Arcane Lord Chapter 1000

In the meeting room on the second floor of the castle, the fierce quarrel is still going on…

“What? You actually want the land on the edge of the river valley? This is definitely not good! It’s next to my territory! It should be mine!” Gault Baron, with a thick hair, slapped the table hard, and his whole body was thunderous, like a mad lion.

However, it is a pity that although he looks a bit scary, he is the weakest among the five lords, so the other four are not even looking to roll their eyes.

The strongest Duke of Filente was lightly snorted, and each minding their own business continued: “I think it is reasonable and reasonable to divide the valley under my rule. After all, I have the real right of inheritance. It’s not like some people forge the certificate!”

“Who did you say forged the certificate?” Earl Cullen stood up suddenly, waiting for his eyes to ask loudly.

Among the five people, he is the second most powerful lord, so he is not as afraid of Duke Philente like the other three.

“hmph! Who do I say, who knows in my heart that according to the ancient tradition, you are no longer eligible for inheritance if you have blood relatives beyond three generations. Don’t think that changing the family pedigree privately can get you confused. You are right. Right, dear Viscount Luxem?” Duke Filente cast his eyes meaningfully on the young man sitting directly opposite him.

As the only two people with real inheritance rights, Viscount Luxem is his natural ally, at least when dealing with the other three people.

Youth nodded with a smile: “What you said is very good. The real aristocracy comes from the noble bloodline. The family pedigree proves the root of everything. I really can’t imagine that if an aristocrat Even if he can change his family pedigree at will, maybe his origin is forged.”

Although there is no dirty word from beginning to end in this sentence, it instantly made the other three The lord complexion greatly changed, with cannibalistic gazes in his eyes.

For the nobles, questioning the family is also equivalent to pointing the nose and cursing the bastard, which is one of the most extreme insults.

Even the Duke of Philente didn’t expect that he could say such a thing from the young man’s mouth, and the whole person froze in place, completely unsure of how to pick it up.

After all, it is one thing to suppress competitors, and it is another thing to completely turn your face into a vengeance. He didn’t want to set up that many enemies for himself.

Seeing that the air in the house is getting more and more tense, the little girl Irina, who is hiding in the shiver coldly, couldn’t help but wa’ed crying, she was so sad, no matter how much mother coaxed her It’s useless.

This cry just formed a strong contrast with the five nobles with swords drawn and bows bent. It was like a medieval political satire, full of darkness.

Gloria comforted her frightened daughter, and lowered her voice to ask the silent Uruz beside him: “Your Excellency Commander, you personally defeated the army of the Duke of Wynne. Let them be so supercilious?”

“I’m very sorry, madam, the order I got is to help your husband defeat the enemy, and I don’t have the right to participate in politics without authorization.” Uruz frustrated. Spread your hands.

To be honest, he has no good feelings for this unscrupulous inland nobleman.

But there is no way. As a person who has just been entrusted with a heavy responsibility, he must stick to the split and must not have the slightest deviant behavior, otherwise he may lose Andre’s trust.

Uluzi is no longer the kind of willful and frivolous youngster full of justice, but a leader who shoulders the prosperity of the tribe. Once his behavior makes Andre feel unhappy, then the still suffering clansman will You will lose the land you get right away.

“Hehe, okay, it seems I am embarrassing you.” Gloria smiled bitterly and sighed, her eyes showed hopelessness…

When I was not going to take my daughter back to my natal house and seek refuge from my father, there was a loud noise in my ear.


I saw the door of the closed room was kicked open, flew up and hit the table fiercely, scaring the five people who were arguing. jump.

“Who! Who dared to break out of this room! Don’t you want to live?” Got Baron suffocated his stomach and drew out his sword and snarled frantically at the door.

But before he could see the visitor clearly, he felt a dark figure rushing in front of him, followed by something fiercely hitting his stomach, the silver armor instantly sank, and the whole person thumped He fell to the ground, vomiting the wine he had just drunk.

“hmph! Idiot! Take care of your stinky mouth! The master didn’t allow you to talk!”

With the contemptuous words, Yvette’s silhouette slowly turned full It was the dusty air that appeared, with a chilling smile on his face.

“Okay, just warn, don’t accidentally kill it, otherwise it will be troublesome for me to deal with it, and it’s a sin to scare the beautiful and lovely Elena.” Andre said, As he walked in from outside, his body exuded a strong aura.

He deliberately used the power of the arcane eye to forcefully mobilize the magical energy in the air. Although it was not enough to form a magical effect, it made the people around him feel very depressed and breathless.

Seeing the appearance of his loyalty object, Uruz hurriedly stood up, hurried to the front, and one-knee kneels the hands of the rapier that was always with him.

“Lord! I have completed the task you have given me. This is the sword of rights you have bestowed. Please take it back!”

Andre took the rapier, nodded with a smile: “I have heard that you did good. As for the little accident that appeared at the end, it was not your fault. Get up now and introduce me to these greedy guests.”

He did not show mercy to the lords present, and deliberately added an accent to the words greed and guest.

The meaning is very obvious, that is to reveal a message, none of you want to invade the territory of Earl Karl.

Duke Philrent was angered by this tough attitude, and immediately threatened: “I don’t care who you are! Leave now! Otherwise, you will be an enemy of the five of us!”

“For the enemy? hahahaha! I’m sorry, maybe it hurts to say that, but I still want to say that I am an enemy…you are not worthy!”

The moment when the last word falls , Andre gave Yvette a wink, and the latter immediately understood it. He grinned and came to Duke Filente, raised the spiked iron glove, and fiercely slammed it on the opponent’s face.


Duke Philente, who was over fifty years old, was pampered, where he had been subjected to such abuse, screamed and fell to the ground, clutching his hands and bleeding ceaselessly. Screamed constantly…

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