Arcane Lord Chapter 1001

“I said just now that you are not allowed to speak without the permission of your master. Didn’t expect you to forget so soon. It’s okay, I’m happy to remind you when you forget. It’s just that the reminder hurts a bit.” Yvette shook the blood stains on his gloves, his tone full of irony and contempt.


The lords who were arguing a few seconds ago closed their mouths, even the two lying on the ground.

They are not idiots, they know when to take a tough attitude and when to shrink their necks to compromise, especially when there is no protection from Knight.

Seeing everyone calmed down, Andre was nodded with satisfaction.

“Very good, why do I suffer from the skin and flesh when we cooperate early?

In order to improve our understanding of each other, I first introduce myself, my name is Andre, Linton City aristocrat, and also a senior member of the Linton City Mage Association, the current president, Boris Archmage designated the successor, the Valley of Tours and the Glory Place are my sphere of influence.

I appear today. There is only one purpose here, and that is to ensure that Jelena, the only heir of the ally, Earl Karl, can inherit his father’s inheritance.

Whoever attempts to split this territory is equivalent to directly declaring war with me. .

I believe you have all seen my army, if anyone thinks he can defeat them, then I am very happy to let them tell you in person what a stupid idea this is.

Of course, if everyone is willing to cooperate, then I can also show you a clear way. For example, Duke Wyan just lost all his troops, and the wealthy territory is extremely empty. If anyone would take a bite at this time, 100% Can tear off the most delicious meat.

Whether to choose the enemy that is easier to defeat, or to bully the orphans and widows at the risk of being an enemy of me, you can figure it out by yourself. I’m done. You can now express your opinions as much as you want.”


Every lord lowered his head to digest the information revealed in the words.

As a superior person with flexible political skills, Andre not at all blindly oppression, but under strong suppression, he also throws out a delicious food for everyone to fight for.

After all, the Duke of Wynne’s territory, whether in size or wealth, far exceeds that of Earl Carl. Even if it can’t be occupied, it won’t lose a vote.

Earl Cullen pondered for a moment, and was the first to ask: “How do you guarantee that these words are true? How can you ensure that you will not stabbed in the back when we launched a war against the Duke of Wynne Knife?”

“It’s very simple. You can send someone to Linton City to find out who I am, and then you won’t ask such stupid questions again. Be clear, if I want to kill You, annexing your territory and property, don’t need any deception at all, just push it straight, and I’ll be enough for the poor private army alone.”

, Andre raised his right hand and suddenly transformed it into Fire Element form.

The terrifying high-temperature flames spread in the room, but no objects were burned. The precision of the control is simply breathtaking.

After doing all this, he asked in a playful tone: “How, now do you understand the gap between us? Remember, this is not a request, nor a negotiation, but an order. It’s an ultimatum. It’s not that I’m incapable of killing you all. I just think it’s very troublesome to do that. I hate trouble, so I hope you can recognize the current situation.”

Although this remark says very much You’re welcome, but Earl Cullen didn’t get angry, instead looking thoughtful nodded: “Well, I understand what you mean, but it will take a few days to think about it.”

“No problem, my promise It works within a week, but if there is no reply after a week, I will treat it as an enemy, so please do it yourself.” After that, Andre raised his hand and made a gesture of seeing off the guests.

Without a word, the five lords immediately filed out and disappeared at the end of the corridor.

As soon as they left, Gloria quickly rushed over and gave a grateful hug and passionate kiss: “Thank you! You were so timely that you showed up! In a few minutes , They may have completed the division of my husband’s territory, and Jelena will probably not get anything by then.

Andre shook the head with a smile: “You are too kind, madam, This is an obligation to be fulfilled as allies. After all, we still have a secret agreement to fulfill. “

“Please rest assured, when the crisis passes, I will definitely invite the surrounding lords as soon as possible according to your request. Gloria made a solemn promise.

She knew very well that for a long time, she and her daughter needed to live under the protection of the youngster in front of her, so she didn’t dare to betray a little bit. Meaning.

“No hurry, you should completely control your territory first. You should know that although the greedy lords were pushed back by me, their small actions in private will never stop, especially the infiltration of influence. Even I have no good solution, only you can solve it. . “

After that, Andre walked to the window and stared at the scenery in front of the castle.

I saw the five people who had just walked out with solemn expressions and returned to their station without a word. At the barracks outside the castle, I don’t know what I’m thinking about.

But one thing is certain, that is, the two guys who have been violently treated must be full of resentment in their hearts. What are they doing? Things are not strange.

Gloria took a deep breath and asked in a tentative tone: “Can I ask your army to stay here for a while? About two months or so, I need some time to recruit and train soldiers again. “

“Yes, I will let Yvette and her men be stationed outside the castle, and if you have any special requirements, you can directly communicate with her. Without turning his head back, Andre pointed to the black Shadow Guard soldier standing next to him.

The latter was obviously willing to accept such a task, his mouth was slightly tilted, and he leaned slightly: “My honor. , If anyone dares to make trouble, I don’t mind letting them see what is called cruel and cruel suppression! “

Hearing these words, Gloria shivered in an instant, but she had seen how Yvette brutally killed the captives, abused those who were alive, and finally turned them into thoughtless Wild beast.

To a certain extent, she is afraid of Yvette far more than the previous greedy inland nobles.

But for the sake of her daughter’s growth The queen can take over the territory smoothly, but she still endured, and barely squeezed a smile: “With the protection of you and your army, I can rest assured. “

Andre clearly saw the fear in the eyes of this young lady, but he didn’t say anything, just laughed meaningfully.

Sometimes, let It’s not a bad thing to keep your allies in awe and fear…

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