soul, and it seems to be catching up with Xi Youqin.

    The Luo Zheng's cultivation base is also growing. Soon after, Luo Zheng experienced the second Life and Death Tribulation. This time Life and Death Tribulation is in full swing, but can transfer power to Magnetic Essence Divine Mountain, Small Heavenly Tribulation For Luo Zheng, it is no longer a test.

    Only he still prevents the black eyes…

    If the dark eyes find that they are not dead and want to destroy themselves, Luo Zheng really has no good way to deal with it!

    Last time I passed five million mountains and escaped the black-eyed attack. Luo Zheng has no doubt that it is very easy to kill himself if the black eyes are serious. Great Thousand World , Luo Zheng is there. The problem is that the fellow destroys the entire Great Thousand World and it is not difficult.

    Fortunately, during the process of crossing the second layer Life and Death Tribulation, the dark eyes did not appear. The massive Small Heavenly Tribulation, Luo Zheng did not take much effort to spend.

    Since the medicinal pill of the old man Celestial Clan has been swallowed, the speed of the Luo Zheng cultivation base has risen to a new level.

    Half a year after the second layer of Life and Death Tribulation, the 3rd layer Life and Death Tribulation came down again…

    During this time, Central Territory has had some interesting things, and the geniuses of the various geniuses are increasing, and the geniuses of the same generation as Luo Zheng each find their own position.

    For example, Hua Tianming, but the age of twenty is already the youngest elder of the Cloud Palace. The most terrifying is that the Heavenly Sword he understands is more terrifying, and his cultivation is going to be the next one. Palace Lord – Ning Yudie has already mentioned this with Luo Zheng. She knows that Luo Zheng is ready to fly, and naturally she has the intention to follow her own Husband. Although the speed of Ning Yudie cultivation is impossible to catch up with Luo Zheng, she is Never give up.

    After ten thousand days, she also soared. Naturally, she hopes that Cloud Palace will be followed by others. Hua Tianming can be regarded as the best choice regardless of personality, heart and talent. Of course, Cloud Palace's genius is not just Hua Tianming. To be promoted to the Palace Lord, you need to meet the challenges of other geniuses.

    Since the birth of Luo Zheng's genius, the Martial Dao of Central Territory has become more prosperous, although it is still not comparable to the 4 Great Divine Country, but it is not the same as in the past.

    Bloody Tree Cliff , Profound Yin Pavilion , Black Mountain Sect ……As well as the rebuilt Void Spirit Sect, they are also cultivating these younger generations. In the future, there are so many Divine Grade Talents in the Central Territory. Over time, I am afraid that the Divine Sea Realm Great Expert will be born.

    On this day, Luo Zheng took the “Mountain (艮)” Command in his hands. After getting this “Mountain (艮)” Command, Luo Zheng has never used it before, and it is not clear that this Mountain (艮) Command What is the principle?

    But just as Luo Zheng activated the Mountain (艮) Command, he understood that there was an Immortal Mansion in front of him.

    Seeing the Immortal Mansion in front of him, Luo Zheng’s face is also strangely colored. The Immortal Mansion and Nine Yin Mountain are almost identical to the Master’s Immortal Mansion, but they are extremely mini, placed in front of Luo Zheng's. It's like a projection, just a look that looks really real!

    When Luo Zheng stepped into the mini Immortal Mansion, his whole person instantly appeared in the real Immortal Mansion, and at this moment, he suddenly felt that he had shrunk countless times, and everything around him looked huge. Very incomparable. In fact, he did not shrink, just after entering the Immortal Mansion through the mini Immortal Mansion, the entire Immortal Mansion became bigger and bigger.

    "It turned out that this Mountain (艮) Command is so used," standing on the door of Immortal Mansion, Luo Zheng's face is also a smile, if you have any trouble in the future, you can hide in this Immortal Mansion…

    This time, since entering the Immortal Mansion through the Mountain (艮) Command, Luo Zheng entered the Bookstore Pavilion again.

    The value of Immortal Mansion is really too great, but Luo Zheng now only has access to the Bookstore Pavilion, but just a Bookstore Pavilion is enough to make Luo Zheng benefit.

    This time, instead of looking for the cultivation technique, he collected some information, such as some tool refinement, to draw Divine Mark's books.

    Although Book Immortal has been smashing his ear and recommending some information to him, Luo Zheng has read a lot of books on his own. However, in one book, Luo Zheng unexpectedly got a message. It's about the Magnetic Essence Divine Mountain.

    Magnetic Essence Divine Mountain is actually able to charge!

    This Magnetic Essence Divine Mountain contains Strength of Five Elements, which is non-gold and non-stone, and is extremely strong and the sword is not damaged.

    It is for this reason that if a large Magnetic Essence Divine Mountain is thrown there, no one in the 4 Great Divine Country hits its idea.



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